Fiverr Pro Review 2023: Is Fiverr Pro Worth It?

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Fiverr Pro Review 2023: Is Fiverr Pro Worth It?

Fiverr is considered the world’s leading non-traditional marketplace. It fancies inventing new ideas and reforms in its platform for improved user experience.

Fiverr Pro is also an innovative addition to ongoing concepts. This idea came into force in Oct 2017 and became very popular afterward.

It is claimed that only the top 1% of Fiverr talent is added to this premium category to give Fiverr buyers an extraordinary experience.

What Is Fiverr Pro?

Fiverr wants to take both the selling and buying experience to the next level. It aspires to build credibility with quality work for business buyers.

Fiverr business buyers are not price-sensitive and spend more on quality work. So they need extraordinary talent for their projects.

Fiverr Pro is a premium talent pool that contains vetted freelancers. They are supposed to deliver high-quality results to the buyers. The primary objective is to deliver quality work from industry specific professionals.

Fiverr Pro Categories

Fiverr still offers limited categories of pro sellers. Here are all of the Fiverr pro categories.

  • Music and Audio
  • Tech and Programming
  • Writing and Translation
  • Video and Animation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic and Design
  • Music and Audio

You can submit your Fiverr pro seller request in any sub-category. Applications of pro sellers are reviewed, and approval is granted once you qualify for their requirements.

fiverr pro services

How To Get Fiverr Pro Verified?

This is an ideal way to increase your freelance revenue. Fiverr pro sellers are paid at least five times higher than normal ones. Fiverr adores privileged talent, so you have to establish your worth.

This process is done through the below steps.

  • Technical Process
  • Professional Evaluation Stage 1
  • Professional Evaluation Stage 2

Your submitted application is reviewed in technical pick, and further, two separate category managers assess your professional standings. This means, if you can satisfy them, you get approval to create Fiverr pro gigs.

Fiverr Pro Application

Fiverr is the world’s most visited freelance marketplace. Its business buyers demand next-level talent. If you are a previous Fiverr seller or new in the pro category, You will undergo a Fiverr review process to be accepted as a Fiverr Pro.

You will apply with complete details, and the Fiverr team will review it. You will furnish your portfolio, educational details, professional background, or any exceptional work performed on Fiverr or outside.

If you get a congratulations notification via email from the Fiverr team. Then you can create a Fiverr pro gig.

fiverr pro application

Fiverr Pro Application Form

You must be logged into your existing Fiverr account or create a new one to submit the Fiverr pro application.

What to Submit in Fiverr Pro Application?

Fiverr asks for details regarding your professional career. You can submit a 1-minute short video intro, a portfolio website link, social media links, and educational documents and certificates.

The more you provide project links and portfolios, the more you get the chance to qualify for the pro category.

If you are a business/agency owner and have employees, don’t be shy to write about it. It will support your application.

Fiverr demands your previous project’s information with links, screenshots, reviews, and other supporting items.

Show your complete work pattern, tools, and software you own and use. Don’t hesitate and express yourself.


Difference Between Seller And Fiverr Pro

If you become a Pro seller, a verified badge will be shown on your gigs and profile. This is the only way to distinguish between typical sellers and pro-verified.

Fiverr does not charge anything for pro verification. You only have to pay the standard earning commission imposed by the marketplace.

Suppose you are already a Fiverr seller; that doesn’t matter. Your general profile will persist as before. You will create a new pro-verified profile and gigs once you get application approval.


Fiverr Pro Jobs

There are thousands of Fiverr pro-jobs available for freelancers. Many business clients with high budgets are looking for the topmost talent. You have to focus on your gigs.

Your gigs must be attractive, with a good image, title, and description.

Fiverr Pro Tips To Get Verified

This Fiverr initiative is to facilitate top-level talent and business clients. So you have to prove that you are the best option for the Fiverr pro category.

Although there are rare chances of getting approval, the following tips may help you in this regard.

  • Do not apply for this cadre if you are a beginner and do not have something prominent in your portfolio.
  • Don’t leave any text box blank; fill out the required details carefully.
  • Submit your significant projects via links, files, and any other authentic sources.
  • Dedicated managers are working manually on this project, so it takes time to respond to each request. There may be a few weeks’ response time by the Fiverr team.
  • It is better to build an individual/Agency portfolio website and provide links in the application.
  • Do not hesitate to provide your social profiles. Although it is not an approval authority, it builds trust and adds value to the application.
  • The Fiverr team may ask you for additional information after applying, so cooperate with them.
  • Only select the relevant categories in which you have a handsome portfolio and experience.
  • Fiverr pro application has nothing to do with your educational qualifications, certification, and skills. The only thing that will matter is your hands-on experience.
  • There is no restriction on the re-submission of applications. Try to reform things before proceeding again.
  • Fiverr only accepts experts and professionals in this category, so work on your skills and then think about this.

How to Optimize Your Fiverr Pro Seller Profile?

Once you receive approval notification via email, the next step is how to create an attractive profile and gig to get more clients on board.

Use a cool (smiling face) profile picture or agency logo in your Fiverr pro profile. The next important thing is your profile description. Use concise and relevant details about your educational and professional information.

Avoid unclear sentences and grammar mistakes. It leaves a wrong impression on the clients. The first thing a buyer does after finding your gig is your profile visit. He evaluates your profile with his parameters and findings.

How To Create Fiverr Pro Gig?

Fiverr Pro Gig

Fiverr has dedicated managers to help its pro sellers in all aspects. These customer success managers are dedicated to each freelancer. You will get their name in the approval notification.

Then there will be a button to schedule a chat with your manager to get more information about the profile and gigs set up. Success managers guide and assist in setting up your Fiverr pro account.

