11 Upwork Cover Letter Writing Tips With Samples 2022

Upwork Cover Letter Writing Tips

Upwork Cover Letter Writing Tips With Samples

After creating and completing a profile on the Upwork freelance marketplace, the first thing that should come to your mind is Upwork Cover Letter or Proposal.
Upwork is the home of more than 12 million registered freelancers. It means you are competing with thousands of professionals in your niche. They have a better portfolio, badges, and five-star client reviews on their profile. Finding a client will be more challenging if you are a beginner and don’t have too many reviews or endorsements on your profile.
A killer Upwork cover letter writing skill can help you stay in the race. Writing a catchy and attractive cover letter is also a knack.

What is Upwork Cover Letter?

Upwork Job Proposal
Upwork Project Proposal

Difference Between Upwork Cover Letter and Proposal

There is no bigger difference between the Upwork cover letter and the proposal. A cover letter is a broader term used in bidding, job application, and resume submission.

On the other hand, the Upwork proposal is used solely on the Upwork freelance website.

Importance of Upwork Cover Letter

The significance of writing a catchy Upwork cover letter continues to grow after the massive influx of freelancers, and the new Connects policy of Upwork.

According to the new Upwork policy, if your proposal catches the buyer’s attention and you get an interview call through an inbox message. Then connects used on that project will be repaid to your connects credit.

It means a killer Upwork cover letter can save you a lot of money and bring you more chances of winning an Upwork job.

Tips For Writing Winning Upwork Cover Letter

A won project can bring thousands of dollars in your 2022 freelance earnings. The clients will ignore a poorly written Upwork proposal with grammar mistakes and poor sentence structure.

Employers on Upwork are less price-sensitive as compared to other freelance platforms. They are willing to spend more, depending upon their skills, experience, and work quality.

They are always looking for the finest fit for their job. That is why a catchy and appropriate proposal can click their mind.

Most novices use copy-paste techniques to bid on projects. They want to show their proposal on top regardless of its relevance and quality.

As a buyer at Fiverr and Upwork platforms, I mostly ignored such proposals. This is what most employers do.

Read, Reread and Learn The Job Description

Upwork Job Proposal

Most freelancers fire the proposal without even reading the job description. Employers have become more intelligent these days.

They leave a word or tip within or at the bottom of their proposal, which they want a freelancer to write at the very top of the proposal.

For example: Use the word catfish at the beginning of your proposal. What if you have just fired the proposal without reading the job description?

It will earn nothing, just a waste of your valuable connects. So it is more reasonable to read the description twice and understand it before writing the proposal.

It is better to stay in the race rather than stay on top of the dead proposals.

Use Short Greeting Sentences

The greeting is undoubtedly an excellent thing to do at the beginning of an Upwork proposal. But it should be precise and distinct from the rest. 

For example:

If a person is looking for a content writer for a blog, you may state:

Hey Jack,

I hope you are doing well with your blog XYZ.

Re-Explain The Client Requirements

The second thing a good Upwork proposal should contain is a project brief. Add a couple of sentences to demonstrate the client's requirements and job description. It will indicate that you have read the project description thoroughly. It can also be taken as a project summary.

For example:

“You are looking for freelance contributors to write daily articles for your blog. That must be high quality, grammatically correct, and SEO optimized.

Share Your Brief Intro

Now, this is the time to inform the client who you are. Tell the employer about your qualifications, certifications, expertise, and achievements.

For example:

“ I am Aamir, a freelance blogger and content writer. I have done my master's degree in journalism. I am good at writing SEO articles about freelancing, digital marketing, and tech. I have crafted more than 200+ articles and blog posts on different freelance marketplaces.”

You can either mention any certification from Google, Udemy, LinkedIn, Adobe, Cisco, Semrush, or your current ranking in the platform, e.g. Rising Talent, Top Rated, Top Rated Plus, etc.

But make sure it doesn't go too wordy. Keep things short and precise.

Leave a Question In Your Proposal

Leaving a question in an Upwork proposal is very tricky. It creates suspense and encourages buyers to respond through the inbox. Once an employer has jumped into your message inbox, it is already a win-win for you.

Once a client has texted you, now it is up to your communication skills to satisfy him and close the deal. Such questions are also named “Conversation Starters”.

However, they should be relevant to that project. 

Show Personal Interest About The Project

Clients on Upwork are looking for passionate individuals who like to work from their souls. Add a line in your Upwork proposal explaining why you are personally attached to this project.

For example:

If you are a Web Developer you can add:

“ I am in love with coding and crafting new ideas.” This shows you are not just a job seeker who only believes in completing the projects and eyeing the next one.

Attach Previous Work Samples

Your previous work samples are one more important thing to enclose in your Upwork proposal. You can attach links to your portfolio if it is published. If you are a graphic designer, you can attach similar project files below in the attachments section.

Employers don't mind looking at what you have done in the past. It will build your credibility, and you are more likely to get an interview call at least.

Be proud of what you have done previously. Making a single-page portfolio website using WordPress, Wix, or any other platform is better. Keep updating that site with your new work.

Your Rate For That Project

Upwork Job Proposal

Although, employers on the Upwork freelance platform are less price-sensitive as compared to other websites. They are always ready to pay more for quality work.

