How To Become A Foot Model And Get Paid?

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How to Become a Foot Model and Get Paid?

Getting into the modeling industry is one of the most difficult things you can do, but did you know that your feet could be your ticket?

With foot modeling, those size 7s could start raking in some serious cash. But the question is, how do you become a foot model and get paid?

In a nutshell, there is an excellent chance to succeed in the foot modeling industry if you have perfect feet, a compelling portfolio, sign with the right agency, and apply consistently for gigs.

In this article, you’ll learn insider tips on foot care, building your modeling portfolio, finding reputable agencies, where to look for casting calls, promoting yourself on social media, and transitioning to lucrative print ads and commercial work. If you follow this guide, your foot modeling career will be off to a great start.

A Quick Intro to Foot Modeling

Foot models showcase their feet in advertisements for shoes, jewelry, nail polish, pantyhose, and more. Most foot modeling jobs involve taking photos of your feet, either for print ads, commercials, or websites.

The first step to becoming a foot model is having the feet that brands and agencies want. The ideal foot model has feet that are aesthetically pleasing, with no deformities, bunions, or scars. Feet should be well-groomed and have evenly proportioned toes. Foot sizes between 5-10 generally get the most work.

If you think you have model-worthy feet, the next question is – how much can foot models really make? Pay rates vary, but experienced foot models earn $50-100/hour for print ads and ecommerce shoots. 

Some high-end jobs pay up to $500/hour. For video commercial shoots, pay starts at $250/day. Online foot modeling can earn $50-200 per photo set. With consistent work, yearly earnings from $5,000 up to $100,000+ are possible.

Now that you know the foot modeling basics, let’s get into the step-by-step guide for scoring your first gig!

How To Become A Professional Foot Model?

Below is the complete guide on how to make money as a foot model online:

  1. Perfect Your Feet

Before seeking foot modeling jobs, it’s essential to make sure your feet look their absolute best:

  • Moisturize and exfoliate feet daily to keep skin soft and smooth
  • Give yourself weekly pedicures to keep your nails nicely shaped and polished
  • Consider professional treatments like callus peels or Baby Foot masks to get ultra-soft soles
  • Stick to closed-toe shoes and socks to avoid sun damage or injuries

Photo shoots often focus just on your feet, so every detail matters! Investing time into proper foot care and maintenance will pay off.

  1. Build Your Foot Model Portfolio

The next step is creating a portfolio highlighting your best assets. Here’s how:

  • Take high-quality photos showcasing the tops and bottoms of your feet from multiple angles
  • Include variety – some close-ups, standing poses, pointed and flexed feet
  • Make sure lighting is bright and even – outdoor natural light often works best
  • Hire a photographer if needed to get pro-level shots
  • Choose 5-10 photos that represent your feet in the most appealing way

You will be more likely to land jobs if you have a strong portfolio, so spend the time to get your portfolio photos done properly.

  1. Sign Up With a Modeling Agency

While some foot models freelance directly with clients, signing with an agency provides greater access to jobs. Look for agencies that specialize in:

  • Foot modeling
  • Hand modeling
  • Parts modeling

Major agencies to check out include:

  • Barefoot Models
  • Parts Models
  • Front Management

To get signed:

  • Submit your foot portfolio along with full body shots and composite card
  • Highlight any prior modeling experience, even unpaid tests or shoots
  • Attend open calls or arrange an in-person interview if possible

Having representation expands your reach tremendously. The agency will pitch you for bookings and provide guidance to help boost your success.

  1. Search for Casting Calls and Apply Directly

Don’t rely solely on an agency – be proactive in applying for foot modeling gigs on your own as well. Here are places to look:

  • Craigslist under TV/film/video or creative gigs sections
  • under the foot modeling category
  • Model Mayhem classifieds
  • Check directly on company websites for their model submission page

When you find a relevant casting call, send your foot portfolio, full body shots, stats, and contact info. Follow up after a week if you don’t hear back.

Build up your experience by applying for unpaid test shoots. It helps you network and get images for your portfolio.

  1. Promote Yourself on Social Media

Social platforms like Instagram provide tremendous exposure. Create an account solely for your foot modeling career. Post your best portfolio images along with behind-the-scenes shots from test shoots or paid jobs.

Use targeted hashtags like:

  • #footmodel
  • #femalefeet
  • #footfetishnation
  • #footmodellife

Engage with other foot models by commenting and liking photos. Follow brands you want to work with and pitch yourself directly via DM.

Growing your social presence establishes credibility and helps you get discovered by new clients.

  1. Consider Online Foot Modeling

An easy way to earn as a new foot model is through online foot modeling. Sites like

Allow you to sell photos and videos of your feet to foot fetish buyers. Create accounts and upload your portfolio. Set rates based on factors like nudity level and content exclusivity.

Online foot modeling has flexibility since you shoot your own content on your schedule. As you build reviews and repeat buyers, you can earn thousands a month.

Use online foot modeling to gain experience and supplement your income as you work towards higher-paying print and video jobs.

Keys for Ongoing Success as a Foot Model

Becoming an established foot model involves patience and perseverance. Follow these tips for long-term success:

  • Always keep your feet in flawless condition – fresh pedicures, callus removal, and moisturizing are musts. Never book jobs when you have cracked heels or chipped polish.
  • Work on posing versatility – study poses and techniques for showing off arches, toes, ankles, and other fine foot details. A wide range strikes the client’s interest.
  • Build relationships – Be professional, polite, and reliable with every client. Book repeat work with brands you click with.
  • Leverage your assets – capitalize on unique features like extremely narrow feet, double-jointed toes, or size 12 feet. Find your niche.
  • Have realistic expectations – foot modeling is periodic work unless you reach elite status. View it as supplementary income. Stay patient through dry spells.


Becoming a successful foot model requires dedication, patience, and consistently flawless feet. But for those willing to put in the work, foot modeling can be a rewarding and lucrative side hustle or even a full-time career. In the right hands, with the right portfolio and with a little hustle, you can do anything you want. Follow the tips in this guide, stay persistent, and you’ll be well on your way to living the foot model life. Soon, you’ll be earning big bucks just by flaunting your feet!


How Old Do You Need To Be To Start Foot Modeling?

Most foot models begin working when they are 18 or older. However, there are some opportunities for younger teens as well. The feet continue changing into the late teens, so very young models may be limited until their feet are fully developed.

How Much Do Online Foot Models Make?

Foot model salary can be anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per shooting, depending on their experience level and demand. Established models regularly booking online jobs may earn $5,000 to $50,000 or more annually.

What Poses And Types Of Shots Are Common In Foot Modeling?

Common foot modeling poses include pointing and flexing the feet, ankles crossed, toes curled, soles facing out, feet side-by-side, walking motion, dipping feet in water, getting a pedicure, and others. Shots typically include the whole foot but may be closeups of just the arch, heels, or toes.

What Are Some Foot Modeling Dos And Don’ts?

Do keep your feet very clean, moisturized, and pedicured. Don’t get tattoos or piercings. File calluses and dry skin. Don’t cut cuticles or use dark nail polish. Do groom toe hair. Exercise and stretch your feet. Don’t get sunburnt.

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