7 Best Affiliate Networks to Earn Passive Income in 2022

Affiliate networks have reduced the headache of the publisher and the advertiser by offering a collaborative mechanism.

As per Statista’s research report, the affiliate marketing cape will hit $8.2 alone in the US by the year 2022. It proves the popularity of affiliate marketing is still on the rise. Google trends data also shows a 200% rise in the popularity of affiliate marketing since 2015. Affiliate networks are the best source to make a good and constant passive income. Today we are going to discuss the trending seven best affiliate networks in 2022.

 In another report, it is found that more than 35% of the affiliates make $20k plus annual revenue. These stats show how game-changing it could be for you as well.

Let’s get started with the best affiliate networks in 2022.

1. Amazon Associate Program

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Image: Amazon

Amazon associate program is the world’s most celebrated and oldest affiliate network, which serves more than 900k active affiliates. It started back in 1996 and has a huge stock of digital and physical products.

Why Amazon Associate?

  • One of the oldest and reliable affiliate networks
  • B+ better business bureau rating
  • Owned and backed by Amazon
  • High chances of ranking in Google search results
  • Valued over $1 Trillion
  • Massive e-commerce offerings
  • Multiple payout options like gift certificates, direct deposit, and email checks
  • Minimum $10 payout

Drawbacks of Amazon Associate

  • Long payout schedule (After the 60 days of the commission earning month)
  • Maximum 10% commission rate
  • Can’t use Amazon affiliate links in your emails

Is Amazon Assciate Best Affiliate Network For You?

Amazon Associate is in the world’s top affiliate networks with high conversion rates. The Amazon associate sign-up process is free and quick, probably a matter of seconds for all. You have a huge stock of physical products, digital products, books, pet items, and thousands of others in many categories in one place.

It has a trustworthy and deep analytics facility in the associate dashboard. Your affiliate association will not be suspended if you are unable to earn a commission for a long time.

2. ShareASale Affiliate Network

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Image: ShareASale

In the search for the best affiliate networks, ShareASale is the second-best option. It has more than 2,25,000 active publishers and 16,500+ merchants. It was founded in 2000 and held many popular brands and exclusive merchants on board.

Why ShareASale Affiliate Program?

  • A+ better business bureau rating
  •  3850+ affiliate products in more than 40 categories
  • Monthly payout with minimum payment threshold of $50
  • Publishers can get their payment via wire transfer, email checks, direct deposit, and Payoneer as well.
  • Best for business, home and gardening, and fashion products lovers
  • Offers CPA, CPL, CPS, CPC

Drawbacks of ShareASale

  • No PayPal transfer
  • Sign Up limitations in some countries

Why Should You Join ShareASale Affiliate Network?

Digital products and tools like Grammarly, NameCheap, and WP Rocket offer a high rate with the recurring commission. It also provides a wide variety of physical and pet products.

ShareASale is one of the favorite affiliate networks of many publishers, affiliate marketers, and bloggers. One can also earn commission by promoting ShareASale itself. That is why it is ranked as the top affiliate network.

3. CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction)

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Image: CJ

CJ affiliate was earlier a commission junction which started functioning in 1998. It also has a reputation of over two decades, with thousands of affiliate products listed for marketers to promote and earn passively.

Why CJ Affiliate Network?

  • A+ better business bureau rating
  • More than 3100 affiliate merchants listing
  •  Best for digital products and software 
  •  Real-time reporting through the affiliate dashboard
  • Affiliation with Alliance Data Systems
  • Monthly payments model combining all your earnings at one place
  •  Supports CPC, CPS, CPA, and CPL
  • Direct deposit and email checks payout methods
  • Minimum payout $50 for direct deposit and $100 for email checks

Drawbacks of CJ Affiliate

  • If you fail to earn any commission in the course of six months. Your account will be deactivated and need to reapply for the program
  •  No Paypal and Payoneer payouts

Why Should You Join CJ Affiliate?

CJ Affiliate is the best affiliate network for those who have a moderate or well-established audience. CJ Affiliate advertisers offer multiple and flexible banners for the publishers. So you can choose the most performing ad of your choice and place it on your website.

If you are looking for long-term affiliate activity, then CJ is one of the recommended top affiliate networks. It comes with some restrictions as well. It is a wise choice for advanced affiliate marketers. It offers advanced stats through a toolbox.

4. Impact Radius Affiliate Network

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Image: Impact

Impact, also known as Impact radius, was founded in 2008 with a new affiliate marketing model. The impact work model is different from other affiliate networks. It facilitates the direct relationship between the publisher and the advertiser.

Impact gives direct access to an affiliate marketplace where one can find an advertiser and request to join.

Why Impact Radius Affiliate Program?

