What Are The Easy Ways Of Purchasing Bitcoin?

What Are The Easy Ways Of Purchasing Bitcoin?

Since its introduction in 2009, bitcoin’s price has had a wild roller coaster ride of ups and downs. This digital asset’s volatility has led to many traders giving it a go hoping for great riches —some have been successful while others unfortunately not so much. 

If bitcoins are something you’re considering investing in, this article will explain the various methods available for buying them such as through traditional brokers or newer start-ups. Thinking about buying Bitcoin? 

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What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the world’s first digital currency and cryptocurrency – a virtual form of payment. Released in 2009, it wasn’t until 2017 that Bitcoin made its debut into mainstream consciousness due to its rapid rise in value over the year. 

Coins are created when computers process and validate transactions using decentralized networks; these networks also manage all aspects of the currency via distributed ledgers (blockchains) which record each transaction within Bitcoin. 

By utilizing public records for every single transaction involving Bitcoin, blockchain technology helps ensure this widely used financial system runs securely.

Simple And Easy Of Purchasing Bitcoin

Bitcoin ATM

For those interested in buying Bitcoins directly, a Bitcoin ATM may be an option. With many ATMs around the world offering services to buy and sell bitcoins for cash or debit cards, this can be a convenient way to purchase them with commission fees ranging from 7%-15%.

However, make sure you have access to a reliable wallet service before attempting any transaction through these ATMs.

Crypto Exchanges

A common choice for people who wish to purchase Bitcoin is to utilize cryptocurrency exchanges. You will find several vital benefits that trading on a stock exchange provides. 

To begin with, the very best cryptocurrency exchanges provide the lowest achievable all-in expenses for trading cryptocurrency.

Thus they are your best option if the cost will be your main goal. Second, a lot of exchanges do not impose spread markup fees, which are concealed fees included in the selling prices.

Third, numerous exchanges provide wallets, enabling you to safely keep your crypto. You have to thoroughly evaluate prices as well as crypto offerings to obtain the best offer possible because some exchanges might charge considerably different fees.

Traditional Brokers

Conventional Brokers also entered the cryptocurrency industry, which includes Interactive brokers as well as TradeStation. You can purchase futures contracts with Bitcoin from Interactive Brokers and also exchange the coin straight away. 

The broker charges you $ 10.02 for each transaction for futures, that’s more or less 5 bitcoins. When you wish to exchange Bitcoin immediately, you will spend a competitive commission of 0.12-0.18% of your respective trade value, based on your monthly volume.

Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and also Litecoin are going to be offered. You can trade in securities provided by Interactive Brokers along with having access to an enormous range of trading securities from all over the globe.

Financial Apps

Financial apps like PayPal and Venmo now enable you to purchase or exchange cryptocurrency with just a tap of your screen. 

When compared to traditional trading platforms, this is an incredibly convenient option – there are rarely any fees for holding crypto in your account, trades can start from as low as $1, and the standard transaction fee is less than two percent. 

Additionally, you only need to pay $0.49 when trading under $5 on these platforms – giving users a greater incentive to shop around!

Trading Apps

If you’re looking to get your hands on some Bitcoin without paying a direct commission, an online trading app such as Webull or Robinhood might be the solution.

Though they don’t charge any commissions, their Cryptocurrency trades do incur a spread markup – something which isn’t publicly available by either of the two platforms.

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