How to Delete Upwork Account In 4 Easy Steps?

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How to Delete Upwork Account In 4 Easy Steps?

Upwork is one of the top-rated freelance marketplaces. It is the hub of highly-skilled entrepreneurs and freelancers.

In this guide, we will show you how to delete your Upwork account in four easy steps.

How To Delete Upwork Account?

Follow this tutorial to delete Upwork account in 4 easy steps.


You need to login into your Upwork account by using your email/username or Google account.

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Delete Upwork Account Step 1


In order to delete your Upwork account or profile click on the settings button

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Delete Upwork Account Step 2


In the next to delete Upwork account find the close account option in your settings bar.

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Delete Upwork Account Step 3


In the last and final step to delete an Upwork account, you only have to press the Close My Account button within your account section.

Things To Do Before Upwork Account Deletion

There are some restrictions to deleting the Upwork account. Learn about the Upwork terms and regulations for account deletion below.

  • If you attempt to delete your Upwork account, it will be removed permanently and can not be recovered
  • If you have any unfinished contracts in your account, then you must complete or remove them to delete your Upwork account
  • You must clear and withdraw all your funds before venturing into account deletion
  • Remove all your proposals, whether you are a freelancer or a client
  • There should be no active contracts, funds, pending payments, and members associated with buyers or agency owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Upwork Good For Beginners?

Upwork is a spot for skilled and professional freelancers. Usually, beginners struggle with no portfolio.
It is better to try out other marketplaces like Fiverr, Guru etc.

How Do I Get My First Job on Upwork?

Complete your 100% profile on Upwork, and add some portfolio. Bid on less-priced projects with a catchy proposal.
Use search filters to find jobs that have fewer bids and higher chances of proposal viewing.

Can You Delete Upwork Account?

Yes, you can easily delete your Upwork account by following the above steps.

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