38+ Websites That Pay You – Make Money Online In 2023

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38+ Websites That Pay You – Make Money Online In 2023

Websites that pay you have become incredibly popular in the modern digital world, with numerous online income alternatives. These websites offer a variety of methods to monetize your skills, time, and knowledge, whether you want to increase your income, investigate flexible employment opportunities, or earn some extra money.

The online world offers a wide range of options for people to make money from the comfort of their own homes, including freelance platforms, survey websites, and content creation platforms.

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In this article, we’ll look at several trustworthy websites that pay for various online activities, allowing you to start your path to an online income. Here are some of the following that are all as follows:

Websites That Pay You In 2023

❖   Swagbucks: 

Swagbucks is a popular online rewards platform that allows you to earn money by completing surveys, shopping online, watching videos, and searching the web. By engaging in these activities, you can earn Swagbucks, redeemed for gift cards or cash via PayPal.

❖   InboxDollars:

Similar to Swagbucks, InboxDollars is a website where you may make money by completing surveys, reading emails, playing games, and making online purchases. You receive monetary incentives, and when you reach a specific amount, you may request a payment check or gift card as payment.

❖   UserTesting:

You can get paid by UserTesting to evaluate websites and give usability-related feedback. You use the designated websites or apps, carry out the necessary duties, record your voice and screen, and then submit your ideas. Each test typically takes 20 minutes, and payments are commonly paid through PayPal.

❖   Amazon Mechanical Turk:

You can execute short HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) tasks for money on the Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) platform. These duties may involve image tagging, content control, data entry, and more. You can withdraw your money to an Amazon Payments account, and the pay for each work varies.

❖   Rev:

Rev platform provides translation, captioning, and transcription services. You can apply to work as a freelancer and make money by completing these activities. You can get paid weekly via PayPal, and the pay rate depends on the task’s complexity and kind.

❖   Etsy: 

Etsy is an online store specializing in handcrafted goods, original artwork, and vintage stuff. You can open an Etsy shop and sell your goods if you have distinctive ones to sell. You choose your prices, and when someone buys your item, Etsy deducts a little charge; the remainder goes to you.

❖   Patreon:

A membership site called Patreon enables authors to get funding from their followers or supporters. In exchange for a monthly subscription fee, creators can provide their followers with unique content, behind-the-scenes access, or other benefits. Creators are paid through Patreon, and a portion of the subscription payments go to them.

❖   WordPress.com:

Create a personal blog or website on the blogging platform WordPress.com. You can monetize your blog if you like to write and wish to do so by running adverts, participating in affiliate marketing schemes, or providing sponsored material.

Your income will be influenced by variables like website traffic and how well your monetization techniques work.

Websites That Pay You Real Money

Certainly! Other websites that pay you with the potential to make real money are listed below:

➔  Survey Junkie:

A website called Survey Junkie will pay you to complete online questionnaires. You can earn money or gift cards by voicing your ideas on various subjects.

➔  Pinecone Research:

Pinecone Research is a legitimate survey website that compensates you for your input. For completing surveys and testing products, they provide cash rewards.

➔  UpVoice:

UpVoice is a browser add-on that gives points for visiting and using particular websites. Gaining points that can be exchanged for gift cards is possible.

➔  Clickworker: 

A site called Clickworker offers a variety of micro jobs, including data entry, content production, and web research. You are compensated for finishing these activities.

➔  GigWalk:

A mobile app called GigWalk will pay you for completing little jobs or errands in your neighborhood. These duties include taking pictures, validating facts, or inspecting retail displays.

➔  Field Agent:

Another app-based platform that pays you to carry out tasks like mystery shopping, product scanning, and market research is called Field Agent. For every project finished, you receive payment.

➔  Prolific:

Prolific is a website that links academic study participants and researchers. Participating in research projects and surveys is a way to get money.

➔  QuickRewards:

QuickRewards is a website that provides several ways to get money, including completing offers, viewing movies, playing games, and doing surveys. Your winnings can be withdrawn via PayPal or as gift cards.

