13+ Flexible Side Hustles To Make Money

13+ Flexible Side Hustles To Make Money

In these uncertain times, who wouldn’t want a little extra money? Yet taking on a demanding second job hardly sounds appealing.

What if you could effortlessly earn money doing things you enjoy on your schedule? Flexible side hustles make that possible! What are these convenient money-makers?

Some flexible side hustles include driving for rideshare services, bookkeeping, grocery delivery, online tutoring, transcribing audio files, taking surveys, teaching English online, reselling items, selling handmade crafts on Etsy, and working as a virtual assistant.

In this article, I will reveal 13 clever side gigs perfect for anyone seeking extra income without the commitment of rigid work hours. No matter if you love driving, taking photos, or hosting guests, there’s a hustle that fits your lifestyle.

13 Flexible Side Hustles For Your Busy Schedule

1.     Rideshare Driver

Driving with Lyft or Uber allows you to make money in your spare time. It is entirely up to you how much time you spend driving. Whenever you are comfortable, you can drive as much as you want.

On both platforms, you can see when demand is high so you can maximize your earnings.

The companies also provide insurance coverage while you’re on a ride. If you enjoy driving and meeting new people, rideshare driving gives you the flexibility to be your own boss.

2.     Bookkeeper

Every business needs bookkeeping help organizing finances. It’s a flexible gig if you’ve used Quickbooks. Build your clientele with local businesses, freelancers, or agencies. Set a rate based on project scope, averaging $30-60 per hour. 

Bookkeeping blends consistent work with optionality in choosing your own hours. It also transitions well into full-time remote work once you establish clients.

3.     Grocery Delivery

Similar to food delivery, you can also earn by shopping and delivering groceries. Among the most popular grocery delivery platforms are Instacart and Shipt. It’s up to you to determine your hours based on the availability of orders in your area. 

Grocery delivery lets you earn extra money while getting a workout walking store aisles. You can even shop and deliver with your kids to teach them work ethics. With grocery delivery speeds, every minute counts, so mapping out efficient routes is key.

4.     Freelance Photography

If you have an eye for photography, put your skills to work. Many niches need photographers year-round, like senior photos, family portraits, headshots, and more. 

You can also sell your photographs to stock image sellers like Shutterstock, iStock, and Adobe Stock.

For those interested in niche photography, platforms like FeetFinder allow you to sell images of feet to interested buyers.

5.     Online Tutoring

Tutoring online does not require expert knowledge. With sites like Tutor.com and TutorMe, students can find tutors in over 300 subjects.

You set your availability and earn at least $16 per hour. Since sessions are virtual, you can tutor from anywhere with internet access. 

If you’re knowledgeable in academic subjects or skilled trades, online tutoring is one of the best and most flexible side hustles from home. You also help students improve grades and gain confidence.

6.     Transcriptionist

If you’re a quick typist with great listening skills, transcription may suit you. Transcribing audio files into text format is needed across many industries. You’ll need to complete certification, but you can make $20-45 per hour based on speed and accuracy. 

Once certified, find transcription jobs on sites like Rev. This home-based job offers work flexibility since you can take on projects that fit your schedule. If you don’t mind repetitive typing, transcription provides reliable income.

7.     Paid Surveys/Focus Groups

Taking online surveys and joining focus groups allow you to earn extra cash with minimal time commitment. Companies like Survey Junkie, MyPoints, and FocusGroup pay members for giving opinions on products and services. 

Each survey takes 5-20 minutes and earns points or money. While you likely won’t get rich, surveys offer an easy-going side income from home. Panel participation also enters you into sweepstakes for larger rewards.

8.     Teach English Online

No experience is required! Online platforms like VIPKid provide lesson plans and grading support. You simply review provided material and instruct English language learners virtually. Most classes are 25 minutes, so that you can teach many in a day. 

The minimum pay is $14 per hour. Teaching online allows you to set hours based on your availability. It’s also rewarding to help students around the world learn and grow. No commute also means more income in your pocket!

9.     Airbnb Host

Renting out an extra living space to travelers is a lucrative side income. Airbnb handles promoting and booking your rental, so you simply manage check-ins. You set minimum stays and rates based on location. 

Average monthly Airbnb earnings range from $1,500-$3,000. Hosting benefits are also robust, with $1 million in property damage and liability protection. Welcoming guests regularly generates income from a space that may otherwise sit vacant.

10. Resell Items

Buying secondhand and reselling for profit is an intriguing hustle. Visit local thrift stores and garage sales looking for valuable finds. Vintage, collectibles, and quality brands offer the best resale potential. List items on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, or apps catered to your products. 

Startup costs are minimal, but you need patience to find valuable flips. Reselling gives you the freedom to set your schedule by sourcing and listing items from home.

11. Sell Crafts on Etsy

Crafty side hustlers should consider opening an Etsy shop. You can sell homemade jewelry, art, decor, and more to buyers seeking unique items.

It’s just $.20 to list a product. While Etsy collects a percentage of sales, the site handles marketing and transactions. 

You simply make cool crafts according to your schedule. Building an Etsy brand takes consistency but can become a full-time creative pursuit.

12. Rent Your Space On Airbnb

Renting your extra living space on Airbnb can generate $1,000+ in monthly income. You set availability based on your schedule and vet potential guests.

While hosting, you can earn directly from your space while still using it when desired. Airbnb’s benefits protect your home and possessions. 

Passive income from Airbnb affords financial freedom to pursue other side hustles or interests. It also provides tax deductions for your rental property.

13. Virtual Assistant

If you’re highly organized and tech-savvy, consider virtual assisting. Tasks could include client communications, data entry, scheduling, design support, and more. Most clients require 10-30 hours per week. However, you get to block time according to your availability. 

Expect to earn $15-25 per hour for your administrative expertise! Virtual assisting is fulfilling stable remote work that provides employer benefits.


Flexible side hustles allow you to boost income on your terms. Driving, delivering, teaching, and selling are convenient ways to profit from your skills when it fit your schedule.

Start small and don’t overextend yourself. Find the right hustle that utilizes your strengths for maximum earnings. With persistence and stellar customer service, your hustle can become a thriving business. 


What Makes A Good Side Hustle?

The best side hustles are flexible, profitable, enjoyable, and aligned with your skills. Look for gigs with low startup costs, unlimited earning potential, and freedom to work when you want.

How Do I Market My Side Hustle?

Leverage social media, Google My Business, friends/family, and cross-promotion with related businesses. Offer limited-time promotions to incentivize new customers. Deliver exceptional service that drives referrals and repeat business.

How Do I Avoid Burnout From Side Hustling?

Set boundaries like limiting hours and days. Take regular time off for self-care. Outsource tasks if affordable. Automate processes when possible. Scale back if you feel overwhelmed. Your health comes first!

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