8 Authentic Passive Income Apps To Earn Extra Cash In 2023

8 Authentic Passive Income Apps To Earn Extra Cash In 2023

To meet your needs, having multiple income sources is essential in today’s era. In America, about 46% of people rely on side hustles or passive income sources to achieve their financial goals.

You might have come across many articles claiming to make you a millionaire overnight_ no, I’m not going to make any such fake promise! Some apps and websites are just a waste of time, you don’t earn even a penny.

After a lot of research and experience, I found some authentic passive income apps both for Android and iPhone that will help you earn extra money. No matter where you live, you can use these apps. One thing more_ they are completely free!

In this blog post, I’ll share some legit passive income apps with you along with highlighting their pros and cons. Keep reading!

Top 8 Authentic Passive Income Apps

Passive Income Apps

There are a lot of passive income apps and websites of different categories, some require little investment while others are free of cost. Here, I’ll discuss these passive income apps for adults who are interested in earning online. Let’s start!

1. Honeygain 

Are you left with unused data? You’re in luck! Honeygain is a good passive income app that can help you earn in dollars.

Using this app, you can share the internet with your friends to make money. Wait, this isn’t the only way_ you can also earn through referrals. When your friend starts earning, you get 10% profit out of it. Isn’t that amazing?

Price: Free 

App rating: 2.9

Withdraw: PayPal (at $20)

Pros Cons 
Easy to useIt’s not a best-rated app
Helps you earn cash Some people don’t like to share data with others
Referral system to boost your income

2. Survey Junkie

Another passive income app for Android or iPhone is_ Survey Junkie, where you get paid for completing surveys based on your interest.

Not only this_ you also get paid for performing many other tasks such as sharing your browsing history, attending any session or setting up your profile.

This is how you can earn dollars effortlessly through this app. If you perform three surveys daily, you can make up to $40 per month.

App rating: 4.4

Sign-up price: Free

Withdraw: PayPal (minimum $10), Bank transfer, Gift cards

Pros Cons 
It provides gift cardsAge restrictions (only 16+)
Offers cashbackNot a productive side hustle
Shows personalized surveysSome surveys can be time-consuming

3. Fundrise

It’s an online investment app that allows investors to buy real estate properties. If you want to get financial freedom, this passive income app is best for you!

You can invest either in small or large real estate projects_ it’s best to invest in different small projects to expand your portfolio and money. I

t’s main product is REIT, especially eREIT(electronic real estate investment trust) to manage all funds. This app constantly updates you about all your investments and tier progress.

There is a separate passive income app for iPhone, that is more convenient and allows you to access all its features.

Sign-up price: Minimum $10 for a starter portfolio

App rating: 4.2

Withdraw: Dividends 

Pros Cons 
Minimum investment to startIlliquid investment
All investors can joinComplex investments
Offers redemption programFees like Annual advisory fees, fundraising plan fees and fund management fee

4. Swagbucks

This passive income app is quite easy and simple, where you earn through various ways_for every 100 SB points, you earn one dollar.

You’ll earn these SB points by answering surveys, completing daily goals and using the Swagbucks search engine.

On average, by taking surveys for at least 20-30 minutes, you can get 30+ SB points. Also, using swag codes and referrals can help you make extra cash.

Sign-up price: Free

App rating: 4.4

Withdraw: PayPal( min $3), Gift cards (min $5)

Pros Cons 
Super easy to useSlow loading 
Diverse options to earn moneyCustomer service is not too fast
Offers gift cards e.g: Walmart, AmazonIt may take time to qualify for surveys

5. Rakuten

Rakuten_previously named Ebates is the most popular passive income app that offers savings and rewards when you shop online or in-store.

When you make a purchase, Rakuten automatically detects purchases from over 35,000 retailers and sends cashback to your account.

After signing up for the first time, you’ll get a $10 bonus with up to 40% cashback. They send your cashback payments every three months.

Sign-up price: Free

App rating: 4.4

Withdraw: PayPal or Check

Pros Cons 
Offers cashback and bonusesPayments only made once per quarter
Easy to install the Chrome extensionSometimes users face glitches
You get savings for shoppingFor people above 18 years 

6. Public.com

Approved by both SEC and FINRA, Public.com is another passive income app for Android and iPhone that works as a regulated broker-dealer.

No matter whether you’re dealing with stocks, crypto, EFTs, alternate assets or any other thing_ you won’t ever regret using this app. Additionally, It allows you to connect with other investors but it doesn’t share your trades with any third party.

It also offers premium services that you can buy to make more informed investment decisions.

Signup price: Free(you’ll also get free stocks)

App rating: 4.7

Promotion: $300+ Account Transfer Bonuses

Pros Cons 
Offers all types of investing optionsCustomer service is not so good
Provides financial guidanceMutual funds aren’t entertained
You can trade alternative assetsLimited investment tools

7. InboxDollars

Are you getting bored but also want to earn money? I’ve a surprise for you! InboxDollars is an amazing passive income app for adults where you’ve fun along with earning some cash quickly.

Signing up for the first time, each user gets a $5 bonus_ isn’t it best?

Also, it offers paid surveys and you’ll receive quick bucks for completing different surveys within a few minutes.

But apart from above all_ the most interesting thing is, it pays you for playing games. It’s fun, indeed! 

Sign-up price: Free

App rating: 4.8

Withdraw: Cash

Pros Cons
You receive money for playing gamesSometimes, users are not paid on time
Offers cashback 

8. FeetFinder.Com

FeetFinder is an app that allows people to make money by selling their feet images. It is only available in some of the Western countries.

You can sign up with some monthly subscription charges to start selling on this app. Sellers also pay a certain commission on each sale.

Sign-up price: Monthly Subscription For Sellers

App rating: N/A

Pros Cons
Make money without showing your faceOnly paid subscription for sellers
Secure platform for paymentsTakes commission from each sale.

Bottom Line

At the end of the month when you run out of money, using passive income apps to earn money is a good idea. I’ve covered many passive income apps for adults in this article_ you can use any of them to earn extra bucks in your spare time.

Some apps require an initial investment, but it depends on you_ whether you want to use an investment app, survey app or shopping app. However, I want to clarify one thing_ all these apps don’t promise any reliable income, so don’t only rely on them.

Now what are you waiting for? Install any passive income app on your Android or iPhone to get handsome cash. I’m sure, your bank account will give me a high-five later!


How can I make $1000/month passively?

You can earn up to $1000/month or even more by renting out spare rooms, tutoring, investing in stocks, freelancing and blogging.

How can I earn passive income on Android?

Many passive income apps for Android can help you make extra money. These include Fiverr, Survey junkie, Swagbucks, M1 Finance, Drop app and many others. 

What apps can make passive income?

Passive income apps that work both for Android and iPhone include Fundrise, Crypto trading, Inbox Dollars, Ember fund, Savvy Connect and many more. Some of them require investment to generate good profit for you.

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