➔  Lionbridge: 

Lionbridge is a business that provides remote employment opportunities in industries including data annotation, transcription, and translation. You can apply for particular projects, and you’ll be compensated for finishing the tasks you’re given.

Websites That Pay You For Pictures

Here are several websites that provide options to make money from your photos if you’re interested in selling your photos online:

➔  Shutterstock:

One of the biggest stock photography platforms is Shutterstock. You can register as a contributor and post your images for purchase. You receive a royalty for each image that is bought.

➔  FeetFinder:

It is one of the popular marketplaces to sell and buy feet pics online. You need to sign up and get a monthly or yearly subscription. FeetFinder will pay for each sale made on its platform after a 20% service fee for each sale.

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➔  Adobe Stock:

Another well-known site for stock photography where you may sell your images is Adobe Stock. It has a large customer base and works effectively with Adobe Creative Cloud tools.

➔  Getty Images:

Getty Images is a well-known stock photo company that welcomes submissions from photographers of excellent quality. If your images are chosen, they will be made available for licensing, and a portion of the proceeds will go to you.

➔  Alamy:

Alamy is a stock photography platform where you can sell your images and make a profit. They are open to a wide range of topics and writing styles.

➔  500px:

This photographic community provides a marketplace where you may sell your images. Your photos can be used commercially with a license; when they are sold, you can receive royalties.

Websites That Pay You For Services

Certainly! Five reliable websites where you can provide services and get paid are listed below:

➔  Upwork:

Upwork is a reputable freelance marketplace that links companies with independent contractors in various industries. Offering services in writing, graphic design, programming, marketing, and other areas is possible. Clients hire you to complete projects, and you agree to conditions and charges. Upwork offers a safe method of payment.

➔  Fiverr:

On the website known as Fiverr, independent contractors can list their services, known as “gigs,” for as little as $5. You might offer a range of skills, including graphic design, writing, website development, video editing, voice acting, and more. You can raise your fees and charge more for your services as you achieve expertise and rave reviews.

➔  TaskRabbit:

Using the platform TaskRabbit, you may provide nearby services and get compensated. Users can hire you to assemble furniture, fix their homes, help them move, clean, and more. Customers can schedule your services via the platform after you specify your prices and availability.

➔  Guru:

Guru is a platform that links companies with independent contractors in various industries. You can make a profile, list your abilities, and submit job bids. The platform provides many membership tiers with unique features and advantages.

➔  Freelancer:

Freelancer is a worldwide network where you may advertise your services and attract clients. You can set up a profile, review the available projects, and send bids to prospective clients. The Milestone Payment mechanism offered by Freelancer can be used to make payments.

Websites That Pay You To Write

The following are a few of the websites that pay you to write:

❖   Medium:

Medium is a well-known online publication site that enables authors to share their works and make money via the Medium Partner Programme. Your articles may be eligible to earn money when you join the program based on the interaction that they generate from Medium subscribers.

❖   iWriter:

iWriter is a platform for content creation that connects authors with customers that need articles created. You can register as a writer, pick from the available writing assignments, and get paid for each piece you finish. Pay rates may change depending on the client and the writing assignment’s difficulty.

❖   HubPages:

Hub page is a website that pays you with the potential to make it real. You can write articles on various themes on this revenue-sharing website. You can make money from ad impressions and affiliate networks by including ads and affiliate links in your articles.

❖   Listverse:

Listverse is a website that pays you to make intriguing and distinctive lists. If your list is approved and published, you will receive $100 via PayPal.

❖   Income Diary:

Income Diary is a blog on online business and entrepreneurship. They pay authors for content on web development, online marketing, and earning money online.


Several websites pay you for your writing skills. Platforms such as Medium, HubPages, Listverse, and others offer opportunities to earn money by publishing articles or participating in writing contests.

Exploring these websites that pay you can be rewarding to showcase your writing talent and generate income from your passion.

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