How Many Jobs Are Available In Public Utilities

How Many Jobs Are Available In Public Utilities

Looking for a job opportunity in the public utility sector? Want to know how many jobs are available in Public Utilities? This article will answer all your queries related to public utility jobs.

The public utility sector serves people with fundamental daily needs. The number of jobs in this sector is growing every day. Let’s explore this topic further for your ease to understand.

What Are Public Utilities In US?

Public utility areas are those directly interlinked with the residents of the US. Water, energy, transportation, and telecommunication are a few examples of them.

All the above sectors and others not mentioned are looking for skilled employees. The common jobs in these sectors include sewers, electricians, and plumbers. These employees are responsible for providing better utilities to the public.

The jobs in this area depend upon the population, situations vacant and people required to operate smoothly. This figure varies from towns to big cities.

The increased demand for water and energy has expanded the requirements of workers.

The federal government and states run these public utility corporations. They both are the regulating bodies that set rules for smooth operation.

Role Of Public Utilities In Our Life

Public utilities play an important part in the economy and growth of a country. As per the BLS claim (Bureau Of Labor Statistics), the surging population is increasing the demand for public utility workers.

The employees demand in this sector is expected to increase by 20% till 2024. Rising water, power, and gas need is the reason behind this boost. Which is expected to rise further in the coming years.

It is harder to survive without basic life necessities. So the administrative bodies of public utilities are more concerned about the new employment in this sector.

The public utility sector is a good choice to start your career. Most employment opportunities are in maintenance, customer service, and engineering departments.

Sectors Of Public Utilities

Water, electricity, and transportation are the basic consumptions. There are several sub-sectors of these utilities, for example, production, distribution, and management.

Most of them are managed and controlled by municipal corporations under the supervision of the state and federal governments. However, some are under private ownership.

Power Sector

Power is the basic ingredient to run our homes, offices, industries, and state machinery. Reliable and affordable power supplies are public demands. Which is ensured by the state and regulatory authorities.

Today millions of people are associated with this sector. There are sub-sectors of this public utility.

  1. Production

There are several power generation resources like solar energy, atomic, hydroelectric, gas, and coal power plants.

As per Statista, Around 170K people are associated with the power production sector in the US.

2. Transmission & Distribution

This sub-sector involves the transmission and distribution of electricity to consumers. Electricity provision to residential and commercial users is ensured by this sector.

Bigger industries also rely on these people to run without any interruption. So it has a vital role in the US economy and growth.

Exelon Corporation, Duke Energy, Florida Power Light Company, and Southern California Edison Company are some of the biggest power transmission and distribution companies in the US.

There are a lot of job opportunities for electrical engineers, electricians, and general workers in these organizations.

Water And Sewage Sector

There are many water supply, treatment, and sewage companies in the United States. Which offer these services to people in their houses and businesses.

Collection, treatment, and management of wastewater is a big deal. Companies involved in this sector keep introducing new technologies to protect the public and the environment.

Water sewage corporations always look for a massive workforce to due their large-scale operations. You can look for the latest opportunities by connecting them.

Gas Sector

Natural gas comes in essential public utilities. It is used in cooking food, heating the home, and powering the industry.

Natural gas has large-scale uses and operations. So they always look for more people in this sector.

38% of the total gas in the US is used to produce electricity. A large quantity is consumed in thermal output like water and district heating etc.

As per the Oct 2020 stats, almost 33% of the natural gas is consumed in the industrial sector in the United States.

It is a multipurpose fuel and is used in heating systems, boilers, power turbines, and other industrial work.

That is why it requires more people to manage the extended operation and companies announce new job positions with time.

Natural gas is largely used in the residential sector for heating, cooking, and other gas-powered home appliances.

It doesn’t produce too much pollution and smoke which is why mostly used in closed compartments.

One more commercial use of natural gas in vehicles. It is used to run vehicles and industrial machinery.

Exxon Mobil and Chevron companies produce one-third of the total gas supply in the United States.

