How To Make Money While You Sleep?

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How To Make Money While You Sleep?

Sleeping well while making money sounds wonderful. Who wouldn’t want their money to keep working even when they are not? With passive income streams, this dream can become a reality.

The concept of passive income gives you the ability to earn money without having to put in as much work as possible. Once your passive income stream is set up, you can sit back and watch the money roll in while focusing your time on the things you enjoy.

In this article, we will look at some of the best ways to generate passive income so you can make money while you sleep.

How to Make Money While You Sleep – 9 Passive Income Ideas

Below are the most relevant ways to make money while you sleep:

Invest in Dividend Stocks

One of the most popular passive income ideas is dividend investing. To do this, you will have to purchase stocks that pay out dividends to shareholders – a portion of the company’s profits.

You can invest small amounts in dividend aristocrats, stocks that have increased dividends consistently over decades. You can generate a steady income stream this way.

Tips for Dividend Investing:

  • Make sure you invest in established, dividend-growing companies with a history of profitability.
  • Reinvest the dividends to benefit from compounding returns.
  • Use a dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) to automate reinvesting.
  • Hold the stocks in a tax-deferred account to avoid taxes on dividends.

Invest in Rental Real Estate

Another way to earn passive income is through rental real estate. You can rent out a rental property monthly to tenants after purchasing it. While this requires an upfront investment, rental income can deliver strong cash flows over the long-term.

Tips for Rental Real Estate:

  • Hire a property manager to handle maintenance, repairs and tenants.
  • Invest in properties with healthy demand and consistent rental income.
  • Focus on popular areas near colleges, military bases or major employers.
  • Finance properties with a mortgage to lower your down payment..

Invest in Peer-to-Peer Lending

Platforms such as LendingClub allow people to lend money to each other.  You receive monthly payments including interest on your loans. P2P lending provides passive income from the interest while helping diversify your investments.

Tips for P2P Lending:

  • Stick to short-term 1-3 year loans to minimize risk of default.
  • Invest small amounts across many loans for diversification.
  • Focus on high quality borrowers with excellent credit.
  • Use automatic investing tools to build your loan portfolio.

Earn Royalties from Books, Music or Inventions

You can earn ongoing royalties from creating various intellectual properties once and reaping the rewards over time:

Books – Publish ebooks on Kindle and paperbacks on print-on-demand platforms. Your book will earn you royalties every time it is sold.

Music – Upload songs to streaming services like Spotify and collect royalties whenever your music is played.

Inventions – Invent a product and patent it. You can license the patent to manufacturers for royalties.

Tips for Royalties:

  • Create high-quality work with broad audience appeal for maximum royalties.
  • Promote your books, songs or inventions diligently after release.
  • Use aggregators like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing for easier distribution.

Invest in High Yield Savings Accounts

While savings accounts offer lower returns than investing, some online banks offer relatively high annual percentage yields (APYs) on savings accounts in the 2-3% range. Opening a high-yield savings account is an easy option for earning passive income on your cash reserves.

Tips for High-Yield Savings:

  • Shop around to find the highest APY rates from online banks.
  • Avoid big banks that pay close to 0% interest on savings.
  • Park emergency funds, down payment savings or other short term funds.

License Your Photos or Videos

If you have a knack for photography or videography, you can make money from your work without having to leave your home. You can sell stock photos and videos online through stock media sites like Shutterstock and Getty Images.

They distribute and license your work to thousands of publishers, websites, advertisers and more. I also use the niche platform FeetFinder where I sell my images and earn good income.

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Tips for Media Licensing:

  • Tapping into trending topics and common searches help maximize royalties.
  • Use proper keywords and descriptions so your work is easily found.
  • Build a large portfolio of 100s or 1000s of high-quality media assets.

Invest in Apps or Websites That Pay Passive Income

You can invest in apps and websites that generate largely passive income. For example, apps that rely on subscriptions, ad revenue and in-app purchases can earn recurring revenue with little ongoing effort. Choose apps with proven traction and retention.

Tips for Investing in Apps:

  • Research the founders, user metrics, and traction before investing.
  • Negotiate for an equity stake or percentage of future profits.
  • Provide capital or strategic advice to maximize your investment return.

Sell Ebooks on Amazon Kindle

You can earn ongoing passive income by writing and self-publishing ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

When readers purchase your ebooks or read them on Kindle Unlimited, you earn royalties. After the upfront work of writing, editing and publishing, the royalties provide recurring income over time.

Tips for Ebook Passive Income:

  • Research popular genres and tropes readers love like sci-fi, romance or self-help.
  • Use keyword optimization to rank well and get your books discovered.
  • Publish a series of books to maximize royalties.
  • Enroll in KDP Select to earn additional income from Kindle Unlimited borrows.

Rent Out Your Parking Space

If you live in a desirable location, you can generate income by renting out your parking space when you aren’t using it.

Apps like JustPark and SpotHero connect you with drivers looking for affordable, convenient parking. Setting competitive pricing and location helps maximize occupancy and earnings.

Tips for Parking Space Rental:

  • Check zoning laws to ensure renting parking is legal in your area.
  • Set pricing based on local market rates and demand in your area.
  • Outline rental terms clearly and collect payment electronically.
  • Manage scheduling and access electronically for hands-off management.


Generating passive income takes time and effort, but can greatly boost your financial freedom. With wise investments, smart leveraging of your skills, and consistent hard work, you can eventually replace your active income with diversified passive income streams.

While attaining true financial independence takes years, even small passive income amounts today can provide peace of mind and more options for how you spend your time.


How Much Money Do You Need To Start Earning Passive Income?

You can start earning some passive income with as little as $100 to invest in peer-to-peer lending or $500 – $1000 to purchase dividend stocks. Building sufficient income streams to replace a full-time salary requires substantially larger investments.

How Long Does It Take To Build Up Enough Passive Income To Quit Your Job?

It typically takes years of diligent work to build up enough passive income sources to fully replace your job income. Most successful bloggers or rental property investors earn passive income equivalent to their full-time work after 5-10 years.

Can You Make Passive Income With No Money?

It is possible to start certain passive income models like a blog, YouTube channel, or affiliate marketing without much upfront investment. However, you need some money to scale up traffic and monetization or invest in assets generating passive income.

What Passive Income Ideas Require The Most Upfront Effort?

Ideas like blogging, affiliate marketing, and building online courses require significant upfront effort before earnings become mostly passive. Rental properties also require major upfront effort. The most passive ideas like P2P lending and dividends require less effort to start earning.

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