6 Social Media Tricks To Ace Event Marketing

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6 Social Media Tricks To Ace Event Marketing

For many, managing social media can come off as a super daunting task, but there is no argument about it being intriguing as well.

It is because you have to find a way that bodes well for you, in terms of attracting, engaging, and converting the target audience to make transactions. 

That said, plenty of social media marketers experiment with the vast landscape that directly or indirectly goes in tandem with different social media platforms. This means that novice marketers have a plethora of tried and tested platforms, post types, and hashtags to use to get the required outcomes.

In sum, you can get a slew of available tips and insights instead of discovering them from scratch to save time, money, and energy. 

On that note, we are going to cruise you through six must-try tricks and hacks for marketing your business through online realms.

These tips will not only help you kick-start your marketing with style but also do it with the strategic end goal of selling out your event. 

But before we deep dive into the tips and tricks, it is essential to understand that to leverage social media platforms and interact with the target audience seamlessly, you need reliable internet connectivity, something like Spectrum. 

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Anyway, check out the list of tips and tricks to promote your event. 

Create an Event Related Social Media Page

Needless to say, the first and foremost thing is to create an event-related social media page as it is going to be the key device for spreading awareness about your event, base of existence, and all other nitty-gritty details about the event. 

There are many social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, and others. So, instead of creating marketing campaigns for each social media platform, you must streamline the channel with most of your target audience. By doing this, you will skip the hard work and save time and effort with this smart move. 

Use Visual Content

Now that you have created social media pages, it is time to publish content that gauges the target customers and compels them to take the desired actions.

 But here is the thing, no matter what the platform, your social media posts must never be limited to text posts.

Instead, a large number of posts should be images or other visual content of any sort. This is because visual content has more power than text, and they have a lasting impression on the viewer. 

When it comes to visual content, you have a wide range of options to choose from. For example, you can add pictures of the venue, a sneak peek into last year’s edition of the event, the ongoing preparation for the event, etc. Such content appeals to most of the audience’s taste buds and incites a feeling of excitement.

Post at the Right Time

Do you post at your leisure and when you just feel like it? 


This is one of the worst practices that can put your efforts in vain. For publishing, timing matters, and if you want your posts to get more impressions and engagement, you will have to release them at a time when most of your audience is active on the platform. 

Don’t worry about releasing your posts at the right time because many social media tools, such as SocialPilot can help you schedule your post, and it helps you share it across multiple platforms at a time.

Doing this is also useful for spacing out your posts, and avoiding spamming your social media page. 

Create an Attractive Event Hashtag

Well, social media posts and hashtags go hand in hand. But when creating hashtags for an event, make sure, it is short and discernable.

Long and complicated hashtags are hard to remember, while small and effective hashtags are imprinted on the audience’s minds. Also, it is easier for people to engage with the hashtag and use it in their posts. 

Conduct Polls and Quizzes

Polls make great social media posts as they not only benefit from generating some effortless engagement but also get insights into the audience’s opinions

Quizzes, on the other hand, are a fun and challenging type of content, which your audience will thoroughly enjoy.

You may use quizzes to reveal things about the audience and may also help them learn about your event and its objective in a more subtle manner. 

Use Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

Another effective way to kill at marketing your event is using the word-of-mouth strategy. By using this marketing approach, you can use recommendations and referrals to disseminate information about your event across multiple platforms. 

Bottom Line

Social media is one of the powerful tools to ensure the success of your event as long as you implement things correctly. So, it is time to act and implement the tips we have listed for you in the article. 

Start Now! 

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