Backlinko Joins Semrush With Team And Assets

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One of the ultimate SEO and digital marketing tool, Semrush, has bought Backlinko. The Semrush and Backlinko CEO Brian Dean made the official announcement on their Twitter handles.

BackLinko Background

Backlinko was famous for its SEO training, techniques, and link-building strategies. After its formation in 2012, it concentrated on SEO training, advice, and strategies for digital marketers. The training content was produced in multiple formats, including videos and blog posts.

Semrush Background

Semrush is aspiring to deliver digital marketing solutions with its powerful tool. The team is also dedicated to providing quality SEO training to digital marketers. This can be the feasible reason for gaining Backlinko.
Boston-based Semrush already has a digital marketing training resource in the form of Semrush Academy. But as per the view of their CMO, Andrew Warden, they are now more reasonable and robust in providing digital marketing and SEO solutions.

The Semrush and Backlinko teams have shared their warm welcome on their social media handles.
Brian and his team will continue to add valuable content to Semrush Academy, which will benefit 79000 Semrush paying customers and digital marketers to upskill themselves.

Aim Of This Merger

Digital marketing is expanding, and Semrush desires to grab the prospect. This union will help establish a self-serving digital marketing training and education outlet. Backlinko, with its 500K set audience and all resources, will enable them to compete with its competitors.

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