Is Shopify Legit? How To Avoid Shopify Scams In 2023

Is Shopify Legit? How To Avoid Shopify Scams

Shopify is home to nearly 4.4 million businesses, which host their online stores and sell products. Still, this question exists that whether Is Shopify legit and safe.

Generally, it is a safe and legit way to host any online business. Your financial and personal information is kept safe and secure.

Shopify assures the highest measure of protection for its users.

Beginners can test Shopify services in the free trial provided by the platform without any credit card information.

Is Shopify Legit And Safe?

Shopify Homepage

Shopify is primarily a paid cloud-based website-building platform, which started business operations back in 2006.

It offers TLS technology with all its subscription plans for buyers and sellers for maximum data security.

There are minimal chances of compromise on user information and transactions done on Shopify.

Shopify uses two-factor authentication, and account locking with TLS protocols to keep the information safe from malicious characters.

A Shopify store owner can easily link the social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc with the store and advertise to find customers.

Store functionality can be extended through multiple free and paid addons, plugins, and extensions available.

Things Shopify Offers

Shopify Packages

There are several things included in the subscription packages offered by Shopify. You can start your own e-commerce store with minimal knowledge of coding.

  • Cloud Hosting
  • Payments Gateways Integration (PayPal, Shopify Payments)
  • Social Media Marketing Tools
  • SEO Tools For Better Ranking
  • Dropshipping Facilities
  • Shipping And Tax Options
  • Free MyShopify.Com Subdomain
  • SSL Certificate
  • Real-Time Visitor Stats
  • Unlimited Products Listing And Support
  • Page Templates And Product Galleries
  • PCI Compliance
  • Inventory Management
  • Reliable Customer Support

How Do I Secure My Shopify Website/Store?

Although there is robust account and information protection in place, nothing is the maximum in this online world.

There are always risks of compromise due to many reasons. We will share a few tips to maximize the protection of your Shopify store/website.

  • Shopify offers a paid tool named Locksmith to secure restricted information from access. You can lock the restricted content or store the sections from unauthorized user access.
  • Taking regular backups of your Shopify store/website helps in recovering the data if the account is compromised for any reason.
  • Use strong passwords and keep changing with time to secure your account from hackers.

Is My Information Safe On Shopify?

Information on Shopify is protected with a maximum level of information security measures.

Credit card information is kept safe with PCI level 1 compliance and the highest level of server security.

Shopify integration helps in protecting user data by restricting third-party access. A manual review process reduces the risks of fraud and suspect orders.

Can You Get Scammed On Shopify?

Despite the extreme level of safety and security, there are still risks of getting scammed on Shopify. You need to be very careful while dealing with Shopify.

Scammers insist buyers deal outside Shopify to avoid subscription and transaction fees. Once they get access to your personal and financial information they misuse it.

None of the online platforms authorizes outside deals and takes no responsibility in case of any scam.

In some cases, a seller duplicates your store information and offers the same products at heavy discount prices.

Such attempts affect the credibility of a well-running store because the customers get confused.

There are equal risks for buyers and sellers who use Shopify. Never blind trust in the people on e-commerce marketplaces.

Final Words

Are you still confused that is Shopify is legit or a scam? As we explained Shopify is the world’s most adopted e-commerce source. It uses TLS technology to protect its users from scammers.

Personal and financial data is protected through safety protocols and never shared with third parties. So in conclusion Shopify is a legitimate e-commerce services provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Worth Using Shopify?

Shopify is worth using e-commerce software to build medium and big-size e-commerce stores. You can choose any package as per your budget with several free features. Free add-ons and extensions can be used to extend the functions of your store.

Is Shopify Good For Beginners?

Yes, Shopify is good for beginners in the e-commerce business. You can start with a basic monthly subscription of $19. It is easy to use for those with zero coding knowledge.

Is Shopify Safe For Online Shopping?

Yes, Shopify is a safe marketplace for online shopping. Which ensures personal and financial data security with the latest protocols.

Is Shopify Safe From Hackers?

Yes, Shopify provides maximum user security from hackers. Its built-in security measures reduce the risk of scripts and malware.

Is Shopify Good For Small Businesses?

Shopify is good for small and medium-sized businesses. Its features can be extended with free and paid add-ons as per the requirements.

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