Is Kickscrew Legit : Tips For Buyers In 2023

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Is Kickscrew Legit : Tips For Buyers In 2023

Looking to buy sneakers from Kickscrew but are confused about their legitimacy? Have questions like is kickscrew legit or a scam?

This article will give answer all your queries about the Kickscrew online sneakers and apparel-selling website.

E-commerce software platforms carry several questions about the safety of shopping from home.

People are more concerned about their privacy, data, and most probably money.

Maybe they have heard about the Etsy scams or Amazon frauds and want to make sure their money doesn’t get wasted on a fake e-commerce store.

Is Kickscrew Legit?

Kickscrew is an online footwear and apparel selling outlet from renowned brands like Nike, Air Jordan, New Balance, and Adidas.

It has proved worthwhile in the global sneaker resale market. Most products are shipped from Hong Kong and take longer than usual.

It takes 2 to 3 weeks for your ordered item to be shipped to your address. The average shipping cost lies between $20 to $50.

The refund and exchange process of Kickscrew is also complicated. You have to pay complete shipping charges in case of product exchange.

It charges 15% of the transaction cut and returns shipping cost from the buyer for requesting refunds/exchange.

However, it is a legitimate B2B2C e-commerce site to purchase sneakers from popular brands.

Where Is Kickscrew Located?

Kickscrew was founded by Johnny Mak in Hong Kong and has a headquarters in Los Angeles California for North American customers.

Is Kickscrew Trustworthy?

Yes, Kickscrew is a trustable e-commerce website that sells sneakers from different brands. You can order without any sense of online scams or safety.

It has completed almost 13 years in the e-commerce industry and has a massive online presence.

As per TechCrunch’s claim Kickscrew recently raised $6 million from different investors to increase its foothold in the US sneaker market.

It has a good social media presence with 1 million followers and a verified profile on Instagram. That shows people’s trust in this e-commerce startup.

What else do you want an e-commerce website to do for customers’ trust? We will further explore the other aspects of Kickscrew.

How Does Kickscrew Work?

How Does Kickscrew Work?
How Does Kickscrew Work?

It is important for a Kickscrew buyer to know about their work model. The next question must be how does Kickscrew work?

Kickscrew has partnered with verified sellers to fulfill their customer’s demands. When the buyer places an order, the seller or supplier delivers the requested product, and is available in inventory to Kickscrew quality control for review.

A team of quality control experts verifies the product quality, material, sizing, and color as per the order details.

If the item qualifies for the quality control review, it gets verified status and passed to the courier company. At last, the item is delivered to the customer.

Kickscrew cancels the orders if the product is not available from any of the sellers and a refund is provided to the buyer.

There are rare chances of getting damaged or low-quality shoes due to strict quality control mechanisms.

Things To Consider Before Placing Order On KicksCrew

We recommend considering the below things before placing your order on Kickscrew.

Refund And Exchange Policy

Kickscrew has a complete refund and exchange policy for purchased items and works as follows.

  • The item should be applied for a refund within 7 days of receiving
  • The Kickscrew verification tag, product, and box should be in their original condition

If the above conditions are valid then contact the Kickscrew support team for the refund request. They will look into the matter and accept the request after completing the inquiry.

The initial shipping charges and 15% of the transaction charges will apply upon successful refund. It is clearly stated on the website refund guidelines.

Note: Refunds will not be entertained if the item is damaged, used or the box is broken.

If you apply for the item exchange in terms of color or size the above guidelines will still remain the same. Additionally, the buyer will pay the exchange expenses (Shipping + Price Difference).

Items can be exchanged only once for a valid reason. You can’t request an exchange for a random reason. Such requests are not regarded by the support team.

Items Delivery Policy

Kickscrew takes 2 to 3 weeks margin for delivering the ordered item. Your shipping charges will be non-refundable in case of the item is returned back due to local import and customs policies.

Secondly, it doesn’t compensate in case of damage caused by the courier service. Package loss is also a headache for the buyer and courier company. Kickscrew will only aid you in complaining against the courier service provider.

Order Cancelation Policy

The cancelation policy hints to buyers to apply for order cancellation before the shipment of the item. The request will not be considered after that.

However, you can contact customer support for order cancelation on valid grounds after the product delivery. All cancellations include 15% service fees from the transaction amount.

