41 Best Business Ideas For Kids To Make Money In 2023

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41 Best Business Ideas For Kids To Make Money

Do you know about Ryan Kaji? A ten-year-old YouTube creator who is a millionaire. This kid is the highest-paid on Youtube. Entrepreneurship is all about mindset and determination.

Kids with a growth and learning perspective, express their talent through creative ideas. We have gathered a collection of 41 Business Ideas For Kids.

Age is just a number and not a reason to be a successful businessman. So you just need to back up the kids and provide them with the necessary support.

41 Business Ideas For Kids To Make Money

Let’s explore the 41 best business ideas for teens to get started on their side hustle. It will give them confidence early on with a sense of financial freedom.

YouTube Content Creator

YouTube is the world’s biggest video-sharing platform. Hundreds of content creation ideas like Toys Review, Daily Home Activities, and Video Games Live Streaming exist.

YouTube has a separate app for teenagers which is called YouTube Kids. It can all start with a smartphone and a channel creation.

Instagram Influencer

Kyle Jackson is a real-life example of a kid turned influencer on Instagram. It all started with a gaming content creation on Twitch at the age of 13. He has around 5 million followers on Instagram and a solid social portfolio.

From dance videos to playing with pets there are hundreds of ideas that can be taken to start the journey of Instagram influencers.

Video Gaming Creators

Teenage kids who love to play video games all the time can start it as a side income business. They can use Facebook Gaming, Twitch, and other streaming platforms.

There are several options for streamers to get support from their audiences, such as Facebook stars, subscriptions, and In-stream ads. Popular streamers get rewarded by the video games in terms of cash, equipment, and free resources.

Gift Wrapping Business

Gift wrapping services at the events like Christmas, Easter, and new year’s Eve are best to sell. Such smaller ideas can turn into a large-scale businesses.

Kids Podcast

Have you heard about The Joe Rogan Experience? If yes, then what do you think of the kids’ podcasts? If you can afford mediocre studios and equipment then this idea can break the internet.

The teen topics, discussion, and ideas sharing can be the scripts of such podcasts. Excellent communication skills are a must for such thoughts.

Pet Sitting And Grooming Service

Kids that love the company of pet animals like dogs, cats, and other pets are good to offer pet sitting and grooming services. Start this from the family looking for pet sitters during vacations.

Babysitting And Parenting Help

Babysitting and childcare are yet creative business ideas for teens. You can offer families, mothers, and busy dads parenting help during the day, and night, especially at parties. CPR training and babysitting certification will increase your trust and credibility.

Join babysitting jobs platforms like Care.com and start offering your services. Also, learn the local laws about babysitting to avoid any mess.

Dog Walking Service

If you understand dog handling and care well, a dog walking service can be a good idea for side income. Look for the people in the neighborhood who need this service and start earning.

Sell Homemade Cookies

If you are good at baking cookies, selling them in the local market or at a popular place is a good side business idea for kids.

Car Wash Services

A car wash business is something you can offer for less than $100 expense. Start it from your neighborhood and get going.

Design T-Shirts

There are several e-commerce platforms that welcome creative minds. They provide complete production, sale, and delivery facilities. You get a good commission on each sale.

Look for more opportunities at Merch by Amazon, Spreadshirt, and RedBubble.

Sell Used Items

You can sell used items from your home that are no longer needed. For example used books, shoes, and clothing. Sell them on e-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon.

Offer Tuition Service

If you are good at some subjects or skills, start teaching others and earn a side income. For example, if you are a good guitarist, give tuition to those interested in playing guitar.

It can be done remotely as well. There are several online platforms that help you in offering remote coaching services.

Sell Your Art

Sell art designs physically and through e-commerce sites like Etsy. You can earn good money from your paintings and artwork. Artwork can also be sold in nearby art galleries.

It will increase your exposure and opportunities to earn money through the side hustle. Art lovers are always ready to pay higher prices as well.

Flower Stand

Grow flowers in your backyard or purchase them from bulk sellers. Start selling them in form of bouquets with some profit margin.

Freelance Web Researcher

Sell your services as a freelance web researcher on marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.com. It doesn’t require any exceptional skills to start this side hustle.

Become a Kids’ Books Author

You can write a kids’ book and earn money by publishing it. You don’t need to find a publisher, find an online book publishing platform and do it instantly.

Sell Soda Or Lemonade

Sell soda cans or lemonade as your side hustle. Make your own stall and start your business at a minimum cost. You can purchase soda cans from the wholesale market and sell them at a decent profit.

Start Your Blog

Blogging is also the best source to generate passive income. It can be a niche blog or an Amazon affiliate marketing blog. Share tips, how-to ideas, and information for users.

Google Adsense, Ezoic, and Amazon associates are the best sources to monetize your blog. Use popular WordPress CMS or Google Blogspot to get started.