They have a big market share in this sector and more employment opportunities. You can connect with their concerned department for new jobs.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Public Utilities?

As per NAPU (National Association Of Public Utilities) stats, more than 1.5 million people are associated with the electric utility industry.

This sector is thought non-profit. BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) data reveals that around 218K jobs were created from 2004 to 2013 in the public utility sector.

It is expected to grow by 14% up to 2026 which is the highest as compared to the other job sectors like construction.

There are almost 350 types of jobs in public utilities. Which are thought to be increased in the coming days. Here are a few most in-demand public utility jobs.

Job Types Available In Public Utilities

  • Energy Auditor
  • Water Engineer
  • Electrical Manager
  • Gass Plant Manager
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Architectural Designer
  • Surveyor
  • Power Plant Operators
  • Petroleum Pump And Gas Station Operators
  • Geothermal Plant Operators
  • Utility Forester
  • Communication Engineer
  • Meter Reader
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Soler Photovoltaic Installer
  • Wind Form Manager
  • Hydroelectric Plant Technician
  • Hydroelectric Plant Operator
  • Renewable Energy Manager
  • Natural Gas Distribution Manager
  • Electric Power Plant Manager
  • Pipeline Inspectors

5 Most Paying Jobs In Public Utilities

Power Plant Engineer

Power plant engineer salary is $95000 to $135000 per year. Key responsibilities include overseeing the day-to-day operations, testing, and maintenance of the machinery.

Sub Station Engineer

Substation engineer salary is average between $90000 to $120000 per year. Major work involves team coordination, drawing designs, and paperwork.

Power System Engineer

Power station engineer salary is average between $80000 and $115000 per year. They are responsible for electrical power system management, design, and maintenance.

Radiation Engineer

Radiation engineer salary is average between $70000 to $120000 per year. A radiation engineer gives theoretical analysis and conducts radiation impact tests.

Water Resource Specialist

Water resource specialist salary is average between $60000 to $300000 per year. They are hired for water conservation measures, contamination checks, and public awareness.

Benefits Of Working In The Public Utility Sector

The public utility sector offers several perks and privileges for its employees. You get an attractive pay package, retirement plan, and job security.

A satisfactory company environment and work environment are a huge plus for those looking for a steady job opportunity.

 As a staff member of The Public Utility Sector, the extensive benefits are a benefit of the job.

When the unit celebrates a holiday or company anniversary, there are always many small prizes or souvenirs.


These souvenirs could be an enamel pin with the company logo, a commemorative pen, or a custom lanyard with signature words or colors.

These small souvenirs carry the spirit of the department to the employees and motivate them to work harder.

Career Growth In Public Utilities

There are a lot of opportunities for skilled and qualified people in these sectors. You can start your journey as a technician and then move to other roles like supervisors, and managers.

You can join as an engineer if you have a relevant engineering degree. There are several other jobs like water treatment specialists, transmission line installers, and repairers.

Final Thoughts

Public utility companies offer a variety of jobs as per your interest and skills. You can avail competitive salary package, retirement perks, and several other benefits for choosing this career.

Pick the most fascinating job relevant to your qualification and experience. Scan through the online job portals and visit the nearest career centers for the latest job openings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Average Pay Of Utility Workers?

Utility workers in the USA get paid an average of $82606 per year. The average work hours are 44 for individuals working in this sector.
Salaries are directly linked with the nature of the job, educational background, and experience. There are several post-retirement perks you can enjoy in this career.
A high school diploma is a minimum required. Companies might demand certifications and higher degrees for bigger positions.

Is Public Utilities A Good Career Path?

The public utility sector is a promising career path with attractive salary packages, retirement plans, and other perks.
This sector ensures the availability of public utilities like power, gas, water, and transportation. So it is a service which gives you inner satisfaction as well.

What Comes Under Public Utilities?

Electricity, transport, natural gas, water, and telecommunication are the main things that come under public utilities.

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