5 Common Fiverr Seller Mistakes You Must Avoid In 2023

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5 Common Fiverr Seller Mistakes You Must Avoid In 2023

Fiverr is one of the world’s top three freelance marketplaces. Fiverr is an Israeli-origin company and its headquarters is established in Tel Aviv.

It earned $52.3 Million in the third quarter of the financial year 2020 with an 88% surge over the year.

At the start, it struggled with its new and innovative mindset. People were a little bit uncomfortable with this unique and non-traditional marketplace. Being a level two Fiverr seller I have got some must-know things before using this platform.

In the beginning, most people struggle but later get familiar with it. If you are a Fiverr seller you must know that it is a buyer-oriented marketplace.

Fiverr Seller Mistakes

It cares for buyers more than sellers. So don’t risk your profile by creating a dispute with a buyer.

After having one year of experience, I have below 5 suggestions for new and existing Fiverr sellers.

Common Mistakes You Must Avoid On Fiverr

Sharing Personal Contact Details

Fiverr is more concerned about platform security and a safe environment. Sometimes buyers ask you to share your personal contact details like,

  • Sharing your phone number, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Email address, and any other personal contact information.

This behavior is strictly banned by the site. Its bots will immediately detect the activity, and your account will be suspended for this violation. Fiverr emphasizes its buyers and sellers use its platform for all communications.

Its policy is to curb the outside deals. The aim is to build a scam-free platform for its customers.

If you want to work for the long term in this marketplace, We will advise you to refrain from this venture.

Sharing Payment Information

Fiverr doesn’t allow its users to share their personal payment information with each other. If you ask the buyer for personal payment information, you will be suspended by Fiverr.

Why does Fiverr prohibit outside payments?

Fiverr is more concerned about its buyers for a secure arena. It asks buyers and sellers to use Fiverr to fight shy of fraud and scams.

Sharing bank information is clearly a violation of Fiverr TOS, followed by account termination.

You should be clear about sharing or asking for payment information on this site. If a buyer insists you pay outside, tell him politely about the consequences.

Don’t Spam or Abuse Fiverr

Fiverr restricts its users from practicing immoral and disrespectful things on its platform. Here are some serious violations that may lead to account suspension or deactivation.

  • Be professional and polite to the buyers.
  • Avoid abusive talk and offensive communication.
  • Don’t spam your buyers with useless messages.
  • Don’t force buyers to talk or accept your offers. The buyer may report you to Fiverr if he gets annoyed. In case, the buyer report is valid, you will suffer the account suspension or termination.

Creating Multiple Accounts

Fiverr restrains its users from creating multiple accounts. If you make multiple accounts on one PC or mobile, Fiverr will temporarily or permanently ban your account.

Basically, its bots keep a close watch on your IP address activity. Here are some key notes to remember as a Fiverr seller.

  • Creating multiple accounts on the same device is prohibited.
  • Don’t log in to any other account within the same browser.
  • If you are using the same internet connection for multiple accounts, this is risky.
  • If you want to log in to another Fiverr account in the same browser, clean the cookies and cache before.
  • Fiverr monitors the account’s suspicious activity, so avoid playing with Fiverr.
  • If you have a family member or a friend in the same house, I will recommend using a separate PC and internet connection.

Purchasing Your Own Gig/Demanding Review

When you deliver the project, the client marks the order as completed. At the same time, a feedback pop-up comes in, and feedback is given or neglected by the buyer.

However, asking the buyer for a review/feedback is strictly not allowed.

  • Don’t ask the buyer for a 5-star rating or insist on feedback.
  • Rating is clearly the buyer’s subject so just try to satisfy him/her with your work.
  • Some buyers don’t like to be insisted on for feedback. If you force them, they will report you, and you will suffer.
  • I have observed purchased reviews practice, which is lethal in terms of violations. Buying reviews is unethical and against the TOS.
  • Don’t buy your own gig.
  • If a buyer gives average or negative feedback, don’t mess with him/her for change.
  • If a buyer forgets to give feedback, just let this go.


Being a Level-1 Fiverr seller, I have compiled the above instructions to the best of my experience. Fiverr is closer to its buyers. Some people call it the buyers union.

My personal opinion is to avoid any dispute, as you will not get the significant courtesy of Fiverr support. Fiverr reviews your gigs, profile, and inbox after some period.

You have to make sure that you don’t get any TOS warnings.

Even to approach Fiverr support,  Any violation of their TOS will be followed by a penalty. I propose you work on multiple sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Warnings Do You Get On Fiverr?

Fiverr will suspend or permanently deactivate your account after the third warning of the TOS violation.

Does Fiverr Monitor Conversations?

Yes, Fiverr monitors conversations between buyers and sellers to keep its platform safe.
The prime objective is to discourage personal information (Phone Number, Email, Social Media Links) sharing.

What Happens IF Buyer Reports Me On Fiverr?

If you have done something wrong like misbehaving or delivering low-quality work, buyers may report your profile to the support team.
It may end up in a warning, account suspension, or permanent ban on Fiverr.

What Is Not Allowed In Fiverr?

Fiverr is a professional place to sell or buy services and doesn’t allow any dishonesty. It has strict terms and if someone violates them, the Fiverr account will be terminated.

Why Does Fiverr Ban A Seller Account?

If a seller does a scam or fraud with buyers, 3 warnings are served by the Fiverr. Severe and repeated TOS violations cause permanent ban of Fiverr account.

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