What Are Fiverr Levels? How They Actually Work?

What Are Fiverr Levels?

Fiverr is one of the emerging freelance marketplaces in the world. It declares more than 2.5 Million registered sellers onboard. Fiverr designates different levels to its popular and well-rated sellers. These levels are divided into different categories. Fiverr levels are awarded on the 15th of every month. At this time, Fiverr evaluates the preferment and decides to promote a seller to the next level. Sometimes if a seller fails to maintain these requirements, he faces a level demotion as well. 

What is Fiverr New Seller?

When a new person/seller joins the Fiverr website, he is listed as a buyer or seller. If you want to become a Fiverr seller, you have to make your gig in your profile.

Stay Inside

After accomplishing a complete and active gig, a seller is endorsed with a new seller badge. Meanwhile, your evaluation period starts ticking. If you are looking for the next levels, you have to suffice specific pre-requisites assigned by the marketplace.

There are two types of conditions you have to fulfill for next-level promotion.

  1. Next Level Requirements
  2. Standards to Maintain

Fiverr next level requirements are revised on each level of achievement. Here are a few things you should know about.

What are the Standards to Maintain?

Fiverr Levels Standards to Maintain

There are 4 standards you have to maintain during each evolution. If you fail in a single one, you will not be considered for advancement. During an evolution time, if you fail to maintain these standards, your level is also declined.

Response Rate:

You have to answer 90% of messages or inquiries in the last 60 days. Fiverr counts only the first message by the new buyer or seller as an inbox inquiry. This standard is permanent, and you have to maintain this.

Order Completion:

In Fiverr, you have to maintain a 90% order completion rate in the last 60 days. If you drop your order completion rate below 90, you will miss your next level or lose your current level.

What Is Fiverr Pro? How To Become?

Fiverr has an elite brigade of highly skilled and seasoned freelancers known as Fiverr Pros.

On-Time Delivery:

Fiverr starts an order’s countdown or delivery time when the buyer submits its order requirements. You can start the order clock by skipping the requirements as well. If the buyer doesn’t submit requirements, Fiverr keeps such orders in pending status, which doesn’t spoil your profile. You have to deliver the order before the deadline. 

Late Delivery:

A one-minute delay will mark the order as late, and you will face a penalty. If you can not complete the order on the given deadline, you must submit an order extension request to your buyer. If the buyer accepts your request, you will get extra time for the delivery. You have to complete at least 90% of your orders on time throughout the last 60 days.

Positive Rating:

After closing each order, Fiverr gives its buyers an option to rate the seller’s services. Most of the buyers choose to rate the services experience. However, some of them ignore it as well. The overall rating count is five stars. You have to maintain a 4.7 or above rating through the last 60 days.

Note: If you force your buyer to rate you or change any previous rating, you will get a Fiverr warning. Asking a buyer for a review or 5-star review is against Fiverr’s TOS.

Fiverr Level 1 Criteria:

Fiverr Seller Level 1

The first level which is awarded to the sellers on their profile display is level one. There are standards that you have to achieve for advancement.

  • The very first requirement is selling seniority. It should be 60 days having no level or new seller.
  • You have to complete at least 10 orders all the time.
  • You have to earn at least $400 all the time from your completed orders.
  • Fiverr strikes a warning to its seller on violating its TOS(Terms of Service). You have to complete the last 30 days without any TOS warning.

If you maintain the above criteria and the overall standards to keep, you move to Level 1. If you miss any of the eight conditions mentioned earlier, you will miss the promotion.

Fiverr Level 2 Requirements:

FIverr Seller Level 2

The succeeding level after Level 1 is Level 2, awarded by Fiverr. There are the same standards to maintain for this level, but the requirements are revised.

  1. You have to spend at least 120 days as a Fiverr active seller or level 1 seller.
  2. You have to complete at least 50 orders all the time to get promoted to level 2.
  3. Your overall earnings should be $2000 for a level 2 promotion.
  4. You have to spend at least 30 days without a TOS violation warning.

Fiverr Top Rated Seller Requirements:

Fiverr Top Rated Seller

The last and the topmost level for the Fiverr seller is top rated. If you want to become a top-rated seller, you must battle the previous 60 days’ standards to maintain. The additional requirements are as follows.

  1. You have to complete at least 100 orders number all the time.
  2. A seller has to produce $20,000 earnings for the top-rated eligibility standards.
  3. You have to spend at least 180 days as Fiverr Level 2 and an active seller.
  4. There should be no TOS warning in the last 30 days. 

All the levels mentioned above are conferred over the completion of the requirements except the top-rated. When you are eligible for the top-rated status and meet all required conditions, the Fiverr team evaluates your all progress and profile at the marketplace. 

Then a Fiverr support team member interviews you online. If he recommends you and the overall decibels for the top-rated, you are promoted as a top-rated seller. Most of the people remain in pending status after the completion of the requirements. It is Fiverr who decides to favor you or not.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do The Different Levels Mean In Fiverr?

Fiverr levels are associated with your performance and seniority in the marketplace. You need to fulfill certain criteria and conditions to achieve the next level in Fiverr. A high-rated seller can create more gigs, become Fiverr’s Choice and get gig promotion perks by Fiverr.

What Is Better On Fiverr Level 1 Or Level 2?

Fiverr algorithm usually gives more search opportunities to new and level 1 sellers. If you are a level 2 seller then you must rely on Fiverr gig promotion and some permanent clients. It is considered hard to rank on level 2.

How Many Levels Are There For Fiverr Sellers?

If you start today you will get a new seller status on Fiverr. Next Fiverr has 3 levels for sellers.
1. Level 1
2. Level 2
3. Top Rated

How Many Gigs Level 1 Seller Can Create?

Level 1 Fiverr seller can create a maximum of 10 gigs.

How Many Gigs Level 2 Seller Can Create?

Fiverr level 2 sellers can create a maximum of 20 gigs.

How Do You Become Level 3 Seller On Fiverr?

In fact, level 3 doesn’t exist on Fiverr. You will be considered a top-rated seller instead of a level 3 seller.

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