Microsoft Edge Browser Price Comparison Engine

Microsoft Edge Browser Price Comparison Engine

Microsoft is now focusing on its Chromium-based browser because its Edge browser is now reliable. The goal is to provide features that set it apart from its competitors. 

Just in time for a fantastic shopping experience, Microsoft is introducing a pricing comparison function to its Edge browser.

What Is A Price Comparison Engine?

The price comparison engine is a straightforward pricing comparison function that will initially only work with US shops. Microsoft does, however, promise to develop it into an increasingly proactive service with discount alternatives in the future. 

It is one of the first brand-new tools that Microsoft is releasing. This comes as no surprise given how quickly the holiday season is approaching. Its Collections bookmarking tool also includes this. It was always the next logical step. Although it’s good to see Microsoft add extra capability to it. 

How Does It Work?

When you buy online inside Edge, the new price comparison function works across several stores. You may make a list of items inside a Collection if you’re doing some Christmas shopping, for instance. 

You can use guides such as best reviews during shopping to help you make the list of items. The “compare price to other retailers” option will then be available for you to use to view a comparison. 

Edge must first detect that you are storing a product website, possibly from Amazon or Best Buy’s website. It does this by connecting to the already-existing pricing comparison tool on Microsoft Bing. It will then provide a price comparison option in the browser’s toolbar.   

The team’s addition of price change notifications is the natural next step at this point. This is included in Microsoft’s road plan along with many other upcoming improvements.

If you purchase something through any of the links in Collections, Microsoft does not get any affiliate money.

A new screenshot feature is the second significant upgrade to Edge this month.   There are several ways to take a screenshot of a website.

However, the majority of currently available tools just allow you to take a snapshot of what you view, without the option to scroll or record a whole webpage. 

With Microsoft’s new Edge snapshot feature, you can take a single screenshot of the whole website without having to manually scroll down the page. In a later version of Edge, Microsoft will also provide this tool inking capabilities.  Soon, testers will get access to this beta functionality.

Bing Rebates Program

When speaking of shopping, Microsoft plans on launching the beta from its Bing Rebates reward program.   For this campaign, the corporation enlisted companies including Walmart, Expedia, Walgreens, and Nvidia.

Even though you must register as a Microsoft Rewards member to participate, it could just convince you to use Bing.  

Rebates are an important component of the purchasing experience that makes browser-based shopping more intelligent. Additionally, you can now give Microsoft Rewards points to charity organizations through its Give with Bing initiative.

Other Microsoft Edge Features

Edge will also soon have its connection between Collections and Pinterest generally available.  By integrating Pinterest with Edge’s Collections functionality, you can export websites, photos, or text from Collections into Pinterest boards.

When conducting research, the Collections is a fantastic feature.  Whether the research is related to either education or work, it is shown to be valuable. 

Nevertheless, many individuals conduct research prior to shopping.  It is very intelligent enough to provide you with the info you need if you place items into Collections. 

The new snapshot tool for capturing online information as well as enhanced PDF compatibility are also available.

The new table of contents functionality helps to improve PDF processing. Instead of blindly scrolling through the PDF, you will be able to click and swiftly move to different areas using that.

A new version of the Teleparty extension allows you to stream TV programs with your friends and have side-bar conversations about them.

Microsoft’s helpful screenshot feature makes it simple to take a snapshot of an entire webpage. Edge will give you the option to add your own photos to the new tab page.

Both functions are part of a larger Edge upgrade. They contain several small upgrades that enhance the Chromium-based browser. 

Additionally, you may now initiate free video chats with your loved ones directly from browsers. This is made possible through a connection to Microsoft’s Meet Now service.

These video conversations allow for up to 50 participants, screen sharing, and session recording. While this is first going out in Edge, it will also soon be available in Outlook Online and the Windows 10 taskbar

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