However, It is better to mention the rough cost of your services at the end of the proposal. You can also do this by selecting the price for that project.

Upwork has a paid subscription known as Upwork Plus. If you are an Upwork Plus subscriber, you will see the maximum and lowest bid prices on the project.

In this way, you can better understand what should be offered to attract the client.

Offer Something Extra

If you are a beginner on Upwork, several big fishes with more extensive portfolios, reviews, and credibility are ready to give you a tough time. They are about to snatch your first job. So think out of the box.

Consider offering something extra or free. If you are a graphic designer, you can offer one additional logo concept or something like a free LinkedIn cover.

You can also offer a free trial in the case of content writers. If you are an SEO professional, go for a free site audit and simple keyword research.

I usually offer free featured images for my clients from my Canva premium subscription. It costs me nothing, just 5 minutes to design a relevant featured image.

Answer The Additional Questions

Upwork Job Proposal

Some Upwork clients add a few questions that they want freelancers to answer during proposal submission. Read the employer questions carefully and answer them all.

Don't just fill them up; write what you have. Suppose you don't have the answer to any of the questions; simply write it N/A. You can also say I am learning the skill mentioned in the project questions.

Recheck The Proposal Before Submission

Upwork Job Proposal

Most freelancers believe in timely submission, not quality submission. That is why they don't get a reply despite sending the first proposal.

Who will consider the first proposal full of grammar mistakes, fluff, and minor information?

If I am a buyer, I will also ignore such proposals.

Always recheck, make edits and optimize the proposal before final submission.

Upwork Cover Letter Samples

Upwork Job Proposal

I will be sharing a few Upwork cover letter samples for those who want to take some ideas. These demo proposals worked for me most of the time. Here we go:

Upwork Cover Letter Sample For Content Writers

Hi Jack,

I hope you are doing well with your blog/website XYZ. You need a professional content writer for your website content.

I am Aamir, a content writer by profession and blogger by passion. I have a master's degree in journalism and own a couple of blogs. I have more than three years of experience in website content writing.

As I see, you have not mentioned the number of pages you want to get written. I am an expert in crafting about us, contact, home, product, and policy pages.

Here are a few examples I have done before


My charges would be 0.1$ per word for all the content writing and copywriting skills I have learned in the past three years. We can talk about that in the project message box.

I will do on-page optimization of your pages for free by using my premium keyword research and SEO tools.

Let's discuss more it and get all questions answered.

Looking forward to hearing back


Aamir Zahoor

Upwork Cover Letter For Graphic Designers

Since I have little experience hiring graphic designers and employers on Upwork, here is a demo Upwork cover letter for graphic designers.

Hi Joe,

I hope you feel good regarding your project manager job at XYZ company. You are looking for a creative and minimalist logo for your company's client.

I am XYZ, a passionate graphic designer. I completed my design degree recently. I am also Adobe certified and endorsed crafter. You can check out my portfolio/profile.

Here is the link to some previous samples which I will also attach with my proposal.


I will craft a professional logo with a unique design for just $49. It includes three logo concepts, high-resolution files (example 1920X1080), and a source file.

I am ready for unlimited revisions and will deliver a social media kit for free in the above-described package.

Let's discuss more about the design and questions relevant to your project.

Looking forward to hearing back


XYZ Designs/Studio 

Upwork Cover Letter Mistakes You Must Not Do

After analyzing my proposals' past mistakes and what beginners usually do, here are a few not to do things in Upwork Proposals.

  • Never write wordy and meaningless sentences.
  • Never use words like cheap work, cheap services, or cheap designs.
  • Never insist the employer award you the job.
  • Don't show that you are desperate for the job.
  • Never add empty, broken, or spam links to your proposal.
  • Never copy someone else’s proposal & send a copy-paste proposal.
  • Never offer the complete work for free.
  • Don't undervalue yourself for the sake of a job.
  • Avoid grammar mistakes in your proposal. Use online grammar tools like Grammarly to know what is wrong before sending the proposal.
  • Don't write a novel about yourself and your skills.

Final Words On Upwork Cover Letter

As I have already gone too long on this topic. The precision, relevancy, and sequence in your Upwork proposal will earn a job for you.

Your connects are very important, so never let them waste on irrelevant or very competitive jobs. Not every job on the platform is right for you. Always use Upwork job filters to find the best ones that match your skills and experience level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Write A Upwork Cover Letter If I Have No Experience?

In my assessment, Upwork is not a suitable place for beginners. Because the competition is so high and more talented and skilled freelancers are ready to grab projects.
However, If you find yourself fit for a job, follow the below steps.
1. Start with a short greeting.
2. Write a brief project summary.
3. Add your qualifications, certificates, and expertise.
4. Ask a question with your proposal to push the employer for a reply.
5. Add relevant portfolio links, if any.
6. Answer the questions the client asked in the proposal.
7. Keep your rates less than the client's assigned budget.
8. Conclude well 

Can I Edit The Upwork Cover Letter?

You can't edit the Upwork proposal once it is submitted. You can only withdraw the previous proposal and submit the new one.

How To Write A Winning Upwork Cover Letter?

Follow the above tips to write a winning Upwork cover letter. Address the client's requirements and offer the possible solution. Make the client's mind for an interview.

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