Is Etsy Legit And Safe? Tips To Avoid Etsy Scams In 2023

Is Etsy Legit And Safe? Tips To Avoid Etsy Scams

Looking for an answer to the question is Etsy legit and safe? This article will help you in learning more about Etsy and whether it is safe to buy from or scam.

Etsy was established in June 2005 as an online marketplace to buy unique, handmade, and vintage gifts.

It is a safe platform to purchase things with complete payment security. It is the favourite spot for crafters and local artists.

Where they can sell their products with ease. Sellers listed on the platform are legit and offer quality products. In case you don’t receive the ordered product or the item is not as described contact the seller for a refund.

If the seller is not responding then file a dispute through Etsy support. Your issue will be resolved on a priority basis and a refund will be provided if you are right in your claim.

Is Etsy Safe To Buy From?

Etsy Homepage
Etsy Homepage

Yes, Etsy is a safe online marketplace where you can purchase handmade and vintage items from small business owners with complete security.

If anything happens you can contact support for the resolution and you will be provided assistance by the Etsy support team.

Etsy has A+ Better Business Bureau ratings and millions of buyers who like to purchase items regularly.

Is Etsy Safe To Sell On?

Yes, Etsy is a safe place to sell products to anyone in the world. Generally, it sides with buyers in case of a dispute. There are also scam customers who exploit buyer protection policies.

You have to prove yourself in any dispute initiated by the buyer. A seller can set up a shop easily with email and banking information.

Is Etsy Safe For Credit Cards?

Etsy is a legit and safe place to use credit cards for buying goods. Your personal and financial information is never shared with sellers or any other third party.

It accepts PayPal and many other popular payment methods to receive payments for sellers.

The credit card information shared with Etsy during check-out is kept secure by using TLS technology.

All the data is encrypted for maximum user security. PayPal is also a reliable and secure medium to make and receive Etsy payments.

The credit card or payment information must not be directly shared with sellers. Use the secure checkout form to pay for the purchased items.

Can You Get Scammed On Etsy?

Although Etsy has a robust buyer protection mechanism, there are still chances and reports of scams on the platform.

It is better to be cautious while dealing with sellers on Etsy. Never share personal or financial information with sellers.

In case you get scammed, you will be given a complete refund of the amount spent. Verify the seller and product information before placing an order.

Don’t Deal Outside Etsy

Sellers involved in scams insist buyers pay outside Etsy with attractive discount offers. This is a common trick used by them to steal money.

You won’t be entertained in case of a scam if you move outside the marketplace.

Etsy also requests its users to keep their communications and payments inside the platform.

No refund will be provided to the payments made outside through another source.

Etsy Refund Policy

Sellers on Etsy have their individual refund policies and they may vary from each other. It is mentioned in the product listing on the seller shop.

There are several sellers who don’t accept item returns or refunds. Make sure you have checked the product page completely before placing the order.

Risks Of Buying Products From Etsy

Online shopping always comes with few risks. Here are a few examples:

  • The item is not as described by the seller on the shop or product page
  • Product quality is not the same as shown in the pictures
  • The item goes missing or received damaged
  • The product was made with low-quality material

Tips To Verify Etsy Sellers

Etsy Shop
Etsy Shop

The legitimacy of Etsy sellers can be checked through their shops. The time before the shop was established, total sales, and the reviews by previous buyers are a few things to be checked.

The shop will be closed if the seller violates Etsy guidelines and policies. When you wish to buy a product listed on Etsy, click on its thumbnail and you will land on the product page.

The product page has detailed product images, descriptions, and other necessary information. Here are a few tips to verify scammers on Etsy.

Check The Shop Establishment Date

The shop opening date is available in the seller profile and shop about section. The shop opened five years ago has more credibility than the shop established five days before. Although it is not the sole criterion of credibility, you may trust new sellers which are selling real products.

Shop Ratings

Shop ratings are another important part of seller verification. Previous buyers leave their feedback about product quality, seller’s communication, behaviour, and delivery on the product page.

Etsy product reviews come from verified buyers, so it is hard to add fake ones. The more 5-star ratings, the more buyers’ trust is established.

Sales Made By The Seller

A seller profile with hundreds of sales is more reliable than a profile with no sales. More sales mean the seller is trustworthy and more buyers are purchasing products from the shop.

A scammer can make a few sales but not too much. The sellers with hundreds of sales are genuine and offer quality products and services.

Shop Search Ranking

When a buyer searches for a product, the Etsy search algorithm shows the best products and top sellers offering similar products.

The search ranking is established on the basis of total sales made by the seller, shop ratings, and buyer satisfaction.

Such shops are safe to buy products with little research.

Seller Return Policy

Many sellers on Etsy don’t offer a return or refund policy. It means you won’t be able to file a dispute in case of the item is not as described, is damaged, or goes missing during shipping.

Always chose the seller who has a valid return and refund policy placed on the product page.

Final Words

Etsy is a safe and legit online platform to buy products. Sellers on it are mostly reliable and sell real products.

However, there might be a few scammers like in other places. Beware of such characters and follow the guidelines and policies to avoid any scam.

Keep the communication and payments within and never share your financial information with sellers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Fake Seller On Etsy?

Sign up process on Etsy is easy for all so there are chances of scammers creating fake shops. A seller needs to add valid banking information in order to receive payments for sold items.

Is It Safe To Pay On Etsy?

The buyer’s personal and financial information shared during the product checkout is never shared with sellers or third parties. The payment methods on Etsy are safe and secure.

Is Etsy Reliable?

Yes, Etsy is a reliable company to shop for online products. It protects both parties from any fraud and offers secure payment methods to checkout for purchased items.
A buyer can request a return or refund if the seller provides this service.

How To Increase The Etsy Account Security?

Account security is mandatory to keep personal and finances safe from hackers and malicious individuals. Use two-factor authentication through your account security section, which adds an extra layer of safety to your Etsy account.

Is Etsy Legit For Shoes?

Yes, it is legit to buy and sell shoes online. We recommend verifying the seller’s shop and profile before making any deals. Read old customer reviews and other necessary information about the seller.

Is Etsy Reliable For Clothes?

Etsy is a reliable platform for clothes. Although its prime focus is on vintage and unique crafts. There are several trustworthy sellers in the Etsy marketplace for purchasing clothes.

Is Etsy Legit For Jewelry?

Yes, Etsy is a legit and safe marketplace to buy jewellery. However, it is recommended to verify the seller details, total sales, and reviews from previous buyers.

Can You Trust Etsy Reviews?

Etsy doesn’t allow sellers to purchase reviews. It is against the terms of use of the marketplace. Most seller reviews are legitimate and shared by genuine customers.

Does Etsy Have A Buyer Protection?

Etsy offers a mediator role in any dispute between buyer and seller. It ensures that the customers receive the products they paid for. Etsy doesn’t sell anything itself.

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