How To Make $1500 Fast: Real Methods To Earn Legit Cash

How To Make $1500 Fast: Real Methods To Earn Legit Cash

Nowadays living a normal life is quite expensive_ increased house rents, high bills, expensive groceries, and much more! You can’t save enough money until you adopt a side hustle.

According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics Report, approximately 5.9 million people in America hold gig economy jobs. Whether you want to pay bills or increase your savings, many ways can help you reach your financial goals. 

During my student life, I’ve experienced many side hustles to earn extra cash. One thing that I want to clear_ you’ll not be able to make $1500 overnight. However, if you’ve free time and put in your efforts, you can get your dream cash quickly.

Are you ready to make $1500 fast from your home? I’m going to share a list of methods on how to make $1500 fast. Roll up your sleeves and read this article to achieve financial freedom! 

How To Make $1500 Fast Online: 7 Authentic Methods

Wondering how to make $1500 fast online? I’ve picked the top authentic methods that I’ve experienced personally. These methods will not only help you make $1500 but you can even earn more! That’s incredible, indeed!

To get started, you just need to know your interests/skills, select a side hustle and you’re good to go!

1. Rent Out Extra Space

Do you own a parking area, house, shop, or any extra room in your home? If yes, then what are you waiting for? You can generate $1500 with even a single rental.

You get paid at the end of the renting period_ which can be a few days, weeks, or months.

If you’re away from home or you have a second home, rent it on Airbnb to make $1500 fast.

If you have a car that’s not in use, list it on Turo for rent. You can rent your parking space on Neighbor to earn dollars quickly.

2. Rideshare

Do you have a vehicle but still searching for how to make $1500 fast online? Luckily, you can earn dollars fast by just taking people to their desired location. 

All you’ve to do is_ download a rideshare free app such as Uber or Lyft and start your journey by meeting new people at your every ride. 

If you need money quickly, you can withdraw your cash at any time and there is no fee. Not only this_ customers pay you a tip if your service is great.

3. Food Delivery Gigs

Are you one who loves solo drives? Food delivery service is a pretty good option for you! These services are super easy and quick. You can deliver meat, groceries, food, home supplies_anything that suits you! 

Using the most popular profitable food delivery apps such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, and GrubHub, you can make $25 per hour.

Most of the apps have an instant payout option(with a small fee), however, you can cash your payments weekly at no cost.

4. Sell Your Items

If you have unused items in your home, get ready to turn them in cash. If you’re thinking about how to make $1500 from home, that’s the best option. Why? Because you get paid instantly as soon as you sell any item.

Some marketplaces where you can sell anything that you want, are listed here:

  • Facebook Marketplace_any item
  • Poshmark_sell clothes and accessories
  • Worthy_sell your jewelry online 
  • eBay
  • Craigslist

5. Cashback Apps

Can you believe some apps pay you cashback instantly? Yes, that’s unbelievable but true! Here, you get paid for shopping_whether online or in-store.

It doesn’t end here_ some apps offer coupons and promo codes to keep extra money in your pocket. While other apps pay you a cashback (its percentage varies from app to app), helping you make $1500 fast.

Some cashback apps that help you earn cash quickly are:

  • Dosh 
  • Ibotta
  • Rakuten 
  • Fetch Rewards

6. Affiliate Marketing

Honestly speaking_ affiliate marketing is a never-ending domain with great earning potential. It involves promoting business services or products via different platforms. Whenever you make a successful sale, you get the commission.

Personally, most of my earnings come through affiliate marketing. In the start, I was making around $500/month but now my earnings have reached $2000+/month solely from affiliate marketing. It took me 3 years to achieve this, but all my hard work was worth it.

If you have social media accounts with certain followers, start working on them to build your audience. You can promote brands and businesses to make $1500 fast from your home.

7. Lose Your Weight

It may sound surprising_ that losing weight can help you achieve your financial goals. You lose your weight and get cash in return, isn’t amazing? Not only cash, they also help you achieve your fitness goals.

On one end, you’re earning a high amount while on the other end, you get healthy too. Apps that offer free money for losing weight are:

  • Evidation
  • DietBet
  • HealthyWage

8. Sell Photos Online

The demand for creative visual content is increasing every day. You can make good money by selling your photos on online websites and apps.

If you have good camera and creative photography skills, go for this passive income side hustle. Introverts who don’t want to show their face can consider platforms like FeetFinder to sell their feet photos instead.

There are many popular places like iStock, Pexels, and Shutterstock that allow photographers to sell their unique images for free. They only take some commission from each sale made for the services on their platform.


Whether you’re in dire need of money and worried about how to make $1500 fast online, you’re in luck! There are plenty of options you can choose to get this high income.

I’ve shared the most authentic methods that won’t make you a millionaire overnight, but you can make $1500 easily by putting in some effort and time.

Try out all the methods and see which one works best for you_however, these methods are for everyone. After all, which method you select, it’s all about your interest.


How can I make $1500 fast as a passive income?

There are plenty of options including launching a course, blogging, starting a YouTube channel, affiliate marketing, and investing in real estate that can give you up to $1500/month.

How do beginners can make passive income online?

You can start with a dropshipping store, small business, affiliate marketing, ridesharing, or food delivery services.

What are the ways to earn income from home?

This is pretty simple, you can earn through online tutoring, renting out your room/car, and pet sitting.

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