16 Secret Websites To Make Money In 2023

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16 Secret Websites To Make Money In 2023

In the contemporary era, making money online has become popular among youth who are using social media and the internet. The internet has opened a wide way of opportunities for people who want to earn money online.

People from all over the global world are searching for trustworthy platforms, but they are confused to take the initiative. However, there are plenty of secret websites and endless opportunities to make a handsome amount online but you get confused to select an authentic offer.

In this article, you will get complete guidance about the best 15 secret websites to earn money online:

1. Speechify.com- For Conversion of Text into Audio

By using this website, you can easily generate content for your working niches, podcast, YouTube channel, etc. You can prepare an audio of any document, book, or article.

To get started on this website, firstly sign up for your free account, copy your relevant content, and get the best audio for your YouTube channel to make money online.

2. Teachable.com- Design an Online Course

Teachable.com is a well-renowned website to earn a handsome amount online. If you have a great command of a specific skill, you can design an online course and sell it on this website at big revenue.

Teachable.com assures satisfied course delivery and safe payment processing. So generate your account on this website, design your course, and set a price to sell your course online.

3. FeetFinder.Com – Sell Feet Pictures

Looking for some creative way to earn extra money? Here comes this amazing website that enables to sell feet pics for money.

All you need is to register and create your seller profile. Click amazing pictures in different outfits and angles and add to the listing.

Canva Tool


  • Easy To Sign-up
  • Cash Giveaways
  • Free For Buyers

4. Task Rabbit 

It is a platform where clients and sellers both connect. A person that wants help in various tasks and a person that has excelled in specified field contact each other at Task. rabbit website and finalize the deal.

You can offer the services of a handyman, cleaning and moving. To work on this platform, choose tasks as per your expertise and finalize your rates.

5. Medium.com- Platform to Online Sell Your Articles

Medium com is a popular website where you can generate a free account and start article writing to make money online. On average, almost 142 million people visit this site each month indicating that you can get great traffic on your published articles.

Your earning will be based on the reading time. The greater the reading time of your article, the greater would be your online income.


Veed.io is an amazing website where content creators can easily design a video for your YouTube channel and podcast. This website provides AI tools to generate various category videos.

You can use AI to have another person’s voice read your texts in various accents, adding a professional touch to your content and making a way to earn money online.

7. Gigwalk

Gigwalk is also a secret website that offers small tasks and in return pays you at different rates. A person that is interested in cash skills can join Gigwalk and earn online without leaving home.

A diverse number of tasks as taking photos, testing apps and verifying different addresses, etc are offered at different rates based on work category.

8. Fiverr

In recent eras, Fiverr has become a well-renowned platform for online earning where freelancers and buyers come to the same platform and connect to finalize a deal. You can offer your services as a seller on Fiverr and earn money based on your project.

From graphic design to writing, translation, and more, you can showcase your talents and set your rates for your interested projects.

9. Upwork

If you are skilled in content writing, graphic designing, web development,  and voice-over work, Upwork is the best secret website for you to make money online. It is a platform for freelancers where you can avail an opportunity to cash your services.

As a Freelancer you can compete with different business dealers and make a deal on handsome amounts. To join Upwork, first, generate your account, complete your profile as a freelancer, and make a bid on a project you are interested in to earn money.

10. BestMark

This a secret website where you get to sign up as a secret shopper and smoothen a way to make money online. You can not only earn money here but also get an opportunity to enjoy free food based on your work.

As a secret shopper, your work is to provide complete feedback regarding your experience and complete all assigned assignments on time, and can earn up to 35$ per hour.

11. Foap

Foap is the best secret website for you to monetize your skills. The use of this website is quite easy. You can earn a handsome amount by uploading your best-captured photos. A person having great interest in photography can use this website as a source of income.

Just open this website, sign up for your account, upload your most captivating photos, and wait for the high-ranked companies to approach and purchase your photos.

Keep in mind that Foap charges 50% of each of your sales. But it is an easier way to earn money with investment.

12. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is also a good working secret website that offers online work of transcribing audio into text and in return pays you up to 22$ for one hour of audio.

For people that have good typing and listening skills can easily do this job. You will get your payment through PayPal almost seven days after the completion of the task.

13. Palfish- Hiring English Tutors for Online Teaching

It is a best secrets platform for people that have command d  the English language. Palfish hires tutors for students from countries where English is not a mother language.

To join this website, you must be accredited with TESL and TEFL certification. You can earn almost 22 dollars per hour of teaching and also get bonuses for your best performance.

14. Swagbucks

It is an online platform that is working on surveys. It requires your opinion on different projects and surveys and in return.

They pay you as per survey length, you can get tasks related to playing games, watching videos, listening to music and online shopping, etc, and making money online without any hard work.

15. Coinbase 

It is a currency exchange platform and is best suitable for people who are interested to earn money with some investment. People come to this site and make user-friendly trading of cryptocurrency to maximize their investment.

To earn from this website, first of all, you must have some investment. Make sure to consult with your advisor about investment as it can be risky.

16. Patreon

Patreon is a platform for artists such as musicians, content writers, scriptwriters, actors, and dancers that earn money through the support of their fans. It makes an interaction between artists and fans and helps them to monetize their content.

For getting a large audience for a tour YouTube channel, podcast, or articles for heavy earnings, you can use Patreon to cashback your skills and services.


Though there are thousands of websites, there are few that can genuinely help you to make money online. It is not important how many websites are offering online jobs, but finding a website that suits your interest and passion is important.

Online earning always demands great dedication and hard working, but with great determination and the right tools, anyone can easily earn money online by resourcing secret websites.

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