Best Side Hustle Apps To Make Money With Ease

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Best Side Hustle Apps To Make Money With Ease

In today’s emerging digital world, the gig economy has opened doors to a myriad of side hustle opportunities that cater to various interests and skill sets.

From scooter charging and car rentals to pet-sitting and food delivery, there is an abundance of apps designed to help you maximize your earning potential and achieve your financial goals. 

In this guide, we will look at some of the best side hustle apps available, including Bird, Lime, Turo, Rover, Wag, Instacart, DoorDash, Tiktok, and Candlestick, and discuss their earning potential, time commitment, and unique features.

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No matter if you are looking for a fun way to supplement your income or a more serious approach to generating passive income, this article will help you navigate the diverse world of side hustle apps and make informed decisions based on your personal preferences and goals.

10 Best Side Hustle Apps To Make Money

1. Scooter Charging Apps 

One of the most popular and profitable side hustle apps is the scooter charging apps like Bird and Lime. The concept of scooter charging apps is straightforward. Users collect electric scooters they see in the city, charge them, and place them back where they are needed. 

The app pays you for every scooter you charge, and the amount you earn depends on the number of scooters you collect. 

On average, you can earn anywhere between $4 to $700 per day, depending on your efforts and the location you are in.

Scaling Up With Warehouse Space

Some individuals have taken their scooter charging side hustle to the next level by scaling up into a 24-hour operation. They rent out their warehouse space to other scooter chargers and charge a 25% fee for the use of the space.

This way, they not only earn money from charging scooters themselves but also from renting out the space.

Keep In Mind

While scooter charging apps can be a lucrative side hustle, it does involve manual labor. You have to physically go around and collect the scooters, charge them, and place them back where they are needed.

This manual labor might not be suitable for everyone, and some people might prefer other side hustle apps that require less physical exertion.

2. Turbo Car Rental App

The Turo platform is a peer-to-peer car-sharing service that allows owners to rent out their vehicles. To get started, car owners need to sign up for Turo and list their cars on the platform.

Once their car is listed, people who need a car for a short period of time can search for available cars on Turo, select the car they want, and book it for the desired dates. 

Turo takes care of the payment process, insurance, and customer support, while the car owner earns money by renting out their car.

Revenue Potential With Turo

Several factors determine your earnings with Turo, including the type of vehicle you own and your location. On average, an $11,000 car will generate about $1,350 in revenue after subtracting insurance, maintenance, and Turo fees. 

To make Turo a truly passive income stream, you can work with a Turo management company for a fee of 30% of your revenue. This will bring your cash flow down to around $313.50 per month. 

However, if you choose to manage your Turo account yourself, you can earn more money, but you will also have to spend more time managing your car.

Time Commitment

On average, Turo hosts spend about seven hours per week managing their cars. This includes cleaning the car, communicating with renters, and arranging for the car to be picked up and dropped off. 

If you choose to work with a Turo management company, this time commitment can be reduced, but your earnings will also be lower.

3. Pet-Sitting Apps

Pet-sitting is a popular side hustle for people who love animals, especially dogs. Apps like Rover and Wag have made pet sitting easier and more convenient with the rise of the gig economy. These apps allow you to locate nearby pet owners.

4. Rover

Taking care of people’s pets in your local area with Rover can earn you up to $500 per month. Rover is a great side hustle option, whether you love dogs or not. It’s easy to use and connects you with pet owners who need help with their pets.

5. Wag

Wag is another pet-sitting app where you can earn money by walking or babysitting pets. With Wag, you can earn $15 for a drop-in visit, $15 per walk, and even up to $59 per night by boarding a dog.

The app is a great option for people who love pets and are looking for a side hustle that is both fun and profitable.

6. Trusted House Sitters

Trusted House Sitters is a unique pet-sitting app that allows you to house-sit for pets in exchange for a free place to stay. By house-sitting for pets, you can save money on your hotel expenses while also getting to spend time with some furry friends.

7. Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery apps have become increasingly popular in the gig economy, offering individuals the opportunity to earn extra income by delivering food to customers. There are many well-known apps in this category, including Instacart, DoorDash, Postmates, and Uber Eats.

Earnings Potential With Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery app drivers can expect to earn about $20 per hour, on average. However, this amount does not take into account additional expenses such as gas, maintenance, or depreciation of the vehicle being used for deliveries.

Limitations Of Food Delivery Apps As A Side Hustle

It’s important to note that while food delivery apps can provide a convenient source of income, they are not a guaranteed path to financial wealth.

The pay for food delivery drivers is generally lower than other side hustle opportunities, and the earning potential may not be enough to significantly enhance one’s overall financial situation.

8. TikTok

With TikTok, you can earn money in multiple ways. With the app’s growing user base and the increasing popularity of social media, Tiktok presents a unique opportunity for users to make a significant amount of money.

Affiliate Marketing On TikTok

TikTok provides a platform for users to promote products and services through affiliate marketing. Using your unique link to promote the Shopify affiliate program, for example, you could earn $150 per sale. 

Creator Fund on TikTok

The Creator Fund on TikTok provides an opportunity for users to earn money by participating in the app’s ecosystem. By creating engaging content and building a following, you can receive a share of the Creator Fund and make money with TikTok.

Selling Services on TikTok

TikTok is not just a platform for promoting products and services, but it can also be used as a marketplace for selling your own services.

Whether you’re a freelancer offering services such as photography, writing, or graphic design, TikTok provides a platform for you to reach a large audience and make money.

9. Candlestick – An Investment App

Candlestick is an innovative investment app that uses artificial intelligence to provide users with stock picks, ratings, and insights.

The app has a proven track record of outperforming the stock market, having achieved this nine out of twelve times in the years 2021 and 2022. This makes it a valuable tool for anyone looking to make money through investments.

One of the key features that set Candlestick apart from other investment apps is its ability to adapt to users’ specific strategies. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a beginner, Candlestick can provide you with customized stock picks that align with your goals and risk tolerance.

This makes it easy for users to make informed investment decisions and to potentially see a good return on their investment.

10. Feet Pics Selling Apps

Modeling agencies, footwear businesses, and brands buy feet pics for their marketing needs. So it can be picked as a money-making side hustle for both males and females.

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There are both paid and free platforms for foot pics selling. Chose the best one and sign up to get started. FeetFinder, Instagram, Feetify, and InstaFeet are some of the well-known places for this purpose.


The gig economy offers numerous side hustle opportunities through apps like Bird, Lime, Turo, Rover, Wag, Instacart, DoorDash, Tiktok, and Candlestick. These platforms cater to various interests, including scooter charging, car rental, pet-sitting, food delivery, social media, and investment.

Consider your personal preferences, potential earnings, and time commitment when choosing the best side hustle app. If you choose the best side hustle apps, you can achieve your financial goals and enjoy a fulfilling experience as you explore new income streams in today’s fast-paced digital world.

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