How To Make Money On OnlyFans? Tips And Precautions

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How To Make Money On OnlyFans?

Have you heard about OnlyFans’ trending premium content subscription service? Yes, probably, that is why you are here.

We have got a few tips for the creators on how to make money on OnlyFans. That will help you become a successful content creator and generate more revenue.

What Is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is not just an adult content-selling platform. Some prominent faces like Chris Brown, DJ Khaled, Beyonce, and Cardi B are using it to monetize their content.

It is home to around a million content creators and above 50 million users. That is some number to reflect the popularity of OnlyFans.

From a few bucks to millions of dollars, it depends on how you use OnlyFans to become rich. However, it is the best place for Instagram, and TikTok influencers to encourage their followers to join them for subscribers-only content.

There is nothing like an overnight success strategy, but this guide will definitely help you sort out your way.

How Does OnlyFans Work?

As a creator, you have several options for monetizing your OnlyFans account and earning money from your subscribers.

Here are some of the most common monetization options available on OnlyFans:

Monthly Subscription Fees

The primary way to earn money on OnlyFans is through a fan subscription. You can set a monthly price for access to your exclusive and fans-only content, which can include photos, videos, live streams, and more.

Subscription fees can be adjusted at any time, and you can try different pricing strategies to understand what works best.

Tips From Subscribers

Subscribers can also send you tips as a way of supporting and demonstrating appreciation for your content. Tips can be sent in response to specific posts or as a general gesture of support.

You can encourage tips by announcing special incentives or bonuses for those subscribers who tip you a certain amount.


Another option is to offer pay-per-view content, where subscribers pay a one-time fee to access specific pieces of content. This can be an excellent way to monetize content that is particularly popular or in high demand.

Private Messages

Some creators also offer private messaging services, where subscribers can pay for access to private, one-on-one contact. This can be a way to offer personalized attention to your most loyal subscribers.

Custom Content

You can also offer custom content, such as personalized photos or videos, for an additional fee. It may cost more than the regular one.

Like a birthday wish or a Christmas greeting by naming a loyal subscriber.

Sell Your Own Merchandise

Another way to monetize your OnlyFans account is by selling personalized merchandise, such as t-shirts or mugs featuring your image, logo, or artwork.

This can be a way to offer a tangible product to your fans and earn income outside of your subscription service.

you can also consider offering bonus content or exclusive access to special events as a way of enticing subscribers to sign up and support you.

The key to success on OnlyFans is to understand your audience, offer high-quality content, and continuously engage with your subscribers to build a strong and dedicated following.

How Much Can You Make On OnlyFans?

It depends upon the subscription price, and the subscribers you get on your OnlyFans account. There are popular celebs and creators that are making thousands of dollars per month from it.

OnlyFans pays more than $200 million per month to its content creators and this number is increasing each day.

You can earn $1000 per month which may be good relief from personal expenses in these crucial times.

Is OnlyFans Safe?

Due to more involvement of adult content on the platform, there may be privacy and legal risks for content creators.

You must follow the local laws for sexually explicit content to avoid any unnecessary trouble. Although OnlyFans has a robust privacy protection mechanism, you must set clear boundaries to protect your privacy.

If you are looking to share personal adult content then you must be prepared for its impact on your personal and professional relations.

OnlyFans relies on third-party payment methods, which may result in payment processing issues sometimes. Be prepared in unusual circumstances for any issues to be resolved.

Hate speech, harassment, and abusive behavior are strictly prohibited on OnlyFans.

How To Make Money On OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face?

You can keep your identity anonymous and still make money on OnlyFans by following these tips.

Create Anonymous Account

If you want to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face, then you need to create an anonymous account.

  • Sign up with a fake email resembling your account name or username choice
  • Use a fake or anonymous profile name

Your remaining account information should be realistic otherwise it will make problems during payment withdrawals.

Block The Unwanted Locations

You can easily block unwanted countries from your account settings. Profile and content won’t be shown in the blocked locations. Keep in mind that fans from these locations will not be able to subscribe and support you.

Hide Your Face And Body Marks

If you are using OnlyFans to monetize your adult content, then keep your face hidden in videos. Use masks and props to hide your face during live streams. This can still be appealing to some subscribers and earn money while protecting your privacy.

People may identify you with tattoos, birthmarks, and scars. Hide them in your videos, live streams, and photos. Use photoshop, video editing tools, makeup, and temporary stickers.

Click pictures and shoot videos from such angles that none of your body marks is visible.

Costumes and Role Play

ou can use costumes, props, and role-play scenarios to create appealing and enticing content without showing your face.

This can allow you to explore different personas and characters while still offering exclusive and high-quality content to your subscribers.

Text-based Content

Another option is to create text-based content, such as erotic stories or journal entries, rather than relying on photos or videos. This can be a way to engage your subscribers and build a connection with them without revealing your face.

Use A Voice Changer

Any colleague, college fellow, or sibling may easily identify your voice. Thus use a voice changer for recording your voice to hide your voice tone and accent.

You can also consider offering audio content, such as voice recordings or audio-only live streams.

Avoid Shooting At Prominent Places

If you shoot videos or photos at any prominent place near you. It would be very easy to guess despite blurring the face. So pick unpopular and more preferably indoor places to shoot your content.

Tips To Make Money On OnlyFans Without Showing Face

If you have chosen to hide your face in content, then these tips will help you make money on OnlyFans without showing your face.

Focus On Specific Body Parts

During content creation focus your camera or phone on specific body parts other than the face. They may be boobs, legs or booty that may attract more people toward you.

Promote Your Profile

Use social media accounts like Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to promote the OnlyFans profile. Use the same anonymous name on social media pages to keep anonymity.

More visibility and reach means more chances of getting subscribers.

Ask Other Creators To Endorse You

It is difficult for a new content creator to attract people at the start. Collab with established creators and ask them to endorse you in their social media posts.

Follow The Trends

In order to become successful on OnlyFans, always follow the trend. Watch other popular creators, and apply their content strategies for creating viral content.

Use Forums And Community Blogs

Use relevant forums and community blogs to interact with people. Ask questions or answer the already asked ones, it will increase your profile visits and help promote OnlyFans.

Final Thoughts

OnlyFans have massive popularity among adult content creators. However, it can be used to monetize any type of premium content.

If you chose to monetize adult content then it must comply with the local laws and platform guidelines. It is better to keep the anonymity otherwise you must be mentally ready to face the backlash.

OnlyFans creators can report any private content that is uploaded on other platforms or adult sites. Always mark your personal boundaries to avoid any embarrassment.

There is no android or iOS app available so don’t get involved in some fake apps being used to scam people. Use official website to sign up and start earning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Make An OnlyFans Without My Face?

It is your choice to keep yourself anonymous. Anyone can make OnlyFans without revealing their face.

How Much Can I Make as Biggener On OnlyFans?

This depends upon the content type, quality, and attraction. You can easily make $500 per month by following the above tips.

Is OnlyFans Legit?

Yes, OnlyFans is a legit platform where you can offer subscription-based content in form of images, videos, etc. It has more than fifty million worldwide users that are increasing every day.

Is OnlyFans A Good Way To Make Money?

OnlyFans is a good way to make money for social media influencers, Instagram bloggers, models, and adult content creators. However, it can be used for any subscription-based premium content monetization.

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