Size Comparison Of Smartphones – A Comprehensive Guide

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Size Comparison Of Smartphones – A Comprehensive Guide

Are you in the market for a new smartphone but don’t know where to start? Understanding how your phone’s size impacts your experience is the first step to finding the perfect device.

Below, we’ll explore what factors constitute a phone’s size. Each aspect affects your preferences, like how you hold it or what you use it for.

We’ll compare the top smartphone models of 2023, including the Apple iPhone 14, the Samsung Galaxy S23, and the Google Pixel 7.

Whether you’re looking for a large-screen powerhouse or a compact yet powerful device, we’ve got you covered. Discover the ideal smartphone size for you.

How Is Smartphone Size Measured?

A smartphone’s dimensions, screen size, and weight determine its size.


Length, width, and thickness represent a smartphone’s dimensions.

  • Length – the phone’s longest side, measured in a straight line from the top of the smartphone to the bottom
  • Width – the phone’s shorter side, measured in a straight line from one side of the smartphone to the other side
  • Thickness – the depth of the phone, measured in a straight line from the front of the device to the back (the smallest of the three measurements) 

Screen Size

Screen size is measured diagonally from one corner to the opposite corner of the screen. This measurement, expressed in inches, depicts the display’s size.

It’s important to note that a smartphone’s screen size may differ from its body size. Features like bezels (the borders between the screen and the frame) impact the screen-to-body ratio.

Larger screens provide better resolution and aspect ratios if you enjoy watching movies on your phone. However, a more powerful screen also drains battery life.


A smartphone’s weight refers to its mass, measured in ounces. It’s an essential factor that can make or break your experience.

Consider how you hold your phone and what you use it for. A heavier smartphone can feel cumbersome in your pocket or strain your hand after holding it too long. If you work or play games on your phone, you may prefer something sturdier and heavier with the latest technology.

Lighter phones promise more convenience and are simpler to use with accessories like car mounts or running armbands.

Find a balance between ease of use and a weight that feels large enough for a comfortable grip.

What Is The Size Difference Between The 2023 Smartphone Models?

Apple iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 launched on September 16th, 2022. Generating a significant buzz, it showcased Apple’s commitment to innovation.

One standout detail is Dynamic Island, which allows users to check current activity, like music playing, from the home screen or any app. The Always On mode provides convenient access at a glance by dimming the lock screen while displaying useful information. Powered by the A16 chip, this iPhone delivers impressive performance and speed.

Users also appreciate its pleasant and comfortable handling experience. The iPhone 14 is a solid contender for one of the best big-screen smartphones.

Apple released several models and sizes of the iPhone 14 to cater to distinct preferences:

iPhone 14
Length: 5.78”Width: 2.82”Thickness: 0.31”Weight: 6.07 oz
iPhone 14 Pro
Length: 5.81”Width: 2.81”Thickness: 0.31”Weight: 7.27 oz
iPhone 14 Pro Max
Length: 6.33”Width: 3.05”Thickness: 0.31”Weight: 8.47 oz
iPhone 14 Plus
Length: 6.33”Width: 3.07”Thickness: 0.31”Weight: 7.16 oz

Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung released the Galaxy S23 on February 1st, 2023. The impressive specifications make it a compelling choice for smartphone enthusiasts.

The Galaxy S23 boasts a vibrant AMOLED panel, delivering stunning visuals on one of the best large-screen smartphones. Its Snapdragon 8 processor ensures smooth performance and seamless multitasking. It also offers an impressive battery life of up to two days.

This smartphone’s versatile camera setup allows photographers to capture breathtaking shots with zoom lenses and ultra-wide angles.

Compare the sizes of Samsung’s different models of the Galaxy S23:

Galaxy S23
Length: 5.76”Width: 2.79”Thickness: 0.3”Weight: 5.93 oz
Galaxy S23+
Length: 6.21”Width: 3.0”Thickness: 0.3”Weight: 6.88 oz
Galaxy S23 Ultra
Length: 6.43”Width: 3.07”Thickness: 0.35”Weight: 8.22 oz

Google Pixel 7

Google introduced the Pixel 7 on October 13, 2022. Its standout features, innovative technology, and photography prowess captivated users.

The smartphone features an LTPO panel that provides a smooth and responsive display experience. Powered by the new Tensor G2 chip, it delivers impressive performance and AI capabilities.

The camera system is exceptional, utilizing three sensors and Google’s advanced algorithms. Enjoy features like Super Res Zoom, Guided Frame for selfies, and Cinematic Blur for videos.

Compact but powerful, the Pixel 7 represents one of Android’s best small smartphones.

Discover how your Pixel 7 compares to others:

Google Pixel 7
Length: 6.1”Width: 2.9”Thickness: 0.3”Weight: 6.95 oz
Google Pixel 7 Pro
Length: 6.4”Width: 3.0”Thickness: 0.3”Weight: 7.48 oz
Google Pixel 7a
Length: 6.0”Width: 2.8”Thickness: 0.4”Weight: 6.83 oz

Comparing Sizes: A Visual Perspective

Envisioning smartphone sizes in a real-world context can help you make a more informed decision.

Imagine holding different phones and how they fit in your pocket. Immersive displays and advanced features are ideal for productivity but can make the phone heavier. Smaller devices are more portable and suited for one-handed use.

Contemplate how you integrate your phone into your daily activities. Finding the right balance between screen real estate and compactness is fundamental. Explore the dimensions of popular smartphone models to choose the size that suits you best.

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Understanding smartphone measurements is crucial when choosing the right device. Dimensions, screen size, and weight play a significant role in determining your user experience.

Consider your preferences to find the ideal balance between your phone’s comfort and durability. Bigger smartphones include more advanced features perfect for gaming or working. Lighter models are more convenient if you have small hands or regularly use accessories.

The iPhone 14, Galaxy S23, and Pixel 7 all represent remarkable smartphones with original features. A wide range of sizes and specifications offers every tech enthusiast something unique.

Stay updated with the latest smartphone models and advancements to explore further options.

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