  • Offers computer, electronics technology,, and lifestyle products
  • Over 500 commission types including CPS, CPL, CPA
  •  Control and deep data
  • Custom links for approved brands
  • Brands like Airbnb, Adidas, and the Banana Republic on Impact radius
  • $25 to $5000 payment threshold
  • Bank ACH, direct deposit, checks, and wire transfer supported

Drawbacks of Impact Radius

  • No PayPal transfer
  • 30 days payment hold period before withdrawal

Why Should You Join Impact Radius?

It has a personal dashboard for both advertisers and publishers. It owns a significant network of brands and affiliate tools. New advertisers keep coming to this advanced affiliate support system. Like No.1 digital marketing tool Semrush recently quit ShareASale and joined Impact. Its migration team helps to migrate from previous affiliate networks.

5. MaxBounty Affiliate Network

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Image: MaxBounty

Max Bounty is one of the best CPA networks in the affiliate market. It was launched in 2004. In such cost-per-action networks, the advertiser pays for a specific action like link click, form submission, or a download performed by the user.

Why MaxBounty?

  • One of the best CPA network
  • Best for health and fitness and real estate product lovers
  • Account managers
  • Training program for affiliate marketing beginners
  •  Supports wire transfer, direct deposit, email check, PayPal, Payoneer, and Bitcoin payouts
  • Minimum payout limit of $100
  • Supports CPA, CPL

Drawbacks of MaxBounty

  • Time-consuming sign up process
  • $100 security deposit to create an account
  • Fewer merchants as compared to other affiliate networks
  • The strict and rigid system

Why Should You Join MaxBounty?

CPA-based networks are best if you are looking to earn from promoting web services like downloads, surveys, and form submissions. Such platforms are also called performance-based affiliate programs.

It is best for those who are experts in conversion rate optimization.

6. ClickBank Affiliate Network

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Image: ClickBank

ClickBank bank is another popular and well-rated affiliate network. It has more than 100k active affiliates. It started operation more than two decades ago in 1998. It is one of the oldest and most used affiliate networks.

Why ClickBank? 

  • A+ better business bureau rating
  • Around 6 Million affiliate products
  •  Best for digital and self-improvement products
  • Minimum $10 payout
  • Monthly and weekly flexible payouts
  • Wire transfer, check, direct deposit, and Payoneer payment methods

Drawbacks of ClickBank Affiliate Network

  • No PayPal support
  • Low-quality products which might harm your user experience

Why Should You Join ClickBank?

ClickBank has a good prominence and is one of the top affiliate networks. Unlike other affiliate networks, there is no need to take product approval from the merchants. Search for a product in the favorite category, take its link, and start promoting to your audience.

There might be some harmful products, so be careful and do enough research before sharing them.

7. Rakuten Advertising

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Image : Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten, previously Buy.com, is another good option for affiliate marketing. It can also be the best replacement for Amazon associates. It was founded in 1996.

It is the best choice for those looking to promote physical products. It ranks no.1 in the products quality index as compared to other affiliate networks.

Why Rakuten Advertising?

  • More than 1000 partners, including popular brands like Sephora, Walmart, and New Balance
  •  Recommended for physical and retail products
  • Minimum $50 payouts
  • Direct Deposit, Email Check, and PayPal supported
  • Supports CPS, CPC, CPA, and CPL

Drawbacks of Rakuten Advertising

  • No PayPal
  • Unspecified payment schedule

Why Should You Join Rakuten Affiliate Network?

Rakuten Advertising purchased LinkShare for $425 Million in 2005. It is one of the best-reputed affiliate networks.

Rakuten, with its user-friendly tools, customer support, and other affiliate features, falls in the category of the top 10 most popular affiliate networks.

Final Thoughts On Best Affiliate Networks 2022

Affiliate networks give both parties (Advertiser, Publisher) ease of access, advanced stats, tools, payment, and payout solutions.

In this analysis, the earning possibilities are mostly associated with your audience. So if you have a bigger audience, you may join any of the above affiliate networks.

On the other hand, Amazon Associate is a suitable choice for novices. In affiliate marketing, the result and performance are mostly rewarded.

Niche relevancy is another perspective one must consider before choosing the affiliate network.

If your content is all about the digital world and know-how, selling physical goods probably won’t work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best affiliate network for beginners?

In my preference, Amazon Associate, E-bay Partners, and ClickBank are the best affiliate networks for novices and learners.

What is affiliate network?

An affiliate network is a medium between the advertisers and publishers like freelance marketplaces.
It offers a collaborative mechanism to both parties. Publishers can find thousands of products of their choice and promote them.

Why should I join an affiliate network?

If you are an advertiser, then you have thousands of publishers looking for your product. As a result, you will get more sales and way to a bigger audience.
If you are a publisher, you can choose relevant products related to your niche and start selling.
Affiliate networks give several payout options.

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