25+ Best Freelancing Skills To Learn In 2023

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25+ Best Freelancing Skills To Learn In 2023

Freelancing is turning into a full-time job opportunity for those who like to work from home.

One can access the global freelance market with a pc/laptop and internet connection, which was not so easy before.

Today we will discuss the top 27 most in-demand freelancing skills that are most in-demand by freelance marketplaces.

Skill in the freelance marketplace is similar to a sword on the battlefield. Would you like to fight empty-handed? Absolutely not.

Chose the best freelance skill which you think matches your interest and start selling.

Most Demanding Freelancing Skills In 2023

1. Web Designing And Development

Web Designing and development are evergreen and always in-demand freelancing skills. In technical terms, it is also known as front-end and back-end development.

The demand for general business and e-commerce sites is still rising in post-pandemic circumstances. Web developers are one of the highest-paid individuals across freelance marketplaces.

These skills don’t require any professional degree, YouTube is the best source to learn the basics, and to polish your freelance skills join the paid courses from Fiverr Learn, Coursera, Udemay, and LinkedIn Learning platforms.

There are many other relevant platforms where anyone can learn web design and development.

2. Blockchain Programming & Development

Blockchain programming and development are one of the highest-paid online jobs. The emergence of Cryptocurrencies and Web 3.0 has increased the worth of Blockchain.

Investments in Blockchain technology are also growing and getting higher responses. It gives the best data management and security in the age of cyber threats.

The expert Blockchain programmers are paid around $150 per hour on freelance websites which is enough to notice the potential and existence of Blockchain technology.

Courses are available on popular online platforms like Coursera and Udemy.

3. Software Development

Clients with relatively lower budgets always look for low-cost solutions. You can earn good money as a software developer.

There are hundreds of daily jobs posted for desktop applications and software development.

Learn the software development languages and become an expert in your skill. Earn passively by giving remote solutions to people.

4. Mobile App Development

The most active traffic and the audience come from mobile/smartphones, which is somehow 80% of the whole internet users. It has increased the demand for mobile apps for Android and IOS systems.

Learn mobile app development and start selling your freelancing skills on the big freelance marketplaces, social media, and other job websites.

5. Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is one of the 5 most in-demand skills in all freelance marketplaces. Designers fulfil the website, social media, and print media requirements remotely.

Canva is another development in graphic design. This tool helps you self-design social media posts, logos, and shot ads with minimum graphic design experience. You can also offer your services on freelance marketplaces.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines are very smart these days with their latest algorithms and content-reading capabilities. A website without traffic or a business without sales is similar to a shop with no customers.

SEO is an important part of digital marketing and organic growth. Every business or blog website is focusing on the optimization of its content visibility.

You can earn well by selling your On-Page, Off-Page, and technical SEO skills. Fiverr Learn, Udemy and Coursera have popular SEO learning courses for beginners.

7. WordPress/CSS/HTML/PHP

WordPress is one of the most used CMS in the world. It usually involves front-end development languages including CSS, HTML, and PHP for custom work and bug fixing.

You can offer WordPress development and bug-fixing services on freelance websites with these skills.

WordPress with its powerful Woocommerce features gives E-com solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

8. Angular JS/JAVA Development

AngularJS is used in creating mobile and desktop web applications. It helps in creating dynamic web apps. The demand for this skill is expected to increase in the future.

Java is a 20 years old open source project used in complex web-based applications.

I have seen hundreds of jobs for these specific freelancing skills on Fiverr and Upwork.

9. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a bigger and one of the trending freelance categories on all freelance marketplaces. It covers all the digital marketing platforms, techniques, and methods.

Social media, content marketing, and SEO are the popular subcategories of digital marketing.

Pick any digital marketing course on Fiverr Learn, Udemy, and Coursera, and start your freelancing journey.

10. Social Media Marekting

Social media has grabbed the whole internet and grown too fast. Popular social media platforms have the most active and engaging users.

You can offer social media marketing and management services to brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Social media platforms have more accurate data on the users. You can choose selected people for your services and products.

Both organic and paid campaigns are popular on Facebook and Instagram. SMM channels give the best ROI as compared to other digital marketing platforms.

11. Content Writing

If you have good knowledge of English grammar or other popular native languages then you may sell your content writing services. A huge influx of buyers is looking for content writers for their websites and blogs.

Content writing also covers the On-Page SEO essentials with targeted keywords to get better search engine ranking.

If you have a blog with good traffic and authority you can sell guest post services through Adsy.

Experienced Content and SEO writers fall among the highest-paid individuals. Those with exceptional copywriting skills can offer the same service and get high returns.

Copywriters usually earn 5 times higher than ordinary content writers. Visit Fiverr Learn, Udemy or Coursera and pick any popular content writing course.

12. Video Editing

Content is the backbone of user attraction and the online presence of brands and businesses.

