10+ Fiverr (Gig & Profile) Description Tips With Examples

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10+ Fiverr (Gig & Profile) Description Tips With Examples

Fiverr itself functions as a search engine. The correct use of keywords can make your profile and gigs stand out in search results.

In this article, you will understand the importance of Fiverr description and learn how to write a killer Fiverr profile & gig description.

Fiverr gig description SEO is very crucial to rank the gigs faster in the competitive environment and securing more jobs.

Types of Fiverr Descriptions

There are usually two types of Fiverr descriptions for sellers. Both are important in terms of profile and gig optimization.

  1. Fiverr profile description
  2. Fiverr gig description

Importance of Fiverr Description

The Fiverr algorithm operates on keywords. It only displays what people search for or something relevant to that.

For example, if a client is looking for an “SEO Article Writer” and types the same keyword in his search.

Pro Tip

Use your keywords in the first paragraph and mid of your Fiverr description.

The algorithm will pick the sellers who used the same keyword in their profile, gig title, and gig description and show them on the front pages. 

If you offer the same services and missed that keyword in your description, then you may miss your appearance in that search.

The other important aspect of the description is to introduce yourself or your service.

You can assume it is a pre-written cover letter. When a client finds your gig, he will visit your profile to know more about you. That is why both gig and profile descriptions are essential.

Fiverr Description For Beginners

Fiverr gig and profile description plays a vital role in getting the first order on Fiverr. Most newbies don’t have a significant portfolio, client reviews, and other credibility indicators.

The Fiverr algorithm ranks new gigs in “new seller” and “relevance” gig categories. Once a client finds your gig on the first or second page, it depends on your image, title, and description to urge the order.

A catchy description will entice the client and make him think about you.

Fiverr Profile Description

Fiverr profile description
Fiverr Profile Description

Fiverr profile description is the most important part of getting clients, especially for novices. Every employer/company desires to know more about their hires.

That is why a detailed and catchy profile description is mandatory to secure jobs.

Each buyer landing on your profile will indeed read your profile description. Make it unique and attractive.

Assume it is an explanation for this question. Why should employers hire you?

Tips To Write A Catchy Profile Description

  • Contain detailed information about you in the given 600 words limit
  • Let your buyers know about your skills, expertise, and achievements
  • Use simple English and avoid complex words or sentences. The reason is not all buyers have good English familiarity.
  • Be sharp and precise in writing your profile description
  • Add a call to action at the end
  • Never make spelling or grammatical mistakes (Use Grammarly)

Fiverr Gig Description

Fiverr Gig Description
Fiverr Gig Description

When a buyer searches on Fiverr about any service, they see a gig image and title. If you have created both of them well, it will provoke them to click on your gig and go through your description.

The Fiverr gig description is a brief of any specific service sellers offer in the marketplace. It helps buyers in understanding everything in detail.

It comprises the first couple of sentences of the seller’s introduction, services offered, delivery timeline, and other relevant information.

It usually pushes the buyers to view the seller’s profile or purchase the service. That is why the Fiverr gig description plays an integral part in better sales and conversions.

Tips To Write Fiverr Gig Description

Most buyers open multiple gigs before making a purchase. They read about each seller’s expertise and the services proposed.

  • Create an impact with the first line of your gig description.
  • Keep the intro and bio short and precise, not more than two sentences.
  • Include all the details about your services. Make a bullet list of all your services. You can also highlight the focused words.
  • Inform the buyer about your prerequisites
  • Try to answer most of the questions a potential buyer may ask about your service
  • Conclude with a solid call to action

Examples of Fiverr Description

Examples of Fiverr Profile Description

Hey, I am Aamir, done my graduated in Journalism-Passionate Blogger & Digital Marketer. 

I have expertise in WordPress, SEO Content Writing, advanced SEO, and Social Media Marketing. 

Owner of Spy Opinion Tech Blog

Four years of experience in this domain and committed to delivering quality work. 

Let’s Get Started

Examples of Fiverr Gig Description

>>>>>>>Welcome To My Gig<<<<<<<<

(Gig is about > WordPress Portfolio | Blog | Business Websites)

I am Aamir, a WordPress designer & developer. I will create a responsive WordPress blog, business, or portfolio website for you.

I have developed dozens of websites and have over three years of experience.

What Services Will You Get?

  • WordPress Installation and Set-Up
  • Theme Installation and Customization
  • Plugin Installation and Customization
  • Responsive WordPress Website
  • Home, About, Contact, Privacy, Blog, Pricing, Portfolio Pages
  • Demo Installation
  • On-Page SEO(Included)

Why Me?

  • Free Premium Themes & Plugins
  • Free Basic SEO
  • 30 Days After Support
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Perfection
  • Excellent Communication

Place your Order Now

>>>>>> Inbox For Custom Queries>>>>>>>>

Things To Avoid In Fiverr Description

  • Never copy-paste someone else’s profile or gig description. Fiverr will remove your gig upon copyright infringement.
  • Avoid fluff and irrelevant information because buyers don’t have enough time to read that stuff.
  • Never use your phone number, email, or website address in your description. It is against Fiverr TOS.
  • Never sell prohibited or banned services.
  • Don’t undersell your time and skills.


I have mostly encircled the aspects you must focus on when writing a killer Fiverr description.

You must spend a couple of hours researching the best ideas from the top-rated seller profiles. Execute the best things and craft your own content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to write an SEO Fiverr description?

Use your main keyword in the first or the second sentence of your gig description.
Fiverr limits the use of a particular keyword so put it in the middle and end of the description if possible.

How to write a Fiverr profile description?

Focus on precision and perfection while writing the Fiverr profile description.
Start with a micro bio, add your services, and expertise and conclude with a solid call to action.

How to write a Fiverr gig description?

The best size description is between 800 to 1000 words. Start with an intro and use your main keyword in the first couple of sentences.
Then write about the services you offer, delivery timeline, and extras.
In the last line, use a strong call to action like “Place Your Order Now.”

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