18 Side Hustles For Artists To Diversify Their Income

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18 Side Hustles For Artists To Diversify Their Income

Passionate artists strive to make a living doing what they love. Despite this, the art world can be a financially challenging one. As such, many artists have discovered the importance of diversifying their income streams to maintain a sustainable and fulfilling career.

With the rise of the internet and digital platforms, many opportunities are available for artists to showcase their work and generate income creatively. 

This guide will look into the various side hustles for artists, covering everything from selling physical and digital products to leveraging social media, exploring traditional income sources, and more.

If you understand and embrace these alternative income streams, you can expand your reach, enhance your financial stability, and focus on doing what you love most: creating art.

18 Side Hustles For Artists

Below are the four main categories which have a ton of side hustles for artists:

● Physical Products For Artists

● Digital Products For Artists

● Social Media And Content Creation

● Freelance Opportunities For Artists

Let’s discuss them one by one!

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Physical Products For Artists

Artists have a variety of options when it comes to monetizing their talents and exploring side hustles. Let’s discuss some of the most popular physical products that artists can create and sell to generate additional income.

1. Original Art And Commissions

One of the most rewarding side hustles for artists is selling original artwork and offering commissioned pieces. By creating custom art for clients or selling unique pieces that reflect your style, you can generate income while showcasing your abilities.

To promote your work, consider setting up a website or leveraging social media platforms to display your portfolio and attract potential customers. I will talk about this in a later section.

2. Prints And Reproductions

As an artist, you can create high-quality prints and reproductions of your original works to sell at a more affordable price. You can sell your art without breaking the bank through this side hustle.

To cater to different preferences and budgets, offer various print sizes and formats, such as canvas, poster, or framed art.

3. Stickers, Keychains, And Other Merchandise

Diversify your artistic side hustle by creating merchandise featuring your artwork. Stickers, keychains, enamel pins, and other small items are popular among art enthusiasts and can be relatively inexpensive to produce.

This enables you to reach a wider audience and increase your income potential, all while sharing your creativity with the world.

4. Apparel And Accessories

Designing t-shirts, tote bags, and other wearable items featuring your art can be profitable for artists. Etsy and art fairs are good places to sell these items online.

Consider partnering with a print-on-demand service to minimize upfront costs and streamline the production process.

5. Handmade Goods

For artists who enjoy working with their hands, considering creating and selling handmade items is a fun side hustle idea.

Unique products like ornaments, needle-felted toys, or home décor can attract customers and provide an additional income stream.

These items can be sold online or at craft fairs, allowing you to explore new creative outlets while generating income.

Digital Products For Artists

Aside from physical products, artists can explore various digital product opportunities to generate additional income. Below are some popular digital products artists can create and sell as side hustles.

6. Printables And Downloadable Content

Printable content, such as coloring pages, greeting cards, and stationery, can be an excellent side hustle for artists. Customers can download and print these items at home, providing an affordable and convenient way to enjoy your art.

Consider creating themed collections or holiday-specific designs to appeal to a broad audience and keep your offerings fresh and relevant.

7. Design Assets And Templates

Creating design assets, such as fonts, icons, and patterns, can be a profitable side hustle for artists. Sell these resources on platforms like Creative Market, where other designers can use them in their projects, providing a passive income stream.

Additionally, offering social media and Notion templates can be lucrative, as many businesses and individuals seek unique and professional designs for their online presence.

8. Digital Art Tutorials And Courses

Sharing your artistic expertise through tutorials, courses, or Skillshare classes can be a rewarding and profitable side hustle for artists. Create content that demonstrates your techniques, provides tips for other artists, or teaches specific skills.

By offering valuable insights and guidance, you can help aspiring artists improve their abilities while generating income from your knowledge.

9. Coaching And Mentorship Services

Offer coaching or mentorship services to aspiring artists as a side hustle, either as a standalone service or as part of a Patreon tier. You can help others develop their skills and achieve their artistic goals by providing personalized feedback, advice, and support. This side hustle lets you share your expertise while building connections within the creative community.

Social Media And Content Creation

Social media, content creation, and other avenues provide artists with numerous opportunities for showcasing their talents and generating income.

10. YouTube And Live Streaming

Many artists have successfully shared their creative process on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Ad revenue, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing can all provide additional income streams. 

Engaging with your audience through live streams can also lead to donations, memberships, and increased sales of your products, making this a promising side hustle for artists.

11. Patreon And Exclusive Content

Creating a Patreon account allows artists to offer exclusive content and rewards to subscribers in exchange for monthly support.

Consider offering tiered subscription options with varying levels of access and rewards, such as early access to shop updates, discount codes, exclusive prints, or priority commission slots. This side hustle can help build a loyal fan base and provide artists with a steady income stream.

12. Art Fairs, Conventions, And Galleries

Participating in art fairs, conventions, and gallery exhibitions can be an excellent side hustle for artists, allowing them to showcase their work, network with other professionals, and generate sales.

You can find opportunities aligned with your artistic style and goals by researching events in your area or within your niche.

13. Funded Artist Residencies And Grants

Many organizations offer funded artist residencies and grants, providing financial support and resources for artists to focus on their work.

As a side hustle for artists, research opportunities within your field and apply to programs that align with your creative goals. Additionally, these experiences can help you expand your professional network and build your portfolio.

14. Art Education And Instruction

Teaching art can be a fulfilling and profitable side hustle for artists. Consider offering private tutoring, teaching classes at a local community center or art studio, or even pursuing a higher-education career as an art professor. 

These opportunities can provide a stable income while allowing you to share your passion and expertise with others, enriching the artistic community.

15. Sell Feet Pics

Feet pics come under digital products that can be sold for money using online marketplaces and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

FeetFinder, Feetify, and FunWithFeet are some of the popular platforms to start selling feet pics and make passive money through this side hustle.

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Freelance Opportunities For Artists

Freelance work can provide artists with various opportunities to generate income while working on diverse and exciting projects. Below are some freelance side hustles for artists across different industries.

16. Concept Art, Storyboarding, And Game Development

Many artists find freelance work in the entertainment industry, creating concept art, storyboards, or assets for film, animation, and game development projects.

Artists can secure lucrative freelance jobs as a side hustle by developing their portfolios and networking with professionals.

17. Book Illustration And Editorial Illustration

Illustrating books, magazines, and other publications can be profitable for artists. Research publishers and publications within your niche to find opportunities for freelance work. 

Developing a distinctive style and strong portfolio can help you stand out in this competitive field and attract clients looking for talented illustrators.

18. Package Design And Web Design

Artists with design skills can find freelance work creating packaging for products or designing websites as a side hustle. These projects often require a combination of artistic talent and technical expertise, making them a great fit for artists with diverse skill sets. 

To succeed in this side hustle, consider honing your abilities in various design software and staying up to date with industry trends.

Final Thoughts

There are countless side hustles available to artists who want to diversify their income and explore new creative outlets.

If you leverage your unique talents and skills, you can build a thriving career that allows you to pursue your passion for art while enjoying financial stability.

Experiment with different side hustles to find the ones that align with your goals and interests, and don’t be afraid to adapt and evolve as your needs and the market change.

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