How to Change Fiverr Username : Fiverr Username Guide 2022

How To Change Fiverr Username

How to Change Fiverr Username?

Fiverr is one of the most searched and visited freelance websites in the US and beyond. One can create an account instantly and start selling his services.

You don’t need to purchase any membership or pay a security amount. This is the reason why Fiverr is the first preference for most beginners.

Can We Change Fiverr Username?

When we create an account on the Fiverr website, it awards a unique username. Fiverr username is publicly visible to everyone only if you have a seller account.

Anyone can search you within the Fiverr search by using your username even without login. Fiverr is very strict in its policies and terms of service.

Gig, services, and profile duplication are strictly against Fiverr TOS. So it limits one account per person. If you want to create another Fiverr account with a different username, you must deactivate the previous one.

How to Change Username on Fiverr?

Since Fiverr doesn’t allow tampering or editing in usernames, the Fiverr account username can be changed in 5 simple steps.

1. Login Into Your Fiverr Account

2. Go to Settings Option

3. Select I Want to Change My Username

4. Select Account Deactivation Option

5. Sign Up With a New Fiverr Account Username

What Will Happen If I Change Fiverr Username?

Your wish to change your Fiverr username comes up with some consequences. A wise Fiverr freelancer can’t do this without any specific or substantial reason.

Consequences If You Change Fiverr Username

  1. Your hard-established old Fiverr account will be deactivated
  2. Your previous gigs, orders, and all communication data will be lost
  3. You have to rebuild your Fiverr account from scratch
  4. Your previous clients won’t be able to find you with this username

Things To Do Before Changing Fiverr Username

Although this is not a good intention to change your Fiverr username, what should one do? If it is necessary.

  • Choose an available new username.
  • Inform your previous loyal and returning clients about your new username.
  • Make sure you don’t have any pending clearance and account balance.
  • Save previous gig images, descriptions, and all the necessary data. This will save you time while setting up a new Fiverr account and gigs.
  • Change your current email with a temporary email address. If you deactivate your Fiverr account without your current email address replacement, then you won’t be able to create a new account on the same email.

How Should I Choose a New Fiverr Username?

Your Fiverr username should represent your skills and services. For example, I am an SEO observer, and my Fiverr username is @aamirzahoorseo. If you are an expert in WordPress services, you can select @wordpressguru or something resembling this.

There are hundreds of free business name generators on Google. Just search the “free business name generator“ keyword and select any one of them, and they will give you more precise choices.

Does Changing Fiverr Username Bring Any Benefit?

In my personal experience and loyal conclusion, it doesn’t carry any benefit. But you can take a fresh start with a new mindset and approach.

You must forget previous experiences and make a new resolution to improve your communication skill, services, and delivery. The change will only come from your side.


Due to some spam or other vulnerabilities, people make the mind to deactivate their previous Fiverr accounts. Fiverr account username is like brand identity and the most prominent and noticed a thing.

It is best if you finalize it in the beginning. If you are a level-1 or level-2 seller with several 5-star reviews, this might be a nightmare for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Use My Real Name On Fiverr?

It is reasonable to use your real name on Fiverr. Since you need to verify payment methods, address, and other important information which must include your real name.
If you are running an agency then you should choose your agency name. Ideally, your username must comprise your first name and your services like XYXDeveloper or MXNDesigner and anything similar to this.

How Do I Change My Username On Fiverr?

According to Fiverr’s terms of service, it is impossible to change the username on Fiverr. However, you can deactivate your current account and replace it with the desired one.

Does Your Fiverr Username Matter?

Fiverr is another kind of search engine. Where buyers search for sellers as per their desired service. Its algorithm works on keywords. If you have used your service-related keywords in your username then definitely you have a good chance to rank higher. Secondly, repeat buyers sometimes use your username to search for new assignments. If you change your username then you are on the verge to lose some loyal clients.

Is It Possible To Change Fiverr Username?

No, It is not possible to change the Fiverr username once it is created. You only can close the previous account and create a new one with a fresh username.

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