A video editor gives videos a professional look, enhances audio, and removes any unnecessary content.

There is a lot of potential for video editors in the freelance world. From video intros to video ads everyone is looking for a professional editor for their YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook content optimization.

13. Virtual Assitant/Data Entry

Virtual Assistants or Data Entry are entry-level jobs for beginners to accomplish different research and data entry works.

If you don’t have a professional degree or certificate and want to start your freelance career with basic knowledge then this job is best to sell on all freelance marketplaces.

14. Shopify

You can offer Shopify development and management services to clients on freelance marketplaces. Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform, especially in the US and beyond.

You can create an E-commerce store from scratch or offer a store owner to manage sales and marketing campaigns on social media.

15. Facebook And Instagram Marketing

Facebook and Instagram have billions of active users which visit every day. That is why they both have importance in digital marketing strategies.

You can help businesses and brands grow their organic communities or run paid campaigns for a specific event. Both platforms give deep analytics and tracking of the users.

16. Email Marketing

Email marketing is yet alive with the highest ROI in the digital marketing world. You can offer email marketing campaigns set up, build email lists, and trigger marketing emails.

17. Customer Service And Support

If you have good communication skills, you can be the best choice for startups and business organizations to engage their customers and provide virtual support.

18. Accounting And Finance

If you are a fresh accounting graduate and have basic knowledge then you can offer Exel accounting services to new SMEs and startup owners.

You can gain good experience and earn some money for your study expenditures. Even expert accountants can offer their services through Fiverr Pro and Upwork.

It usually includes basic taxation, accounting software, and company registration advice.

19. Animation

Animators draw or design illustrations for mobile games, commercials, tv shows, and films. You can offer animation services on all Fiverr and Upwork like infographics and icon drawing.

The animation and illustration industry is rapidly growing and it will be one of the most in-demand freelancing skills in the future.

20. AI Development

AI Development involves machine learning and how machines work. An AI developer is supposed to create algorithms, face recognition software, AI device structure and operating systems, and sometimes complete robots.

You can learn AI development by picking the best-rated AI development courses from Udemy and selling your skills on freelance marketplaces.

21. Data Mining And Analysis

The data mining and analysis job market is growing surprisingly. A data analyst is usually involved in developing data collection systems, data collection, organization, and analysis.

Python and SQL programming languages are mostly used in data mining and analysis. You can learn both from YouTube tutorials, and paid online courses.

22. CyberSecurity

Cybersecurity is becoming a top concern for online businesses. Data theft and hacking risks are increasing with the digital arena’s rapid growth.

There are always malicious characters looking for loopholes and vulnerabilities to penetrate the system.

Cyber security analysts or specialists work closely with ethical hackers and ensure maximum protection.

If you don’t have any background in cyber security then you can use YouTube or professional online courses from Udemy, or Coursera to learn.

23. Translation And Proofreading

If you have a good English language grip then you can offer translation and proofreading services on freelance marketplaces. “Check out the Freelance translator jobs on Jooble“.

24. User Testing

User experience is crucial to surviving in the digital world. That is businesses go for user testing before a product launch or any update.

You don’t need to be very professional in this skill, just basic programming knowledge is enough.

You can earn enough amount through user testing services without any experience.

25. Career Advice

When everyone is concerned about their career, a bit of solid career advice is a must for all. A career coach can help you excel in any field with hard work and determination.

If you are well experienced or have learned career coaching then you can sell your services on Fiverr and Upwork by placing gigs.

26. Online Tuition

If you are a subject specialist and want to earn money then start selling your expertise through online tuition. It is easier to get hired as a freelance tutor if you choose the right platform.

27. Product Modeling/Unboxing

If you are good-looking or have an interest in modelling then you can offer product modelling and unboxing services on freelance marketplaces. You only need good communication, speaking skills, and a camera to get started.

Final Words

All the freelance marketplaces are expanding their freelancing skills with the increase in requirements. Choosing the right skill and becoming an expert is necessary.

Most beginners waste their time on multiple skills and so stick to one skill in the beginning and become the master of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Skill Is Best For Freelancing 2022?

There are many freelancing skills trending on all freelance marketplaces. NFT designing, Data Mining & Analysis, and Blockchain Development are some of them.
Always chose the easy skill at the start of your freelance career and then move forward.

Which Freelancing Skills Are Best For Beginners?

Freelancing skills like data entry, user testing, and translation & proofreading are best for beginners with no experience.

How Can I Start Freelance With No Skills?

Although it is tough to make your worth in freelancing without any skills. However, there are many jobs like a virtual assistant, data entry, web research, translation, proofreading, and user testing which don’t require any skills or experience.

How Do I Start Freelancing?

Learn the basics of freelancing, improve your communication skills, and chose the right platform for you. Pick easy gigs/services at the start and then explore new skills with time.

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