How To Cancel OnlyFans Subscription? 2 Easy Ways

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How To Cancel OnlyFans Subscription?

OnlyFans works as a medium between content creators and their fans. If you are no longer interested in subscriptions, then it is easy to get rid of.

OnlyFans subscriptions can be canceled in two easy ways. Here are both of the methods to cancel your OnlyFans subscription.

1. Through Your OnlyFans Account

There are three steps to cancel your OnlyFans subscription.

  • Login into your account
  • Go to the user profile you want to cancel
  • Just turn off the auto-renew option

In this way, your subscription will be canceled on the next expiry date. However, you won’t get a refund for the current one.

2. OnlyFans Support

The second method to cancel an OnlyFans subscription is contacting their support.

Write an email consisting of cancellation details and send it to

The support team will look into your request and update you as the job is done on their end.

Final Thoughts

It is easy to unsubscribe from any subscription in your OnlyFans account. Just follow the above steps or contact their support team for any issue.

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