11 Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Groups To Join

11 Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Groups To Join

Your affiliate journey can be challenging at the start. There are a lot of mistakes beginners make and get frustrated in the end.

Because they don’t use networking to ask questions from experienced affiliate marketers. Facebook is a useful medium to join affiliate communities.

We have found the 11 best affiliate marketing Facebook groups to join for learning, asking questions, and networking with relevant people.

Why Affiliate Communities In Facebook Matter?

There are a lot of benefits to joining affiliate marketing Facebook groups. Here are a few of them that worth your affiliate journey.

Build Connections

Facebook affiliate groups are the best source to connect with fellow affiliates. Get in touch with seasoned people who have a bunch of experience to share.

There are a lot of affiliate mentors which give free advice and training to people in these groups.

Which is far better than joining a paid affiliate marketing course that is worth the same.

Free Advice And Support

You can get free advice and support from the members. Many successful affiliates post in these groups like Ask Me Anything.

Informative threads, detailed guides, and much more. If you are stuck on something, then just post your problem in these groups.

People who know the solution or faced similar issues will turn out. You get swift answers to your problems in these communities.

Trends And Strategies

Affiliate community members keep sharing their thoughts about the latest affiliate trends, tools, and strategies. These groups keep you informed and updated about what’s happening.

The evolution of automation and AI is threatening many marketers. Because old tactics and strategies are going to be obsolete any time soon.

11 Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Groups

1. Automation Nation

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Name: Automation Nation
Owner: Spencer Mecham
Type: Closed Group
Members: 21000+

Automation Nation is the best group on Facebook for learning affiliate marketing and how to earn a passive income online.

Group members include 4,5, 6, and 7-figure affiliate marketers. It offers training every week with thousands of helpful members.
The aim of this group is to teach people about turning any online business into a passive income model.

2. Affiliate Marketing Ninjas

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Name: Affiliate Marketing Ninjas
Owner: Warren Wheeler
Type: Private Group
Members: 32000+

A group for people who want to learn affiliate marketing techniques and connect with other affiliate marketers.

You will learn the art of SEO, internet and social media marketing, creating money-making niche websites, and more.

3. Affiliate Niche Builders

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Name: Affiliate Niche Builders
Owner: Ben Adler
Type: Private Group
Members: 10,000+

Affiliate Niche Builders is the group that offers learning to build and grow profitable niche websites using affiliate links and ads.

Beginners to advanced marketers are welcome to share, collaborate, and get the support they need to be successful.

Discussion topics in this group include:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • SEO
  • Niches
  • Content Writing / Copywriting
  • Researching
  • Outsourcing
  • WordPress
  • Hosting

4. Affiliate SEO MasterMind

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Name: Affiliate SEO MasterMind
Owner: Matt Diggity
Type: Private Group
Members: 30,000+

The Affiliate SEO Mastermind is a group dedicated to the mastery of affiliate marketing via the medium of search engine optimization.

This group covers the latest SEO strategies for writing affiliate content and growing organic traffic for your affiliate blog.

5. Niche Pursuits

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Name: Niche Pursuits
Owner: Spencer Haws
Type: Private Group
Members: 27,000+

The purpose of this group is to Interact with students and coaches, get exclusive updates, ask questions, and swap strategies!

The team behind this is well-experienced in building niche sites. There are always new ideas and ways to successfully run your affiliate website.

6. SEO Signals Lab

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Name: SEO Signal Lab
Owner: Steven Kang
Type: Private Group
Members: 71,000+

This group is dedicated to sharing case studies, split-test results, and SEO algorithm trends.

It usually talks about data-driven SEO and the market pulse in the affiliate world. Join and explore new aspects of building niche sites.

7. Conversion Rate Community

Conversion Rate Community
Name: Conversion Rate Community
Owner: Oliver Kenyon
Type: Private Group
Members: 6,000+

This group is for conversion rate optimization discussion, sharing ideas, successes, and inspiration with each other.

Conversion is the sole purpose of building an affiliate niche website. So you learn how to push people for taking action.

8. ClickBank Affiliate Group

Conversion Rate Community
Name: ClickBank Affiliate Group
Owner: ClickBank Official
Type: Private Group
Members: 167K+

This group gives you a chance to meet other affiliates, publishers, and potential business partners. Expand your network, get known, and make awesome friends worldwide.

ClickBank is one of the most popular affiliate networks. Learn the latest tips and tricks for becoming successful in your affiliate journey.

9. Make Money Online With Liam James Kay

Conversion Rate Community
Name: Make Money Online With LJK
Owner: Liam James Kay
Type: Private Group
Members: 21, OOO+

This private group by Liam Kay is best for those who want to get free training and help. It is aimed to guide people about different strategies and tools for becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

Explore new opportunities to earn money online without paying anything.

10. Zonbase Affiliate Ninjas

Conversion Rate Community
Name: Zonbase Affiliate Ninjas
Owner: Kevin David
Type: Private Group
Members: 11, OOO+

Zone Base Affiliate Ninjas is a private Facebook group that offers free learning opportunities for those interested in affiliate marketing.

Join and find new ways to turn your side hustle into a permanent business.

11. iSkills By Tanvir Nandla

Conversion Rate Community
Name: iSkills By Tanvir Nandla
Owner: Tanvir Nandla
Type: Public Group
Members: 65, OOO+

Tanvir Nandla is a seasoned blogger and affiliate marketer. This group is the hub of experienced and featured affiliates.

There are thousands of people always here to answer your questions and offer free help related to SEO and affiliate marketing.

Final Thoughts

In the end, affiliate marketing is not an easy thing to take on. Search engine algorithms keep changing with time which requires consistent efforts in content optimization and SEO.

The evolution of AI-Tools like ChatGPT has made it more complex for beginners. Just stick to the basics and adopt the latest strategies for getting results.

Aamir Zahoor
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