Add Attractive Gig Title

Your gig title must be concise and to the point. Fiverr is itself a search engine. The gigs ranking in its algorithm get more impressions, clicks, and messages.

You have to choose your keyword carefully. You can check the trending keywords and topics in the Fiverr search bar. You must add your focus keyword in your gig title.

For example, if you sell digital marketing services, your title might be “I will be your professional digital marketing manager.”

In this instance, there are chances to rank on four keywords: professional digital marketing manager, digital marketing, digital marketing manager, and marketing manager.

A strong keyword with a promise in the gig title increases gig SEO and attention.

Add Fiverr Pro Gig Image

The gig image size is the same for pro and general sellers. Your gig image is the first thing that a buyer interacts with. Your gig image must be impactful. 

Pro Tips For Fiverr Pro Gig Images

  • Neither use low-quality nor high-resolution images. Low-quality gig images will distract your potential buyers. The high-resolution images will take time or may not be loaded on smartphones. So use average image resolution.
  • Use your main service title in bold and highlighted words on the top center of the gig image.
  • Use concise information in bullet points about the key prospects of your service.
  • Do not jumble out the text or use too much text on gig images. 
  • Add your png image or company logo on the center-left or right of the gig image. It boosts buyers’ confidence.
  • Add a focus keyword in your gig image title.

Add a Gig Video 

Fiverr proffers the option to add an intro video instead of a gig image. 

Pro Tips For Fiverr Pro Gig Video

  • This video must be between 30 to 75 seconds.
  • The video size should be less than 50 MB.
  • Fiverr recommends MP4 and AVI formats.
  • Tell about your service concisely in this video.
  • Use a good camera or personal phone with good lighting to record Fiverr gig video. Video templates are not recommended.
  • Use your voice while describing yourself and your services.
  • Make separate videos for different gigs.
  • Conclude your gig video with a solid call to action.

Write Perfect Gig Description

The Fiverr gig description is the same as writing a proposal for projects on Upwork and other freelance platforms. You can’t add personal links in your gig description.

Tips For Fiverr Pro Gig Description Writing

  • Write two lines of an introductory paragraph that will describe you or your company.
  • Add focused keywords in your first paragraph to improve gig SEO.
  • In the following short paragraph, tell about the companies and key clients you have worked for.
  • List your services in a menu format.
  • Add a little explanation about your services and why the buyer should buy your services.
  • Add a call to action like “Order Now” or “Contact Now” at the end of your gig description.
  • Do not copy-paste anyone else’s description. You may face a copyright infringement strike on your profile.
  • Do not use words like a phone number or email in the description.
  • Do not add your contact number or email. Fiverr may suspend or ban your account forever due to its TOS violation.

Fiverr Pro Pricing

Fiverr Pro sellers can offer single or 3-tier pricing packages on their gigs. Fiverr charges a 20% commission on each sale.

Tips For Pro Pricing

  •  Fiverr Pro is a premium service, so charge accordingly. 
  • Check your competitor gigs, and find what they are pricing for a specific service.
  • Put the exact pricing you are charging offline. Try to convince your buyers about custom offers.

Things to Remember

  • Also, add your focus keywords in your tags section to help the Fiverr algorithm find your gig. 
  • Add a FAQ section for buyers to know what they want to know about your services.
  • Add the gig requirements section to ask your buyers what you will need from them while placing the order.

Fiverr Pro Benefits

Fiverr Pro is a premium category of freelancers on the marketplace and has several advantages for sellers and buyers. Here are some of the prominent Fiverr Pro benefits.

  • Fiverr Pro gigs get more exposure than ordinary seller gigs.
  • It gives higher pricing as compared to the other market.
  • Earnings clearance is fast.
  • In this category, you get dedicated support and quick dispute resolution
  • Most business and premier clients use Fiverr Pro services.
  • Fiverr Pro increases the credibility of the freelancer.
  • This category has top-quality talent and offers high-end services.

Is Fiverr Pro Worth It?

There are two most common issues that both buyers and sellers face on the Fiverr marketplace. One is low prices and the other is low-quality work. So Fiverr has tried to cover this gap for exceptional talent and business buyers.

Although sometimes Fiverr Pro gigs are overpriced, it is worth trying if you are looking to scale your freelance career or searching for quality work.


By concluding this Fiverr Pro review I hope you got enough information about this topic. It is harder to get approval in this premium category due to the manual and hard screening process.

You must have a strong portfolio, certifications, and experience to jump into this category. Most of the applications get rejected by the Fiverr team because they don’t fulfill the requirements of the platform. You must work hard and prove yourself to be chosen as Fiverr Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fiverr Pro Free?

The membership and profile set-up as Fiverr pro is completely free. But Fiverr charges the standard revenue percentage as a service fee.

What Is The Difference Between Fiverr And Fiverr Pro?

Fiverr and Fiverr pro are two different services on the same platform. Fiverr pro sellers are vetted through a deep screening process.
They deliver high-quality services to Fiverr business clients. Fiverr pro services are 5X more expensive than normal.

How Do I Become Fiverr’s Choice?

This badge is completely given by Fiverr to the most outperforming sellers. If you want to get Fiverr’s Choice badge do the following things.
1. Maintain a 100% Inbox Response Rate
2. Keep Getting High-Value Orders
3. Make Some Permanent / Repeat Buyers
4. Get Positive Private Feedback

Is Fiverr Pro Legit?

Yes, Fiverr Pro is a legit service that Fiverr offers with its top 1% talent pool.

How Hard Is It To Get Into Fiverr Pro?

Fiverr has a strict vetting process for this category. You should have certifications, experience, and a stronger portfolio to apply for it. Otherwise, your application will be rejected.

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