3 Different Methods of Joining RAR Files

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3 Different Methods of Joining RAR Files

Do you need to merge RAR files but are not familiar with how to do it effectively? This is pretty easy when you follow the right procedure. Just like ZIP file compression format, RAR is also popular in reducing file size and conserving storage space.

Whether you are interested in joining RAR files completely or in parts, you can do both quickly. In this guide, we will cover different methods to merge several RAR files into a new single RAR file.  

An Overview of the RAR File

Developed by WinRAR’s Eugene Roshal, RAR is a widely used compression format for windows to compress data files. When big files are compressed into RAR files, they are divided into several files to conserve space.

Compressed files are allocated a number that helps in distinguishing between them. If you need to download or share multiple large files via email, compress them with RAR. When confused about how to open .RAR on Mac or another device, you need an app to reverse the compression. 

Merge RAR Files With WinRAR

For joining RAR files, you need to extract them with WinRAR. So, the first thing you need is to download WinRAR. Tap twice on the downloaded file to access the WinRAR installation window. Click Install and choose RAR in Associate WinRAR.

Next, tap OK and select the Done option to finish the installation. Keep all RAR files in a single folder. Hit twice on a RAR file having the smallest number. All RAR files will combine into a single file. Or, right-click the file and select Extract Here or Extract to (filename).

Combine RAR Files With 7-Zip

Alongside WinRAR, there is another way to merge RAR files. You can use an open-source 7-Zip file manager to extract and recombine the real files. Access the 7-Zip file manager and find the folder having RAR files. Open a drop-down menu by hitting the small arrow.

Choose a parent folder or other drive and double-click on it. Tap the first file labeled as ‘…part01.rar’ if the files are organized numerically. In archives, the first file will be labeled as ‘…rar’. Tap Extract and ‘…’ or enter an address into the Extract section. Hit OK.

Unpack RAR Files Professionally

Downloading and installing a third-party file compression application for unpacking RAR files on Mac can be a solution. There are some freeware programs having features to handle RAR files. But, their functionality is limited.

Choose an app capable of opening files with a RAR file extension – .rar. Search the web using the phrase – ‘open RAR with Mac’. Set a file association for RAR files by ticking the box ‘.rar’ in File Associations available in Settings.

Manage RAR Files on the Computer

Methods of Joining RAR Files
Methods of Joining RAR Files

If you have received mail with the RAR file attached, you must know how to open it. RAR file format is a handy option to send mail while keeping the data size reduced for long-term storage.

You can easily open all types of archives using reliable software. If you use Windows 7 or 8, the OS can access the zip file without using the software. On Mac OS X, you can use a free RAR extractor app.

Just like PC users, there are some options available for Mac users to properly manage the RAR file format. You can buy RAR for Mac OS from a developer, presented by RARLAB as a solution.

If you’re not ready to invest, you can go for downloading a trial version to use RAR for Mac OS. Set a file association using the way mentioned above and double-click the file. It will automatically unpack RAR for Mac OS.

Compression RAR Files

Just like for unpacking RAR files on Mac, you can use a third-party file compression app. These apps can manage files with the .rar extension. To find a compression program, you can perform a search for a phrase – open a RAR file.

It will create a list of freeware apps. Now, set a file association for RAR files by selecting Settings and clicking File Associations. Mark the box titled as .rar. Tap twice on the file or right-click on it. Next, choose Open.  


RAR is a folder storing multiple documents inside. It is similar to ZIP compression format but uses a .rar file extension rather than .zip. With RAR, users can download files faster. Moreover, you can password-protect your files for better security over data. This makes it easier to use the RAR format for storing sensitive information. 

RAR files can’t be opened immediately just after clicking on them. So, you need to choose a reliable app that reverses file compression. Once you open it, the files inside will work as regular files. You are free to copy, share, edit, or move the RAR files to other folders.

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