12 Side Hustles For Pharmacists To Generate Passive Income

12 Side Hustles For Pharmacists To Generate Passive Income

Medicine specialists who focus on the proper administration, preservation, and storage of medicines are known as pharmacists. Pharmaceutical technicians fulfill their orders under the direction of pharmacists, who use their professional education to acquire and administer medication. 

They are also responsible for verifying the relationship between different drugs, confirming the reliability of medicines, and participating in the development and testing of novel drugs. 

Across a variety of sectors, pharmacists can use their knowledge and abilities. There are a lot of options to earn extra money outside of your profession. To learn about various sources of revenue and fulfill your self-employed dreams, establishing a side gig as a pharmacist might be a great idea. 

Through side hustles, you can increase your income, gain some experience in other fields, and improve your network. There are the following side hustles for pharmacists:

Best Side Hustles For Pharmacists

1: Medical Writer

As a side gig for pharmacists, medical publishing is an excellent source as it enables them to use their knowledge of medicine to create research papers or educate the general population regarding various health issues.  

Due to your professional experience and understanding of the field of pharmaceuticals, you have gained a competitive edge among other medical writers. You are therefore qualified to compose articles regarding pharmaceuticals, nutritional products, and general healthcare items. 

Many healthcare organizations require specific information about pharmaceuticals to educate their clients.  Therefore, blogging about medicines has a lot of financial opportunities. You might start your work by searching for freelance medical writing jobs on platforms like Upwork.

2: Become A Lecturer 

One way that pharmacists might impart their knowledge and skills to the next generation is by holding a position as a professor or lecturer at universities, colleges, or medical schools.

Being a teacher gives you the chance to motivate and influence prospective pharmacists while at the same time keeping you informed about the most recent innovations in the pharmaceutical industry.

Along with having outstanding interpersonal skills, you should also be confident in the environment of a classroom. You should offer no-cost seminars or conversation meetings; however, it can help you develop your teaching abilities even if you are new or have no expertise in this field.

3: As a Consultant

If you are an experienced pharmacist, then help the people who have just begun out or may require guidance by sharing your insights and expertise. It is simple to work as a freelance consultant alongside your permanent job.

Your knowledge of medications may assist businesses, including pharmaceutical stores and healthcare facilities, in improving their efficiency and drawing wiser conclusions. 

You must look into many kinds of advice and assistance that are offered and choose the area of medicine that you want to specialize in. After deciding your area of expertise, you may begin promoting yourself as an adviser or consultant and seeking out clients who might be interested.

4: Join the Advisory Boards

Different organizations involved in medical healthcare, such as drug manufacturers, are constantly seeking competent individuals to serve on their advisory groups. These jobs typically entail offering counsel as well as suggestions regarding their items and services.

You will probably gain some beneficial contacts in addition to earning some extra money. Furthermore, being a member of this advisory committee is a great asset to your CV. 

5: Telepharmacy

A growing number of pharmacists seeking ways to increase their earnings are turning to telecommuting pharmacy services as a side gig. In a computing pharmacy context, you may utilize your particular experiences and abilities as a pharmacy technician to assist in responding to online patient inquiries.

When a patient lacks an in-person connection to a pharmacist, a telepharmacy is used for easy access to the pharmacist anytime and anywhere. Some responsibilities come with working in telepharmacy, including counseling patients and the selection and verification of medicines. 

6: Tutor

Teaching the students of pharmacy is an excellent way of earning additional income while using your experiences to benefit others. As a pharmacist, you are familiar with the needs of this specific field, and you can provide the correct information about this subject.

Your educational and professional background make you ideally suited to coach potential pharmacists.

7: Medical Virtual Assistant

The need for medical virtual assistants is quite great. You might grow into an expert in the field of medicine if you have the appropriate education and expertise as a pharmacist.

They perform different duties, such as arranging patient meetings with pharmacists, managing medical records, and performing tasks related to administration, which could be delegated to you in support of the medical profession.

This is an excellent opportunity to apply your pharmaceutical knowledge beyond the typical hospital environment.

8: Medical Transcriptionist

A side hustle for pharmacists involving medical record transcription is quite simple; for this, you must have a laptop or fast writing skills.

You will be in charge of converting the audio file of patient conversations with physicians and other nurses into printed or written paperwork.

Due to their significant training in the medical study of medicines and familiarity with the terminology that is used in hospitals and clinics, pharmacists are excellent candidates for this job. As a responsible transcriptionist, you can earn a wonderful living with proper planning and commitment.

9: Running a YouTube Channel

It is the most lucrative way to make money due to its growing popularity every day. If medicines are an area of interest, you might create your own YouTube channel and start posting informative videos and practical advice related to medicines.

You can teach your audience about subjects like how to use medicines correctly, the interaction between the medicines, adverse reactions of medicines, etc.

It is even possible to make animated videos that explain how certain drugs function and their potential side effects.

10: Life Coaching

Because of your education and expertise, you can also work as a life coach. It is an excellent side gig to earn money, and from this side hustle, you can interact with different people with a different mindset.

The purpose of this counseling is to assist people in realizing their abilities and achieving their goals. One of your responsibilities is to guide your clients through the process of exploring their goals, opinions, and principles through questioning.

11: Fill out the Surveys

Pharmacists have the opportunity to earn additional revenue by participating in pharmacy-related questionnaires. Many pharmaceutical firms carry out pharmacy-related research, and they are prepared to provide money for your feedback.

You can make more money and influence the direction of pharmaceuticals by taking part in this type of survey. There are various survey options available, ranging from inquiring about your interaction with different pharmaceutical companies to learning about desired improvements in the business.

12. Sell Photos Online

If you love capturing creative images and videos, then start selling your passion to earn money. Platforms like Pexels, iStock, and ShutterStock are best to get started.

For introverts who don’t want to show their face, can sell their feet images to different modeling agencies and marketplaces like FeetFinder.


As we covered in our discussion, side gigs have a lot of benefits. Therefore, if someone can work virtually while organizing their working hours, they should be able to earn a handsome income. For pharmacists, secondary jobs or side gigs are ideal since they allow them to focus on both side hustles and professions.

By starting a side business, you can follow your interest beyond a pharmacist job, improve the quality of life of others, and become more involved in your neighborhood.

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