5 Social Media Marketing Hacks For Small Business Owners

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5 Social Media Marketing Hacks For Small Business Owners

Are there really “Hacks” for small businesses? Well yes, there are. There are certain things that only work for large corporations, independent marketers, and small businesses. Here are a few that are applicable to your situation.

5 Social Media Marketing Hacks

1 – Reuse and Recycle Your Content

Let’s say you create some lovely content for YouTube. You can re-edit the content and put it on Rumble.

You can edit the long-form content into lots of small shorts that you can post on Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

In addition to these, you may choose other social media networks and join groups within each platform.

There are plenty of additional social media platforms, like Q&A websites, Reddit, LinkedIn, and so forth.

Choose an area that is closer to your niche and try to become a minor celebrity in that online area.

2 – Copy Your Competitors

This advice is phrased a little unfairly. What you do is look at what your competitors have published on the platform.

Look at each of your competitors, and look at the last three of their posts. Pick out the ones that are the most popular and copy what they did.

In short, you are using your competitors as both inspiration and market research.

There is this intuitive feeling that if your competitors posted something popular recently, then you cannot possibly achieve the same success.

However, that is not how social media works. If your competitors genuinely created something popular recently, then the algorithms on social media are going to point people toward the things they liked before.

They are going to point people towards your imitation, and even if yours is not as good, you will still receive the halo effect that comes from your competitor’s success.

3 – Schedule Content With Free Services

Hop on a service like Hootsuite and Buffer, get a free account, and sign up for a single social media account.

They let you schedule posts on those social media accounts for free. They only charge if you add more social media accounts.

Use the free services and schedule your content. If you wish, you can re-sign up for these services with different email addresses, add a different social media account and use their services for free even more.

It is slightly more hassle than paying for a service but doing it this way is free.

4 – Buy and Exploit an Audience

Let’s say you are 17yrs old, you have built a TikTok audience over the last few years and now you want some quick cash so you can buy Apex Legends in-game purchases.

The 17yr old can promote what he or she wants to sell on the TikTok platform, but that will cause a loss of followers.

So, the teen goes to a social media marketplace, sets a price, and sells the social media account to a stranger.

It is possible for you as a business to buy from these services. You simply pick a few accounts that exist within your own niche area.

Buy the account and exploit its audience. You do this by promoting to the audience with regular adverts, or you promote your primary social media accounts.

It is simple and one of the cheapest ways to build a social media following as quickly as possible. Get a little more information on these services and give them a try.

5 – Small Bid Sizes For Cost-Efficient Advertisements

If you are using an advertising network, such as the one by Google, YouTube, TikTok, etc., then offer up very small amounts for your ads.

Set daily budgets of a few dollars and set your big prices very low. As a result, you will get a very low reply rate to your ads, but you will get some responses for a very low price.

Your content will slip through the cracks and achieve clicks and conversions at a low cost. Operating this way isn’t something you can do long-term because you need to spend more in order to scale up your operation.

Nevertheless, it gets you some very cheap traffic and helps teach you about what works and what doesn’t within the advertising networks.

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