Fiverr Seller Plus Review: Is It Worth It In 2023?

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Fiverr Seller Plus Review: Is It Worth It In 2023?

The world’s trending freelance services provider, Fiverr, has recently announced the Fiverr Seller Plus program for the global sellers’ community.

This is a subscription-based loyalty program aimed at helping freelancers grow their businesses. It can help you in client acquisition and retention with expert advice from an industry expert.

The dedicated personal success manager gives you information about the latest market trends and strategies.

What is the Fiverr Seller Plus Program?

Fiverr Seller Plus is a loyalty-based and invite-only subscription program for sellers.

According to the official press release by the company, has wide-scale benefits for the sellers.

It is a paid program that is in beta version and limited to best-performing Fiverr sellers. Not yet been released for everyone.

First, it will help sellers build their businesses and enhance growth with advanced tools and analytics.

The second unique thing is a personal success manager, previously available in the Fiverr Pro category.

Aim Of Fiverr Seller Plus Program

 The program aims to nurture freelancers for more productivity and quality work. This will enhance buyers’ trust, and they will keep coming back.

In addition, seller plus unfolds advanced tools to view deep gig analytics, buyer trends, behavior, and gig optimization to attract more clients.

Benefits of Fiverr Seller Plus Program

Benefits Of Fiverr Seller Plus

The Seller Plus Program is an addition to the preceding freelance growth programs Fiverr Pro, Fiverr Choice, and Rising Talent offered by Fiverr. It can boost your Fiverr earnings by more than 25%.

The key benefits of the Seller Plus Program are as follows.

  • Personal success manager
  • Advanced customer engagement tools
  • Advanced analytics
  • Growth program priority
  • Help and support priority
  • Fast payment clearance
  • Educational content and exclusive events benefit
  • Gigs optimization assistance
  • Personalized advice from PSMs
  • Coupons for buyers
  • Keywords trends and data

Fiverr Seller Plus Requirements

Seller Plus is currently in beta testing, which is available through an invite-only way for a limited seller community.

If you get an invite to the program, this doesn’t indicate acceptance. You may have to go through the waiting list until approved for the program.

Fiverr Seller Plus Pricing

A freelancer can subscribe to this program for $29 per month. The program subscription fee will be deducted from the Fiverr balance.

Fiverr Seller Plus program pricing is subject to increase in the future if the company feels it as a useful feature to carry on.

Is Fiverr Seller Plus Worth It?

If you are a successful Fiverr seller and want to scale your business, then seller plus definitely worth it.

It provides advanced analytics and a personal success manager to each subscriber. You can perform a way better by access to Seller Plus.

How To Join Fiverr Seller Plus?

Seller Plus subscription is in its Beta phase and is yet to be launched completely. It can be joined through an invite by Fiverr.

If you are performing well on the marketplace and get viewed by the vigilance team. They will email you about the eligibility to subscribe to this program.

You can’t join or request Fiverr directly to subscribe to it. It is currently rolling out and will take some time to be available for all sellers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Percentage Does Fiverr Take From Sellers?

Fiverr has a standard 20% fee for its sellers. This amount is automatically deducted from qualified purchases. Fiverr names it as a service fee.

How To Cancel Fiverr Seller Plus Subscription?

The easiest way to cancel a seller plus subscription is by contacting Fiverr customer support. The support team will guide you step by step.

Is Fiverr Seller Plus Program Free?

No, Fiverr charges $29 per month in advance for the seller-plus subscription. If you are a beginner, it is not recommended to go for it.

How Can I Get The Seller Plus On Fiverr?

The Fiverr Seller Plus subscription is available through an invite-only program. You can’t ask for it yourself.

Who Can Subscribe Fiverr Seller Plus Program?

Any seller who is selected and invited by the Fiverr team for this program can subscribe to the seller plus program.

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