How Do Gamers Choose Their Mousepads For Gaming Rooms?

How Do Gamers Choose Their Mousepads For Gaming Rooms?

If you are a game battler, you are aware of the importance of the mousepad for gaming.

A gaming mouse pad gives you better tracking and more control over your mouse movements.

Plus, it helps you get pixel-perfect shots while gaming, helping you beat your competition. 

This guide will look at how gamers choose their mousepad for the gaming room.

Types of Gaming Mousepads

Mousepads are divided into two main categories: Soft and Hard Mousepads. Both are almost the same and have outstanding performance. It’s a gamer’s choice to choose a soft or hard one. 

Soft Mouse PadHard Mouse Pad
Made up of smooth material like plastic.Made up of hard material like metal or aluminum.
Do not provide a Cushion for arms.Provide Cushion for arms
Great for fast speedGreat for movement control
Work perfectly for both optical and laser mousepads.Work only for optical mousepads
Can be cleaned easily Want some effort to clean

Elements That Gamers Consider While Choosing Gaming Mouse Pad

Choosing the proper mousepad is essential to becoming a good gamer. After the research, our experts listed the following elements gamers consider for selecting the mousepad for their room.

  • Thickness
  • Edges
  • Size
  • Extras

Factors to Consider When Buying Gaming Mousepads

#1. Thickness

Gamers always determined the thickness of the mousepad through their base. Gamers mostly choose thin (2-2.5mm), average (3-3.5mm), or heavy base (5mm) mouse pads.

Thin mouse pads are usually more flexible and can be folded to conform to the shape of the surface they are placed on.   

A standard mouse pad has a medium-sized base that is neither too thick nor too thin. Most players prefer them because they are too light to move quickly and are rigid enough to have a stable surface. 

A mouse pad with a heavy base is very thick. They’re pretty stiff, so you’ll always get a flat surface, even if your desk isn’t flat.

The fabric offers a thick cushion to rest your wrists comfortably for long periods. The mouse pad is heavier too, so it grips the surface better, preventing any movement. However, if portability is your priority, its weight and thickness may also be a concern.

#2. Edges

What does it mean to have the smoothest mouse pad for the gamer? Hard ergonomics or leather ones. Sure, these are important, but so are the edges. A good-quality mouse pad usually lasts a long time.

Because it does not deteriorate over time. However, over time and multiple washes, the stitching around the edges frays, making the mouse pad less durable and smoother. 

So look for a mouse pad with a thick, stitched border around the mouse pad. This will fix the seam between the surface and the base. The result is a longer service life and quality.

As an added benefit, the mouse pad does not wear out after repeated washing. The thickly sewn frame can withstand a washing machine. If you do this, the mat should be air-dried.

#3. Sizes

Gaming mouse pads come in four different sizes. Small, medium, and large. Most gamers prefer a giant mouse pad because it has plenty of space to move the mouse and works well in all play styles. 

You can move the mouse short or long without worrying about touching the mouse pad’s edge.

Furthermore, it is not important whether or not you grip the mouse using your nails, fingers, or palms, this large mouse pad is suitable for users of all grip styles. 

A large mouse pad is also recommended if your gaming mouse has a low DPI/sensitivity. Lower DP gives you better control when moving and aiming targets, especially in FPS games.

A small or medium mouse pad will also work well if you enjoy playing at a high gaming mouse DPI.

#4. Extras

There are a lot of gaming mouse pads that provide some extra features to their customers for their convenience, like

Wireless Charging: Wireless charging is available on some mouse pads, allowing you to charge wireless gaming mice in addition to smartphones and other wireless devices. This way, there is no need to worry about battery life on your gaming mouse.

USB Passthrough: You can plug your wired gaming mouse closer to your mouse pad using a USB passthrough built into modern mouse pads. A USB port can also be used to connect other peripherals, including signal adapters.

Custom game graphics can also be displayed on a gaming mouse pad, as well as wrist rests and water resistance.

RGB Lights: This feature is usually found on gaming mouse pads. RGB lighting can be matched with existing gaming peripherals, like mice and keyboards, to create an immersive gaming experience.

Customization: Most gamers love to buy a customized mousepad for their gaming room. Mostly they love to buy the mousepad according to their system theme or gaming room theme.

List of Best Gaming Mousepad Companies 

There are thousands of gaming mousepads available in the market, but not everyone has the same performance.

According to our expert following are the best mousepads that gamers choose for them:

  • Strumace
  • Razer Acari
  • Cooler Master MP510
  • Cooler Master MP511
  • Razer Sphex V3
  • SteelSeries QcK Prism Cloth 5XL
  • Artisan Ninja FX Shidenkai


How much does a good gaming mousepad cost?

Different companies offer different mousepads according to the material and the specification, but a standard mousepad will be available for $(100-150).

Final Thoughts

Gamers always choose a gaming mouse according to their needs. The ideal mouse pad has enough space to move the mouse around without running out of space. 

The good news is that there are many different brands of gaming mouse pads to choose from.

Considering all the factors listed in this article, you should be able to select the best mouse pad for your needs.

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