How To Make Money Without A Job? (18 Legit Ways)

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How To Make Money Without A Job? (18 Legit Ways)

Global recession and pandemic have badly impacted businesses. People are struggling with careers and jobs as per their portfolios. Continuous laydowns are being reported.

Even Tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft are reducing their manpower. The reasons are obvious like expenses, inflation, and the role of modern technology.

Artificial Intelligence is considered the biggest threat to jobs. It can perform multi-tasks without any human intervention. Many businesses are already adopting and investing in AI.

That means job security is reducing these days. So we have explored 18 legit ways to make money without a job.

20 Ways To Make Money Without A Job

Become A Copywriter

Copywriters are one of the highest-paid individuals due to the nature of their job. They invent catchy slogans, ad copy, and taglines for businesses. Big brands hire them to push their established audience for more sales.

Learn the basics of crafting copies for your clients. AI tools like ChatGPT have reduced the work to half by generating copy ideas in bulk.

Sell Feet Pics Online

Selling feet pics online is another unique way to generate passive income. Anyone can start this side hustle on Facebook and Instagram with their ordinary smartphone.

However, you can buy a professional camera and sign up on feet pics selling marketplaces like FeetFinder by paying monthly or annual subscription charges.

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Start Your Own Blog

Niche blogging is still a relevant thing to do as a side hustle. Just pick up the less competitive niche and monetize your traffic in several ways.

It only costs a few hundred dollars to create your blog using WordPress CMS. However, you need to learn the basics of SEO, content marketing, and SEO content writing to become successful.

Become Online Tutor

Online tutors are still in-demand post-pandemic circumstances. If you are good at any subject or skill, make money by sharing your knowledge with others.

Sign up on any online tuition platform or join an agency to earn passively. You may need a PC or laptop with good quality webcam for online classes.

Offer Dog Walking Services

Being a dog walker can be a fun and resource to earn good money. If you love dogs then this can be the best way to cash it.

Look for dog walking opportunities in your vicinity or go through online marketplaces for such services. Just a basic understanding of dog behavior and passion is enough to get started.

Sell Your Crafts On Etsy

Etsy is a famous e-commerce platform to sell handmade stuff, jewelry, and vintage items. Your product should be unique and quality must not be compromised.

Use social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for marketing campaigns. Try to establish a mix of organic and paid social media marketing strategies for the best outcomes.

Start Your YouTube Channel

The demand for video content is increasing with time. There are thousands of creators who are millionaires by monetizing their YouTube channels.

If you don’t want to show your face then Cashcow channels are the best way to get started. Just regularly publish useful content and do SEO optimization for better results.

User Testing

Get paid to test digital products like tools, software, apps, and websites. Businesses and development agencies look for individuals who can try them before final delivery.

They pay users to find out loopholes in their products. The aim is to give the best user experience on their platform.

Start Affiliate Marketing

Businesses and brands pay publishers, influencers, and paid marketers for bringing sales. Sign up for an individual product or a network to start promoting different products.

YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest are the best ways to earn commission by endorsing different products to your followers

Flip Websites

Websites are digital assets that can be sold for physical money. There are many online platforms like EmpireFlippers and Flippa to sell websites.

You must learn the valuation methods and tips to buy websites at the best price. Flipping marketplaces are used for both buying and selling purposes.

For example, you buy a website X for $5000 through successful bidding. You can resell it for $7000 or more to those wanna buy digital assets for passive income streams.

Participate In Online Surveys

There are many paid survey platforms like Survey Junkie and Swag Bucks. Where you can earn money by participating in different surveys.

The money can be easily withdrawn into your PayPal. However, you shouldn’t expect big as they pay a small amount of money for each survey. It can be fair to cover the additional expenses like internet bills etc.

Become TikTok Influencer

If you are living in a country that allows TikTok, become a TikTok content creator. Influencers make more money than CEOs of reputable brands and businesses.

Just share your stuff like crafting, painting, and dancing skills to entertain the audience with your creativity. TikTok influencers earn money through paid promotions, sponsored/featured posts, and product endorsements.

Sell Canva Premium Templates

Canva is an online graphic designing tool that helps in designing attractive images and editing short videos. It has a library of premade templates for beginners with no designing experience.

You can design social media posters, and Instagram templates by using Canva. Sell these designs on freelance marketplaces and on your own website in the form of monthly subscription charges.

Canva allows shareable image templates through a link and can be redesigned as per the custom requirements.

Sell Photos Online

Publishers, media houses, and Magazines always look for unique images and video content for their needs. If you have exceptional photography skills then this can be a great way to monetize them.

Buy a basic professional camera and start capturing high-quality images. Platforms like GettyImages, Deposit Photos, iStock, and Shutterstock pay you money by selling your images.

Proofreading And Editing Of AI Content

People are becoming AI-adaptive with time. They use AI tools like ChatGPT to create bulk content for their blogs. However, they need individuals to edit and optimize AI content with the human touch.

This is one of the easiest jobs that doesn’t require any extraordinary skills. Basic SEO and content writing understanding are enough. Sign up as a seller on Fiverr and Upwork freelance marketplaces to hunt relevant jobs.

Write An E-Book

If you are unemployed and struggling to make money then this could be a better option. Write an E-book with the help of ChatGPT and sell it online.

It can be on any topic that people love to read including fiction, stories for kids, personal branding, and business handling.

Start A Podcast

If you have good communication skills and a grip on current affairs, start your own podcast. This is one of the trending ideas for the unemployed to make money.

You may need a good investment to buy costly equipment like Podcast mics, lighting material, professional cameras, and high-performance laptops for video editing.

Guest Posting Services

The high competition in SERP has increased the demand for content marketing. Guest posting is good for making money without a job. Find out the niche-relevant websites with good organic traffic and authority. Make a deal for blog post publishing at an affordable price.

Look for clients having relatively new businesses and startups for pitching. They need guest posting services to increase authority and online visibility. Platforms like Adsy and iCopify are the best places to start guest posting work.


The above methods are best to make money without a job. Whatever, you choose to get started, stick to it. There should be a good understanding and passion for your choice.

Most people get bored in a few weeks and quit. Always do in-depth research before finalizing. There are always numerous opportunities if you rightly put in your efforts.

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