Is Flight Club Legit? All You Need To Know In 2023

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Is Flight Club Legit? All You Need To Know In 2023

Flight Club is a US-based business that sells rare sneakers. It has popularity for branded sneakerheads. People can physically visit their outlets or use their online website to sell and purchase quality sneakers.

There are users who get confused while dealing with it. They probably want to know about the legitimacy of this platform before making a decision.

In this blog post, we will answer the question is Flight Club legit and what you must know about it before selling or purchasing sneakers.

What Is Flight Club?

Flight Club

It is a platform to sell and buy branded sneakers that started back in 2005. In the beginning, it has only one physical store in New York.

Then the company decided to expand its business by opening 3 more outlets in Miami, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. Now Flight Club also offers an E-commerce facility for online users.

It is famous for rare, vintage, and limited edition sneakers. You can easily pay via Debit/Credit card and PayPal.

How Does Flight Club Work?

Flight Club works as a medium between sneaker sellers and buyers. A seller can send shoes to their outlets for authentication before listing them on the platform for sale.

However, it can be listed before the authentication. Once a buyer makes a deal for purchasing sneakers. Flight Club receives them from the seller, authenticates, and ships it to the buyer.

Post-sale authentication increases the shipping time due to product quality checks by the team. So it is recommended to complete pre-sale authentication for better pricing.

Is Flight Club TrustWorthy?

It works as a platform between buyers and sellers. There is a complete authentication mechanism to verify the shoes being delivered.

The aim of the company is to maintain user trust by checking the products before shipping them to the buyers. Overall it has established a good reputation among sneaker lovers.

Is Flight Club Legit?

Yes, Flight Club is a legit platform that selling sneakers for the last two decades. It includes both used and new sneakers of different brands.

Platform has placed a robust inspecting mechanism to ensure product quality. There are several competitors out there in the market but Flight Club has got a good reputation in the business.

So you don’t need to worry about scams or low-quality products. You won’t regret selling or purchasing sneakers on Flight Club.

Can I Sell My Shoes On Flight Club?

It is easy and simple for sellers to sign up and create their accounts on Flight Club. Then you need to share shoe details with their team. If it is accepted then shoes will be first delivered at the Facility for quality check.

Then Flight Club will list your shoes for sale on its platform. It doesn’t compromise on the product quality and condition. So you must check their product guidelines before asking for the quote.

Payment Methods For Flight Club

You can sell your shoes either through outright sale or by consignment. Flight Club uses PayPal as its primary payment method for payments.

It pays a percentage of the shoes’ value once they are sold. That varies for both outright sales and consignments.

However, the payment percentage is a little more for outright sales as compared to the consignment. It can be between 40% to 70%, as per the condition and value of the shoes.

Flight Club Fees For Selling And Buying Sneakers

It is free to sign up on Flight Club and ask for the shoe valuation. However, it takes a 3% cut on consignment while 10% fees on outright sales.

There is a sales tax as well for purchases within the New York Estate which is 8.875% of the sale.

Flight Club Shipping Costs

Shipping fees vary from state to state. Here are the latest shipping charges by the Flight Club.

Country/StateShipping Costs
United States (except Hawaii and Alaska)$14.50
Hawaii and Alaska$15
Expedited Shipping U.S$27
International Shipping$40
Flight Club Shipping Fees

Return Policy Of Flight Club

Flight Club is very strict in its terms for exchange and refund. You can contact their support if you have not received the same product.

Check about the show size and everything before placing the order as Flight Club doesn’t offer free refunds. Visit their official page for more information about returns and exchanges.

Tips For Flight Club Buyers

  • Always try to make purchases above $100 to avail free shipping by Flight Club.
  • Get the advantage of limited-time sales and discount offers.
  • Take full advantage of Fight Club support to answer your questions.
  • Do enough research about the shoes and seller you want to purchase by checking reviews by previous buyers.
  • Negotiate the sneakers for the best pricing by making an offer.
  • Check out their latest shipping and return policy on the official website before making a purchase.
  • Never remove the official hang tag of Flight Club if want to exchange the shoes or request for refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Flight Club Only Sells Nike?

No, It sells used and new shoes from all the popular sneaker brands like New Balance, Adidas, and Air Jordans.

Does Flight Club Take Refunds?

Yes, Flight Club takes refunds in some cases. The payments will be made via the same payment methods used earlier. Check out their updated return policy for more.

Is Flight Club Owned By Goat?

Yes, Flight Club is owned by the famous sneaker and streetwear resale business named GOAT Group. The merger took place 5 years back in 2018.

Is Flight Club Legit For Shoes?

Flight Club is a legit platform for selling and buying sneakers of different brands like New Balance, Nike, and Adidas.

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