How To Make Money On TikTok?

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How To Make Money On TikTok?

Do you dream of making an income by creating fun videos? On TikTok, that dream can become a reality. It’s one of the top spaces for content providers to monetize content, with over 1 billion monthly consumers. But how to make money on Tiktok?

In short, first, you need to grow your audience and then monetize through Creator Fund, merch, live gifts, brand deals, advertisements, selling products, and more.

This guide will outline the top proven money-making strategies on TikTok so you can get paid for doing what you love. Whether you have a substantial following or are just starting, you’ll discover the steps to transform your account into a cash-generating machine.

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10 Ways To Make Money On TikTok

Below are the 10 proven ways to make money on Tiktok:

Build Your Following

Expanding your audience on TikTok is the first step to earning money there. The more people who follow you, the more money you can make.

Consistently Post Quality Content

Posting viral-worthy videos regularly is key. Use trending sounds, hop on popular challenges, and showcase your personality to grab people’s attention.

Optimize Your Profile

Fill out your TikTok bio with useful info and links. Choose a profile photo and banner that represent your brand.

Use Relevant Hashtags

To be found by more users, mix both popular and specialized hashtags in your captions.

Engage With Your Audience

Reply to comments, do duets and reaction videos and go live often. Building relationships leads to a loyal following.

Promote Outside Of Tiktok

Promote your TikTok content on YouTube and Instagram, among other social media platforms. Send your TikTok link to friends and family to gain more followers.

TikTok Creator Fund

TikTok’s Creator Fund is one of the simplest methods to start making money on the platform. The fund pays creators for the views on their videos. Your TikTok account must meet the eligibility requirements to apply:

  • 10,000 or more genuine followers
  • at least 10,000 video views in the previous 30 days
  • 13 years or older
  • Original videos that follow the content policy

Once accepted, TikTok will let you know if you qualify to receive payment. Then you can start earning money every month based on your number of video views and engagement.

Sell Merchandise

Creating and selling merchandise is a lucrative way for influencers to monetize their audience on TikTok. T-shirts, hats, phone covers, and more are excellent merchandise choices.

You can create and sell merch either on your own or through a service like Teespring, Redbubble, or Teechip. 

Then promote your merch link and products directly in your TikTok bio, videos, and captions. Limited edition drops help create hype and demand.

Livestream Gifting

Going live on TikTok allows your followers to show support and gift you during the stream. Fans can purchase and send virtual gifts like emojis, stickers, and diamonds as a form of tipping.

TikTok introduced gifting to help creators monetize their live videos. 

To receive gifts, you must meet the eligibility requirements for the TikTok LIVE feature. The gifts can be exchanged for cash value based on their worth.

Promote Brand Partnerships

Partnering with brands is an extremely lucrative TikTok money-making strategy. You will be compensated by brands to produce sponsored content that promotes their goods or services.

The key is pitching yourself to brands and negotiating sponsored content deals. Brands want to partner with creators who align with their target audience, style, and values. With a large TikTok following, you can earn hundreds or even thousands per branded video.

Insert In-Feed Ads

In addition to sponsorships, you can make money from advertising directly within your own videos. Through its advertisements management platform, TikTok’s in-feed video ad integration feature is available.

You have full control over placing 5 to 60-second ads anywhere in the middle of your videos. You earn money when users watch your videos from beginning to end. You get a percentage of what advertisers spend to have their adverts run.

Crowdfund Through TikTok

Crowdfunding campaigns are another way for TikTok creators to monetize their audience. You can create videos asking your followers to donate to a specific cause, business idea, creative project, or other initiative.

The key is crafting an interesting and meaningful campaign that will inspire people to donate. Share your story, offer rewards for supporters, and reveal plans for the money raised.

Make DONATE buttons visible in your TikTok bio, videos, website, and other platforms to collect donations across channels.

Sell Products Directly

Thanks to TikTok’s integration with Shopify, creators can easily sell products directly through their TikTok videos or LIVE streams.

Link your Shopify store, and eligible products will have a “Shop Now” button featured under your video. When viewers click, they can purchase the product without leaving TikTok.

You can sell all sorts of products this way – clothing, digital downloads, artwork, crafts, jewelry, and any other goods. It gives your followers a streamlined purchase experience.

Promote your FeetFinder account on Tiktok where I sell feet images. It looks unreal but I earns a lot.

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Use Affiliate Marketing Links

Affiliate marketing is a straightforward method of earning commissions by advertising other people’s brands and products. It works by sharing special affiliate links to lead users to partner shopping sites. A commission is paid to you if users make a purchase on your site.

Share affiliate links to products you genuinely like and recommend for your audience. Just be sure to disclose that they are affiliate links so it’s clear you will receive compensation.

Offer Paid Content

Some popular creators make extra income by offering exclusive content that followers can only access through paid subscriptions. This might include things like bonus videos, behind-the-scenes footage, live streams, and more.

You can provide paid content through membership services like Patreon, where fans pay monthly fees for extra perks. Or offer one-time fees to access certain content in private groups or messaging apps.


There is no limit to what you can earn on TikTok. Top creators quickly make six or even seven figures a year through these money-making methods. Even smaller creators can make hundreds or thousands per month. How much you earn depends on your niche, content quality, follower count, and how well you monetize your audience. The key is being consistent, creative and taking advantage of every opportunity to generate revenue from your TikTok account. With the right strategy, TikTok can become a very profitable platform.


How To Make Money On Tiktok Without Followers?

Make money on TikTok without followers by creating content for others, leveraging skills like video editing, or participating in affiliate marketing and brand partnerships without focusing on personal followers.

How Much Money Can I Make Through The Creator Fund?

The amount paid per view varies based on factors like location and content quality. Top creators likely earn anywhere from 2-4 cents per thousand video views. For smaller creators, it may only be 1-2 cents per thousand views.

How Much Time Does It Take To Earn Good Money?

It takes consistency and patience to build a profitable TikTok channel. Spend time daily creating content, use niche hashtags, and engage with your audience. With consistent effort, it’s possible to earn good money within six months to a year.

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