Garden And Lawn Care Services

Provide gardening and lawn care services to people in your neighborhood. Lawn maintenance and mowing services can be a good idea to generate some income.

Participate In Online Surveys

If you are 13 or above and looking for a passive income idea, participating in online surveys can earn you good money. There are several apps and platforms like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie that pay users for participating in online surveys.

Social Media Management

As we know social media management is one of the most in-demand freelance skills on Fiverr and many other freelance websites. Just take a basic course in social media management from Coursera and start selling your services.

Newspaper Delivery

Teenage hustlers can start newspaper delivery as their side business. It doesn’t need any extraordinary skills and takes less time. You can deliver newspapers to neighboring areas in nearly 1 an hour.

Nail Art

Become a nail artist and offer nail art service at parties, photo shoots, and events. This is yet another good idea to get some money through a side hustle for personal expenses.

Canva Design

Canva is one of the easiest and leading online graphic design tools. You can design anything from scratch or customize the previous templates with a drag-and-drop editor.

Offer social media post designs, profile covers, and Pinterest pins on freelance marketplaces like Fiverr. You can earn up to $500 per month from this side hustle.

Become A Virtual Assistant

Small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs mostly look for virtual assistants. Their prime job is to provide assistance in web research, data scraping, data entry, and scheduling work.

Develop some decent communication and research skills and get going with it. There are hundreds of daily VA jobs posted on freelance marketplaces.

Face Painting

Kids with painting skills can offer face painting services at festivals, sports, and special events.

Balloon Art

Create different ideas from balloons at birthday parties and anniversaries. It will earn you a side income for your educational and personal expenses.

Dance Training

Some kids are born dancers with exceptional dancing moves and skills. They can offer dance lessons and training to other kids even older ones.

Music Lessons

If you are good at playing musical instruments, give music lessons to those who want to learn. You can share posters of your services in the neighborhood or use social media platforms to let people know about your skills.

Home Decoration

Home decor is a creative business idea for kids. You can offer home decoration services during new year’s Eve, weddings, and special events.

Events Planning

Kids can work as events planning assistants under the supervision of elders. Then turn it into a full-time business after gaining some experience in this field.

Make Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are still relevant on special events like Easter, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. Make some creative card designs and sell them for money.

Trash Can Cleaning

Start cleaning and recycling the trash cans in your neighborhood. Look for the people around who need these services and get paid for helping them.

Photography Services

If you are a good photographer and love taking pictures, advertise your services in the neighborhood. Sell your skills and earn money. You only need to buy a mediocre professional camera for this job.

Sell Candy

Selling candies in your spare time is another good business idea for kids. Just purchase a basket and a few packets of candies from a nearby shop to start selling.

If you have a little bit more investment then buy a vending machine. It will help you in scaling your business idea.

Hair Stylist

If you are a kid with exceptional hair styling skills, this is a good way to earn some extra money from your passion and skills. Give cool hairstyles at festivals, parties, and events.

Cooking Lessons And Help

Kids with sufficient cooking experience can assist others in cooking delicious recipes at home through physical lessons and helping busy moms.

Affiliate Marketing On Social Media

Become an affiliate partner to the world’s famous brands. Promote their products on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You will get a specified affiliate commission for each sale.

Amazon and eBay are also good platforms for beginners in affiliate marketing.

Voice-over Services

There is a huge demand for kid voice-over artists in animation, film, and digital documentaries. You can take up voice-over services as your side hustle.

E-commerce Store

E-commerce is one of the emerging and future marketplaces. If you have a good understanding of the online business you can set up your e-commerce store and start selling products.

It can be a dropshipping idea for Shopify or your own store. You can buy from wholesale markets like Alibaba and sell it with a good profit.

Final Thoughts

Kids entrepreneurs are multi-talented and have a success mindset. It gives them the basic foundation to excel in their life. A sense of motivation and responsibility prevails in kids.

Financial freedom is one more aspect of involving kids in small business ideas. They can easily meet sports, recreation, and personal expenses.

The above 41 business ideas for kids are for different age groups. You can choose anyone as per your interest and exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Good Business Idea To Start As a Kid?

There are dozens of creative business ideas to get started as a kid. Lawn maintenance, petsitting, babysitting, and gaming live are some of the best ideas for kids.

What Businesses Can 10 Years Old Start?

10 years old can start a lemonade stand, baking service, voice-over, balloon art, face painting, and nail art. We have compiled the top 41 best business ideas for kids above.

Can A Kid Run A Business?

Why not. There are hundreds of examples of successful businesses led by kids. Business is all about mindset. Check the business ideas for kids in this above post.

What Can A Kid Sell?

Kids can sell used items, freelance services, candies, and lemonade to earn money. It mostly depends upon the interest and mindset they have. However, there are hundreds of other selling ideas for kids as a side hustle.

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