Think twice before placing your order. There is no guarantee of order cancellation and refund in every case.

Customs Duty, Taxes, And Charges

Local custom duty and charges are not included in the product price at Kickscrew. Items are delivered under the DDU(Delivery Duty Unpaid) process to more than 180 countries.

All countries and states have different customs and import policies. So the buyer has to pay any extra charges to the courier company if applicable.

You must contact the local customs office for such expenses before placing an order. The sales tax price is only added to the price for the items shipped to USA and Australia. You may have to pay the sales tax too as per your country’s rules.

Kickscrew doesn’t take responsibility for the orders stuck at ports and local customs offices.

Kickscrew Return Is Scary

Returning items or asking for an exchange is a scary process to do. You may have to wait for a long time for the item to be returned, exchanged, and reshipped.

It is a costly process and a complete headache for the buyer. Return is only accepted if certain conditions are met. You must be mentally prepared for these scenarios sometimes.

It doesn’t happen every time but not a neglectable fact to consider before placing your order on Kickscrew.

Maximum Order Limit

Kickscrew restricts the maximum order limit to 1. You can’t place an order for more items at one time. Each item will be shipped separately including charges.

Self Cancelation Policy

Kickscrew itself reserved the right to cancel an order without any notice. It can happen in the below cases.

  • The product ordered is out of stock from the suppliers
  • The buyer’s email and phone number are not working
  • Payments not received within 7 days of order due to incorrect payment method/debit card number
  • Billing and shipping addresses are not accessible
  • The order seems to be a scam or fraud

For the above or any other miscellaneous reasons your order can be canceled by the Kickscrew and you can’t ask for support.

Kickscrew Payment Methods

You can do your order payments at Kickscrew via Master card, Visa, JCB, Discover, AMEX, payment gateway, Diners Club credit cards, and PayPal Express checkout.

Kickscrew Customer Support

You only get only email support for your order history, tracking ID, and other relevant communication. Chat customer support is not available for buyers.

The team response is good as per buyers’ feedback but it takes time to communicate any issue with the support team.

Final Thoughts

Kickscrew is a legit and reasonable place to purchase branded sneakers. But it comes with the above complications like high delivery time, loftier shipping costs, hard refund & exchange policies, and customs duty.

There are several other alternatives like GOAT and other online shoe-selling marketplaces you can consider about.

Is Kickscrew Legit FAQS

Where Is Kickscrew Located?

Kickscrew is located in Hong Kong and also has a headquarters in Los Angeles California.

Does Kickscrew Have A Return Policy?

Yes, Kickscrew welcomes return and exchange requests if certain conditions are met. Like request should be initiated within 7 days of delivery. Item must not be used at all. The product box and verified tag shouldn’t be damaged.
The buyer will be responsible for the return shipping cost. It will take longer to replace the item due to the delivery process.

Does Kickscrew Sell Orignal Shoes?

Yes, the quality control team confirms the item’s quality and ships the original shoes to the customers. It vends shoes from most of the world’s popular brands.

Who Owns Kickscrew?

Johnny Mak is the owner of the Kickscrew e-commerce platform.

Does Kickscrew Ship Internationally?

It ships products to 180 countries internationally. Political unrest or war-like situations can impact the shipments.

Is Kickscrew Real?

Yes, Kickscrew is a real e-commerce platform that sells actual products.

Is Kickscrew Reliable?

Kickscrew is a reliable company that is extending its business by raising investments in North America. It sells genuine products from the world’s popular brands like Nike, AirJorden, etc.

How Long Does Kickscrew Take To Ship?

Items ordered on Kickscrew are delivered between 1 to 3 weeks depending upon the address and shipping capacities.

Can You Track Order On Kickscrew?

Yes, when you order an item from Kickscrew it sends a confirmation email. Tracking details are shared with the buyer via email when the shipment is done after the item validation.

Does Kickscrew Sell Fake Shoes?

Not at all, it is harder to build credibility and customer trust for e-commerce websites. That is why Kickscrew doesn’t sell fake shoes or first copies.
It’s quality control team reviews each product sent from sellers thoroughly before the delivery.

How Do I Make My Return Invoices For Free?

Use any free invoice generator or receipt maker to generate your invoices for item return to the shipper.

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