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Are you worried about your hours of scrap in browsing YouTube videos, Facebook suggestions, videos, gaming content, and things that won’t allow you to pay attention to your work? This primarily affects online workers, freelancers, and social media managers. Four power hours rule helps in such situations.

My Personal Experience

It happened to me many times while I was working on a client’s Facebook or Instagram page. I just noticed a random funny clip in my suggestions feed. I clicked on it, and I spent more than 2 hours just browsing Facebook suggestions.

It once caused serious concern for me because I was not paying attention to my projects in the queue. As a result, I lost many worthy clients, faced project cancellations, bad reviews, and much more.

I usually keep 5 to 6 orders in the queue. These projects only take 3 to 4 hours of my daily routine. I started my career as a full-time freelancer and blogger. I was fed up with its harmful impact on my whole work cycle. Once I calculated that I spend 6 hours daily browsing the internet without getting anything out of it.

Wasn’t This a Serious Problem? 

Yes, It was. I had a few psychology books in my little library. So I picked “The Road Less Traveled” by Morgan Scott Peck. I started reading it to find some psychology hacks.

It was probably the 6th page of the book where I found the title “Delaying Gratification”. M.S.Peck shared fantasies of his clients having procrastination problems. This subject and the whole book helped me a lot in enhancing my mind motivation and productivity skills.

We all know that the effects of procrastination are harmful. But, unfortunately, this is what most of us face all the way through.

What Are Four Power Hours?

The thought of four power hours is mind-blowing. Hundreds of social media sensations are ready to distract you in this digital era, and your productivity will decline to almost zero. The same I experienced as outlined above. In such a situation, you miss your concentration, go through a strange irritation and frustration.

You feel fatigued and get exhausted while doing any work. This all happens due to procrastination and delay gratification.

If you struggle to get rid of this “four power hours rule”, it can ultimately help you. Four power hours are not specified; they can vary from person to person in different situations.

Why Are These Four Power Hours Important?

A common attribute in successful businessmen, entrepreneurs, and millionaires is excellent time management. Task scheduling is essential, but their accomplishment matters also. Unfortunately, it is hard for many of us to focus on critical projects, areas, and specific things due to continuous distraction.

Four power hours theory helps you in figuring out the appropriate solution for it.


Assume that you unintentionally woke up at 4 am and start your work; your productivity will increase three times.

Because there will be no WhatsApp messages popping up, significantly less distraction, and a quiet atmosphere around you. That day’s power hours can occur between 4 am to 8 am.

If you keep your phone aside and focus on work, you can wind up your whole day’s work in these four power hours, which is the best productivity hack.

You have the whole day ahead to meet friends, give time to family, shopping, watch movies, browse the internet, and interact with social media.

In my case, “The Road Less Traveled” helped me a lot. I keep my cell phone on vibration for 24 hours. I have muted notifications from all social media apps. I put my phone on charge or in the drawer when I start my work.

Explanation of Four Power Hours Theory

Set Your Priorities

Most people get stuck in situations that they should do or not do. In this confusion, they spend their worthy time and efforts on useless or less important tasks. Even if you are doing all this in four power hours, it is an entire waste.

The first notion for your growth and productivity is rewinding, restructuring, and setting up priorities. Then, you can set this year’s goals to be accomplished, which will create a big difference.

This rule is also effective for good learning. For example, you have decided to master your marketing skills. Then, when you give four dedicated hours daily to this particular subject, you will feel the change in yourself and command on the subject after a couple of months.

Division and Implementation

Being productive refers to the term result-oriented. It is not about just spending four hours of immense concentration and work; it is all about results. The four hours can be ingested in one run, or you can divide them into two or three parts. Like you can focus on a specific task in a two hours window early in the morning and the rest of two in the evening or night.

Just Get Started 

In “The Road Less Traveled”, I read about a girl who had issues with her complex tasks. She had a habit of doing the easy tasks first and then the tough ones. But in the end, she just got stuck in these challenging tasks and couldn’t finish them. Such delaying gratification yields nothing but anxiety.

She spent the most potent work hours on ordinary tasks, and she got exhausted when there were difficult ones, resulting in a psychological disorder.

The correct answer to this problem was doing challenging tasks earlier in your work schedule when you have the maximum energy level, then go for the easy ones.

One more thing I individually experienced was starting a problematic and complex task. It took a few minutes to find out the way, and then it was so easy to do—the thing you have to focus on is to get started.

Add More Power Hours

In the early morning, usually, your mind is sharp, and you possess more work strength, which reduces slowly. Four power hours are just for a theoretical and conceptual purpose. There is no standard limit to power hours. It may start with one and up to 8 or 10 hours a day.

Assume that you completed the ten distracted hours work in four hours. What will be the growth if you double up your power hours. It means your growth and productivity will take flight.

Although it is not an easy task to do, adding a power hour weekly can work. For example, if you add one hour to your work, you will have four more extra power hours at the end of the month.


Power hour is simply converting an ordinary hour into a dedicated, focused, and an extraordinary one. You can utilize your power hours to do demanding tasks that are difficult to accomplish in a routine.

Before implementing the four power hours rule, you need to sort out the peak working time—the issue with distracted hours is they did not pay off. Power hours are mainly utilized to do high-value projects or tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Do You Focus When Procrastinating?

Four power hours theory is the best solution while someone is going through the severe effects of procrastination. One can manage the work easily and in very little time. Just follow the steps we mentioned above. Here is your quick procrastination guide.
1. Do your tough work at the start
2. Accept your procrastination as a challenge
3. Reduce your distractions to a minimum
4. Be a smart worker
5. Maintain work-leisure balance

How Can I Be More Productive?

Productivity is not something sticking to work 24/7. Basically, it is referred to as smart work. You can enhance your productivity by following the below steps.
1. Focus on one task at a time
2. Do most important work preferably
3. Stick to the 80/20 rule
4. Make a list of your distractions and reduce them gradually
5. Make short term and long term goals
6. Take a short break from work after some time

Why Do We Procrastinate?

Whenever we try to do work that seems difficult, challenging, and unpleasant we procrastinate. Our mind always encourages us to do easier things first. And we spend most of the energy on easy tasks. When it comes to hard tasks we have already drained most of the energy, here starts the procrastination, the delaying gratification.

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